Bose S1 Pro


Active All-In-One PA SystemVersion without battery - battery operation with optional battery possible

  • Can be used as stage monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system
  • 3-Channel mixer with reverb
  • Bluetooth
  • ToneMatch
  • Sound system for up to 50 people
  • EQ control for 2 channels and extra channel for wired (3.5 mm jack) and wireless music sources
  • Bluetooth streaming with one-touch pairing
  • Drivers: 6" woofer and 3x 2.25" drivers
  • Coverage pattern: 100° x 40°
  • Frequency response: 70 - 16 kHz
  • Maximum level: 103 dB
  • 2 x XLR/ 6.3mm jack combo input
  • 1 x 3.5mm jack input
  • 1 x Line output
  • Suitable for stands with 35 mm diameter
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 330 x 241 x 286 mm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes mains cable
  • Suitable lithium-ion battery with quick-charge function and runtime up to 11 h: Bose S1 Pro Battery Pack - Art. 430652 (not included in delivery)

Note: Battery pack not included in the scope of delivery.

available since November 2021
Item number 441087
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Width 241 mm
Depth 286 mm
Height 330 mm
Weight 6,8 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 6
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 3
Low Cut No
Fan No
Housing Plastic
Color Black
Multifunctional Housing 1
larghezza 241 mm
profondità 286 mm
Altezza 330 mm
Tweeter, 1" and Larger 1
Peso 6,8 kg
Microphone Input 1
Line Inputs 1
Number of Tweeters 3
Number of Mids 0
Stereo Wireless 1
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote BT
Line Out 6,3mm bal.
Beam angle 100 °
Frequency range (-3dB) from 70 Hz
Cover 472397
110V capable 1
Frequency range (-3dB) to 16000 Hz
Flyable No
110V usable 1
Manufacturers Cover 472397
Thomann cover 432462, 432460, 484091
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A sonic Swiss army knife from Bose

The Bose S1 Pro is a real all-rounder when it comes to reproducing music and speech in the highest quality, anywhere and at any time. The small, active all-in-one PA is extremely flexible with an integrated three-channel mixer, Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices, and the option of connecting up to two microphones or instruments. Whether it's a singer-songwriter performance, a meeting, a conference, a church service, or a party – with the Bose S1 Pro, the intelligent ToneMatch signal processing automatically ensures the optimum sound at all times. This model requires a mains power connection.

A master of all trades

When it comes to music or spoken performances in small to medium-sized settings, the Bose S1 Pro is virtually limitless. If you want to share your music with others, entertain spectators with your guitar or keyboard, or speak at meetings or events, the S1 Pro is the ideal partner and is ready to use in seconds, no matter when or where.

A compact and flexible companion

The Bose S1 Pro has everything on board that a compact amplifier system needs, regardless of whether it is used as a stage system, as a monitor, upright, horizontal, or on a tripod. In conjunction with the ToneMatch signal processing for automatic adjustment of instruments and speech, even users with no experience in sound amplification and levelling can achieve a natural and sound with excellent clarity in every situation. A Bluetooth function that allows mobile devices to stream music comes included, as do two connections for microphones or instruments and a line-out for connection to other amplification systems. With the help of the Bose Connect app, the party mode can be activated and music streamed via a second S1 Pro. The compact and extremely light S1 Pro, which weighs only 6.8 kg, can be transported quickly and conveniently thanks to its robust plastic housing and carrying handle.

About Bose

Bose is an American manufacturer founded in 1964, and is known for its audio products designed with psychoacoustics in mind. The idea is to focus not on the performance of a loudspeaker, but on the perception of the sound. The 901 speaker system, which was produced from 1968 to 2008, became legendary. Bose manufactures audio technology for both private and professional use, from hearing aids to sound systems and from headphones to vehicle stereo systems.

Rock around the clock

The S1 Pro is a compact all-in-one tethered system, and it is the perfect choice for use as a mobile PA at home, in club rooms and restaurants, and even in the garden. At parties thrown by associations or social clubs, it can play music for entertainment and broadcast announcements and speeches, all with excellent clarity and audibility. At garden parties, your own playlists provide the atmosphere, and if more people appear at the gathering than planned, the S1 Pro System is set up and ready for use in seconds. For users looking to be independent of mains power, Bose also offers the S1 Pro System (article no. 430651), which can additionally be operated on battery power.

In the spotlight: ToneMatch signal processing

The ToneMatch signal processing developed by Bose is a group of equaliser presets that automatically ensures realistic sound transmission for both instruments and the human voice. With the S1 Pro, you can choose separately for each channel whether to use the technology for a connected instrument or microphone or to simply leave it switched off. The ToneMatch signal processing makes your own tone control adjustments largely unnecessary.

Stellar sound
PaoloV 05.07.2018
I have recently bought two Bose S1 s which I use for my solo shows... I play guitar and sing, with and without the support of backing tracks. The sound in stereo is absolutely stellar. Almost a month of usage (practically every day) and I?m still looking for something negative to say about the S1, but can?t find it.


Wow - impressive piece of equipment!
Heinrich282 15.08.2018
Hi all,
I use the S1 Pro mainly as a keyboard monitor, and for its size and weight it is very impressive. You get a full-bodied, loud and clean sound, which works for all sorts of rooms and podiums (pub, small club, large club, up to small festival podiums). I certainly would go a play small solo gigs with the S1 Pro, too.
The build quality is very good, the whole system is super easy to use, and the only thing missing on my personal wishlist is an XLR output.

All of the above makes the price for the Bose S1 Pro pretty reasonable - I rather have one system like this than one or two "cheaper" speakers which always will sound like a bad compromise.


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Enceinte Bose S1 Pro
FM68 27.06.2018
Cette enceinte est très surprenante au niveau de sa puissance et de la netteté du son. Je l'ai comparé à une enceinte 2 voies de 500 W avec un HP basse de 12", le résultat est meilleur avec l'enceinte Bose malgré sa petite taille et son HP basse de 6".
Je recommande ce produit


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C est du Bose......
darian777 23.07.2022
Un produit dont on ne cesse de faire l'éloge...j’émettrai toutefois un bémol. Bose c'est un son très caractéristique. De grosse basse et un son HI FI; On aime ou on évite! Comprenons nous bien. Nous avons ici une boite a tout faire...ou presque. Sono, retour, ampli, pouvant servir pour des prestataires lors de réunion de travail ou autour d'un feu de camp...Il conviendra dans la majorité des situations mais je le trouve en retrait dès l'instant ou on y branche une guitare électrique.Via un multi effet ou une pédale . Alors c'est surement une affaire de gout mais le coté hi fi me dérange. En outre les potards me semblent fragiles. Je ne m'étalerai pas sur les spécificités de l'enceinte, tout à déjà été écrit ou presque! Si vous rechercher la "boite miracle" susceptible de transcendé vos morceaux de musiques préférés, n"hésitez pas!! Mais assurez vous tout de même que vous aimerez le son Bose!!
Pour deux musiciens qui n'ont pas nécessairement besoins de beaucoup de puissance (chant et guitare acoustique) ça le fera également. Petit bar, ou au coin d'une rue ( avec batterie en option) le son sera flatteur, pas forcément des plus naturel....mais flatteur pour l'auditoire. Mais le bose n'aime pas la saturation d'une guitare éléctrique. Le rendu est chimique et très peu organique. Presque trop propre! Voila. A vous de voir! Ou de faire travailler vos oreilles! Dommage. C 'est dans son ensemble un produit de très bonne facture avec les défauts inhérents à ce genre de produit (couteau suisse) . Pour ma part retour à l'envoyeur. Je vais focaliser mon choix sur une enceinte moins typé.


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