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Cordial CFU 3 PC


Professional Audio Cable

  • 6.3 mm Male jack to male RCA
  • Cable cross-section: 1 x 0.22 mm²
  • With Neutrik (Rean) connectors
  • Hand-soldered
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Length: 3.00 m
  • Twin cables
  • Colour-coded
Length 3 m
Item number 181914
51,99 AED 12,18 €
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Solid quality
Anonymous 02.04.2015
I've been using this cable for almost a month now. I purchased this so that I could enable line-in and have stereo monitoring from my Yamaha Clavinova to my Focusrite Saffire 6 USB sound interface.

Build quality is impressive. Both cable channels are conjoined but easily separated by simply pulling them apart. This is however a permant change and cannot be reverted. But do not worry about accidentally pulling/separating the cables as a clip-on is included on the cables to secure the bond. Each cable is roughly measured ~4 mm thick. The plugs are gold plated. The jack-ends have a large hard-solid housing around 40mm long that looks quite majestic and robust for this type of a plug and should last frequent plugging and pulling with ease. I have not attempted to physically damage this housing for endurance purposes and therefor cannot exactly say how it would be suffice eg. if dropping heavy instruments on it.

Sound quality is immaculate. I could not make any distinction in the sound transference when listening with this cable through my Focusrite interface as opposed to when connecting the headphones directly to the Yamaha.

This is truly a well built sound cable that should last many years, even with rougher-than-normal use. I don't see any reason why not to by this cable if the given inputs are needed.


Good stuff!
Alice G 25.03.2021
So this could be used if you want to record from some old-school Hi-Fi sound devices from the 90's.
I use this with a Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850 and while obviously those have their limitations in an audio sense this set of dual cables does have a great sense of clarity to it that I didn't quite feel with previous RCA to 1/4" cables.

Initially the build quality might seem like it might cheap, but these cables are much less bulky than those of some other brands I've seen.
Less bulk, more efficient function while not sacrificing any quality.
The RCA connectors are also much less rigid and tight than others I've used in the past, which makes disconnecting and reconnecting them to sound outputs a very smooth and easy process.

Overall I can say I'd absolutely recommend these for anyone recording from sound devices with RCA sound outputs.


Simple and efficient.
sabon92 14.07.2019
Used to play music from the turntable pre-amp into a pair of direct and powered monitors. Simple and efficient.


Sturdy and well made
busy_b 07.02.2020
I've bought it for a line-in connection recorder-to-soundcard and to connect my monitors from the soundcard. It serves both purposes well, much better then my previous makeshift solutions with various waggling adapters. I wonder, why I didn't do it sooner. Sound quality is very good without flaws, what you can expect from sturdy jacks on both sides and thick cable that could last for years. RCA (cinch) jacks are bigger than ordinary ones, hence the manipulation is easier.


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