Botex Rainbow Rider DMX


Lighting Control Desk

  • The perfect lighting console for beginners and all those who want to conjure up an individual light show quickly and easily
  • Completely pre-programmed
  • Has 5 addresses each for RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBAWUV spotlights, only the start address of the spotlights has to be adjusted.
  • In addition, light sets such as Stairville CLB4 are already programmed in
  • No experience in programming DMX consoles is necessary
  • In addition to the 12 colour presets, the controller has 24-voice programmes whose speed and intensity can be individually adjusted by means of faders.
  • Extra buttons for a fog machine and a stroboscope provide even more versatile effects and an exciting, individual light show without much effort
  • The show is pre-installed on the USB stick (included) and can be adjusted at any time
  • The recorder function allows advanced users to completely reprogram the Rainbow Rider and assign their own show from up to 512 channels to the 36 memory slots.
  • Recording can be done step-by-step or by means of timed recording
  • The FOG/Strobe buttons can also be reassigned in the menu and the address can be adjusted individually
  • Individual channels can also be excluded from the dimmer and strobe function in the menu
  • Easy operation and customisability make the unit perfect for permanent installations in restaurants and schools
  • USB power supply allows wireless operation via power bank, which also makes the Rainbow Rider DMX the perfect companion for mobile DJs

Technical data:

  • DMX connection: 3 XLR 3-in in/out
  • Power supply: USB-C
  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5 V DC 250 mA
  • Power consumption: 1.25 W
  • Includes USB stick and USB plug-in power supply unit

Note: The USB stick must be plugged in for operation!

available since October 2022
Item number 534780
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Preset Function Yes
External Storage Yes
DMX - Universes 1
max. Channels 512
Ethernet No
External storage possibilities 1
max. DMX channels 512
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Compact and fully pre-programmed

The Botex Rainbow Rider DMX is a compact lighting desk that is designed exclusively for use with LED lights. Its clearly designed user interface focuses on the most essential functions to allow beginners to quickly and easily create impressive lighting without requiring any prior programming knowlege. The Rainbow Rider's 12 colour presets and 24 automatic programmes take a lot of work out of the user's hands and provide complete light shows at the touch of a button. The setup can easily be expanded by adding a smoke machine and a strobe light, and those who want to get more hands-on with their lighting can also put together their own chaser programmes and vary the speed and intensity as they desire. The scope of delivery also includes a USB charging cable and a USB power plug as well as a USB stick with pre-installed shows.

Controls and faders on the Botex Rainbow Rider DMX

For the most popular LED types

The Rainbow Rider DMX, which measures just 280 x 52 x 180mm, can control up to five LED lights separately and is compatible with all common types, includig RGB, RGBW, RGBA, and RGBAWUV. The 12 presets and 24 chaser programmes mentioned above are assigned to individual buttons and can be adjusted in terms of both speed and intensity. The LED lights are connected via the three-pole DMX output located on the Rainbow Rider's rear panel, while power is supplied via the adjacent USB-C port. The four buttons located beneath the small display screen are then used to assign up to 512 DMX channels (a process that is particularly easy when using the Stairville lights specified in the manual). Once everything is configured, the show can be started at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the user can activate the desk's sound-to-light function and allow the lighting changes to be carried out automatically to the beat of the music, leaving them free to attend to their guests.

For intimate party settings

Newcomers to the world of lighting can use the Botex Rainbow Rider DMX to turn any room into a dancefloor thanks to its twelve rapid colour changes, whether it's for a private event or a small party. Its slow ambient chaser programmes also make this lighting desk a great choice for creating relaxed background lighting in restaurants, and its small footprint means that it is equally suitable for installation in bars where installation space may be tight. Users with a little more ambition can also programme their own sequences and store up to 36 of them using the Rainbow Rider's recorder function. And mobile DJs can add this compact lighting desk to their setup without needing a separate mains power outlet if they instead connect it to a suitable power bank (available separately).

Screen, controls, and logo on the Botex Rainbow Rider DMX

About Botex

Thomann’s in-house brand Botex has been part of the company’s product range since 1995 and includes around 100 products that are principally aimed at event organisers, concert hall owners, and PA rental companies and deliver an excellent price-performance ratio. Botex offers innovative, high-quality products at very competitive prices, including dimmers, DMX lighting desks, DMX recorders, interfaces and nodes, power distributors, LED strips, and wireless DMX/radio DMX systems.

DMX connections on the rear panel of the Botex Rainbow Rider DMX

Let there be light...

Both living room concerts and parties require the same basic setup, the only variable generally being the length of the DMX cables used: First, a so-called DMX chain is created by connecting the input of the first LED light to the lighting desk's DMX output, and the light's output is in turn connected to the input of the next light, and so on. This allows a more extensive lighting setup to be created for parties and other events, despite the fact that the Rainbow Rider DMX only has five starting addresses for the respective LED types. All that remains is to assign the desired number of LED lights to the same starting address, and the show can begin.