Boss GT-100


Electric Guitar Multi-Effect

  • Floorboard
  • 400 Memory slots: 200 Users + 200 preset
  • 100 dB dynamic range
  • 2 Backlit LCD displays
  • "Re-amping option" via USB when recording in a DAW
  • Inputs: Jack, AUX-IN (mini jack stereo)
  • Outputs: 2 Jack outputs (L / R), headphones
  • FX loop (send / return)
  • Amp control (jack)
  • SUB CTL 1 + 2 or SUB expression pedal connector
  • USB connection
  • MIDI in/out
  • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz A/D converter
  • Dimensions (H x W x H): 80 x 542 x 271 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Includes power adapter (PSB-230 EU) and operating instructions
  • Free sounds & editor at
  • Suitable bag: Article no. 438098 (not included)


  • Kompressor
  • Overdrives
  • Distortions
  • Preamps
  • EQ
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • T.Wah
  • Auto Wah
  • Sub Wah
  • Limiter
  • Graphic EQ
  • Parametric EQ
  • Octaver
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Defretter
  • Wave Synth
  • Sitar Simulator
  • Harmonist
  • Phaser
  • Flanger
  • Tremolo
  • Rotary
  • Uni-V
  • Slicer
  • Vibrato
  • Ring Modulator
  • Humanizer
  • 2x2 Chorus
  • Sub Delay
Available since April 2012
Item number 276485
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Tube(s) No
Amp Modeling Yes
Effects Yes
Headphone Output Yes
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Integrated Expression Pedal Yes
Connections for Pedals or Switches No
Aux-Input No
Integrated Tuner Yes
USB-Port Yes
Drum-Computer No
Incl. Tuner 1
Expression Pedal 1
Line Out 1
PSU included 1
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316 Reviews

Gt10 or GT100?
Briano 05.12.2013
Always a Boss user, i switched from the mighty ME50 to the GT10. As GT10 users know it took a while to figure it out. But I did. I used it in manual mode for gigs, and I switched from using Vst amps sims on the PC, to using the GT10 directly into my Emu 1616m audio Interface. My sound Improved a lot!

Naturally when Boss released the GT100 and said the amps were even better I couldn`t wait to get the money together to get one. If you are reading this, you`ve probably searched the net like me trying to find that ONE answer. IS THE GT100 BETTER? I tested both units through an interface, valve amps, solid state amps, with a Strat, a Tele and a Les paul and this is what I found....

MANUAL MODE.. Better. (1) The fx are fuller, more natural sounding. (2) Manual mode switched on by hitting two stomp pedals together, so no bending over (3) The tuner can be used in the same way (two pedals together) freeing up yet another pedal. (4) Boss added Overdrive/Distortion to the FX section, so now you can have two different OD/DS sounds in manual mode. (5) Dual screen shows which FX is assigned to which pedal. (6) Looper can be used in manual mode, and only needs 1 pedal. NOTE.. all pedals can assigned as stomp or Ctl pedals., including the ACELL pedal. (if switched off in the sub menu)

Now.. Plugging into and interface using the preamps....

Yes the Dual screen makes it easier in the programming side of things. The problem is you have to go into the menu for everything. I got used to reaching over and turning on and off delay compression etc on the GT10 (in desktop mode) so in fact its more confusing and time consuming for me. In a lot of youtube video comparisons the GT100 sounded very Muddy even Honky to me. I found this true of the unit in my experience. I did not like any of the preamps. My tele sounded Ok, the strat was just OK, but none of the Amps liked my Les Paul. Too much bass.

I am an 80`s influenced guitarist. I like my shimmering clean strat sound and hi-gain humbucker drop D downpicking riffs. I could achieve neither. Maybe I have become too used to my GT10, or I am seriously out of touch with modern "guitar sound".and maybe the hi-gain amps are more suited to active pickups. (i did not try this)

So those are my thoughts based on my experience. I know people who swear by the sensitivity of the vintage amps with old vintage guitars. If i was gigging more than recording, I would use this (for the improved manual mode) but for studio versatility I will stick to my GT10.

I hope this review helps anybody who found themselves in the same position as I was a few weeks ago. Personally I prefer my GT10, but thats just me. If you don`t try yourself you`ll never know. Finally, one more thing. Boss`s website states the GT100 operates in -10db only, (for plugging into an amp) but in the input output menu, of the GT100 the output CAN be switched to+4db (for plugging into an interface) Hope this helps!


Better then I had expected.
Anonymous 13.01.2016
So to start off I've been using a BOSS GT-10 for about 9 months and I can say that when I bought this I was blown away by how much better the GT-100 is in comparison. This is a very good product. All the videos on YouTube reviewing it do not do it any justice at all.(Since I'm guessing that just like me.. you probably went there and searched and listened to it and so on)

I use this in a live setting about 2-3 times a week straight through a PA and then from the DI-Box I use the split for monitoring. All I can say.. as soon as plugged it in it's amazing. The tones are clear, very rich in texture and depth, more than what you would expect from a floor unit like this. It really feels like you have that live amp behind you driving your tone.

-Good sound quality
-Very good effects, their really real(pun intended)
-A ton of effects(Like 10+ OD/DS; 10 or so compressors etc)
-BOSS-Tone Studio(USB recording capability, high quality, ability to tweak all your setting from the comfort of your chair, on your PC without bending over)
-Good amp modeling(Some argue if their good or not, or sound like the real deal.. but honestly if tweaked right they sound pretty darn impressive. Which is what I need)

Well not really a bad thing but you do need to know how to set levels and EQ's and so on. You have a lot of options and to be quite fair and you can get lost in it all. So having some knowledge on how to tweak a pedal, amp, EQ a bit will come in handy for sure!

Overall opinion:
The thing's amazing. Tones are good, it's literally built like a tank.. don't go accidentally tripping over it or you might lose a toe.

I see this as being usable both in-studio and live without any problems. But you do need to set it up right or else you might get not get the best tones out of it. Also my sound engineer loves it!

NOTE: Be prepared to spend some time to get to know the unit. I spend like one whole day when it arrived just figuring it out and making like 4 basic tones that I need. But in the end in sounded amazing. Be ready to spend some time, it's gonna be worth it.

Hope this review helps. Cheers!


House of fun!
Branko O. 30.10.2016
Wow! Amazing!
I've had GT6 for a long time and it was great, but this is light years away. Dual displays make it easy to see everything. Easy to surf through the menus, everything intuitive. Within seconds you can go and set your tone up to your liking.

Effect chain is totally flexible and effects can be placed anywhere. I use this in 4 cable method and it is excellent in this mode. Effects before my preamp, whatever I want. Effects after my preamp, whatever I want. Don't want my preamp? No problem - I can use simulated preamp within GT100. Two amps at once if required, because effects chain has split/join option to run two amps in parallel.

Simulated amp/cabinet list is endless. Effect list is endless. Unlike GT6, FX1 and FX2 have same options. For example, set both FX1 and FX2 to harmonizer with two voices. Place each into it's own branch with split/join and there you go - four voices of a harmonizer. Crazy!

This processor really surprised me and went beyond my expectations!

Only minor downside is tone coloring. It does color the tone in 4 cable method, no matter what global setting is used. So equalizer effect should be used to balance this. From what I see on the internet, it seems that most competitors suffer the same. Tone purists should stick to pedals or go for rack units... but that's what they do anyways :-)

EDIT : I am adding these lines about year and a half after my initial review. During that time I slowly acquired some habits of tone purists, go figure :-) It was there before but I never paid attention to it - I was never satisfied with the COSM amp models. GT6 was not up to my liking. BR80 based on GT10 did not have what I needed. GT100 as well. All of those do not have good crunch or distortion for my ear. It is not responsive and dynamic as it should be, it sounds cheap in all those products. I couldn't put my finger on it until I recently got VOX Tonelab ST. It's not mind blowing and it has it's faults, but that little VOX is way ahead COSM models. Dynamic and organic playing way above COSM models - for crunch and higher gain also. I don't know about other Tonelab units, but ST does the job way better. Note that cleans are good in COSM world, it is just that driven stuff sounds cheap.

So if you're after fine art of dynamic playing and your ears are refining through the years, do not go for this unit. This unit can only give you excellent and mind blowing effects, combinations, routings, user intuitiveness, and robustness that is hardly available elsewhere for this price. If you plan to use it that way, keep in mind of tone coloring I mentioned in my original review.

For all others that are mostly high gain shredders - this unit will satisfy you. Though I see that even some high gain shredders don't like what they hear from COSM models, just like me.

So if your ears are starting to hear something you don't like then pay attention. Do your homework and search for something else. Youtube can come handy but also sometimes misleading because people leave poor recordings. Day by day, you might find you need more money to satisfy the need, but that's what usually happens when sensitivity grows in you. And.... sometimes there are exceptions to that rule just like that little VOX. Listen listen listen... closely listen... maybe even that little thing will not satisfy you. Because you - is you :-)

Overall I'm leaving all my ratings the same except the sound and total. Sound is now 1 and it was 5 stars. Total is now 3 and it was 5 stars.


Good boss quality
Anonymous 08.11.2022
Used for about a year and is still bery good.
Sound is great as expected from Boss pedals.
Only downside is the patch creation (for me obviously).
Went for a much smaller and much easier to deal with - NUX MG-30


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