Behringer RD-6-AM


Analog Drum Machine

  • Acid Smiley Edition
  • 8 Drum sounds: bass drum, snare drum, low tom, high tom, cymbal, clap, open hi-hat and closed hi-hat
  • Volume control for all instruments and accent track
  • Integrated distortion effect with controls for intensity and tone
  • 16-Step pattern sequencer
  • Storage spaces for 2x 16 patterns
  • Pattern chain for a maximum of 16 patterns (256 steps)
  • Song mode with 8 memory locations
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 56 x 305 x 165 mm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Colour Yellow
  • Includes power supply unit (9 V DC)
  • Suitable optional cover: Art.490239 (not included)
  • Suitable optional case: Art.492958 (not included)


  • 2 Trigger outputs for low tom and high tom: 3.5 mm jack
  • Sync In / Out: 3.5 mm jack
  • Stereo headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • 6 Individual outputs: 3.5 mm jack
  • Mix-out: 6.3 mm jack
  • Start / Stop foot switch connection: 6.3 mm jack
  • MIDI In / Out
available since September 2020
Item number 500806
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Sound Synthesis Analogue
Pads 0
Effects Yes
Bass No
Display No
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
Number of analog outputs 6
Headphone Connector Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Battery Operation No
Footswitch connection 1
Extras None
Shape Desktop
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RD 666660000006666666 AMBER
Slim Boy Phat!!!! 10.09.2021
RD 6, the Yellow peril joins his TD 3 Yellow sibling.... brings back all
the limitions of both machines.... and a real joy in pissing about with
them both for hours and hours of electro, acid house tweaking! I did at
one stage think their may have been a glitch with the Track Write Mode...
but it was chubby finger syndrome i'm glad to report! He work's a treat
and yet again it's a little lite just like the TD 3 but that is no real problem... it just means I can take more TD 3's to my next show! You can
also use the SynthTRIBE app to save your patterns as well as program your
beats and make system changes with the app. One more thing but not a deal
breaker! The 606 had alittle feature that when in pattern write mode, the
selected sound could be deleted while holding down the clear button, as
it play's thru the bar it removes all steps of the selected sound. Maybe
this could be implemented in a future firmware up date. Oh bloody hell
they have just implemented that... and now you can change the decay
setting on the open hi-hat too. This amounts to another sure fire hit for
Behringer! Whats next Uli......

Fast! Fast! Fast.... shipping from the Thomann team! Thank you;)


Sounds better with a bot of processing
Ben Sudo 08.11.2021
The TR-606 had way more punch, but only one out and no midi and most surviving unit will look pretty ratty by now. I don't find the distortion that useful but others may. I do like the clap but not the Kick - until I input it into a Boss BX-16 mixer and giving it some mixer distortion - which made it SHINE. That kick sounds like nothing else ! Lucky I found this mixer cheap before giving up on the RD-6. Worth the price of admission though I'm kinda pissed paying the full price and seeing them for 35€ less that what I paid. I imagine similar results can be obtained with other mixers, the snare is fine and the cymbals are nice and metallic. You can hear the 606 sound but it's not 100% but who really cares - unless you want to buy an expensive old 606 and have it modded for MIDI and individual outs, though I know some like to program the sequencer so then all you need is the added outs. I have the MA and it looks nicer to my eyes than the 606 of which I've had 3 in my life. Though if I had the $$ I'd get another 606 with full mods and keep this one as well.


Twin for my TD-3 AM
mckenic 05.12.2020
Was going to buy this no matter what as a twin for my TD-3 AM... so... much.... yellow! :-)

I think it sounds great - and yes, I do have an OG 606 here I A/B it with. The RD closed hats are sightly higher pitched than my 606 (but not in a bad way), the clap is hella loud (in a bad way - one star off) but I hope there might be an internal trimmer to adjust this. I'll wait and pick up a silver to open up and have a look.

Clap aside Im very happy with the overall sound - the distortion if used sparingly 'monofies' the sound and can be used as a dirty filter in a way - just another sound shaping option Im glad to have.

I was going to give 4 stars for quality. Its light, plastic and cheap as all heck - but you know that before you buy it - and its YELLOW smiley AM so paired with the TD AM 5 stars.

I have lots of 'serious' gear and the two AMs are just pure fun and make me smile using them - for the price they are - whats not to love!


Easy to use and retro sounds
BigP 12.01.2022
It is what it is if you want a simple to use cheap drum machine that ticks all the major boxes and gives you retro sounds this is a great choice