Elektron Digitakt


Digital Drum Machine

  • 8 Internal audio tracks
  • 8 Dedicated MIDI tracks
  • 1 Multimode filter per audio track
  • 2 Assignable LFO per track
  • Delay and Reverb send effects
  • Built-in sequencer
  • Support for sampling
  • OLED display
  • 64 MB Sample memory
  • 1 GB + drive storage
  • 10 Knobs
  • 16 Pads
  • 2 x 6.3 mm jack input
  • 2 x 6.3 mm balanced jack output
  • 1 x 6.3 mm headphone out
  • 1 High speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports
  • Supports electron overbridge
  • Power supply: 12V DC 1 A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 215 x 184 x 63 mm
  • Weight: 1.45 kg
  • Suitable case: Art.489608 (not included)
  • Suitable case: Art.491691 (not included)
Available since May 2017
Item number 409950
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Sound Synthesis Digital
Pads 16
Effects Yes
Bass No
Display Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Number of analog outputs 2
Headphone Connector Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Battery Operation No
Footswitch connection 0
Extras Overbridge Support
Shape Desktop
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A must for every beatmaker

With the Digitakt, Elektron has landed a real hit for beatmakers and live performers. The digital drum machine unleashes creativity with eight audio tracks, integrated sampling, and first-class effects. Also on board is the established Elektron sequencer with many performance functions such as parameter locks. And with eight MIDI tracks for controlling external synths, the Digitakt is the born control centre for an electronic setup - not just on stage.

Elektron Digitakt Drum Machine Pads

Unlimited sampling sound variety

As a sampling-based drum machine, the Elektron Digitakt has no limits in terms of sound. Over 400 samples are preinstalled, including acoustic and electronic drum kits, as well as synth stabs and effects. There even is the possibility of sampling, which works very intuitively so that you can create your own sounds in no time at all and convert them into fat beats. With 64MB of sample memory for the open project and a 1GB non-volatile +Drive, there is nothing to worry about in terms of memory. In order to improve your sound, the Digitakt offers an overdrive effect and a multimode filter with envelope and LFO for each audio track; in addition, reverb and delay effects are available.

Performance drum machine par excellence

The Elektron Digitakt is a performance machine. If you perform live or in the studio with an electronic setup and don't want to do without sampled drums, you can't pass on the Digitakt. With its intuitive sequencer, it can take control of the entire setup using the MIDI tracks. And because the Digitakt belongs on the stage, it additionally stands out thanks to its impressive manufacturing quality. With its stable metal housing, non-slip rubber feet, and high-quality controllers and pads (designed for 50 million operations), it leaves no doubt that it can cope with the tough everyday club life.

Elektron Digitakt knobs

About Elektron

The Swedish firm Elektron was founded in Gothenburg in 1998. The company develops aids for producers, artists, and DJs to perfect their respective crafts. Its award-winning Overbridge software is designed to seamlessly integrate electronic musical instruments into computer-based DAWs as controllers and as external sound cards. Elektron is continuously bringing new innovations to the market in order to seamlessly integrate music into our day-to-day lives.

Elektron Digitakt OLED display

Have you sampled today yet?

Sampling-based drum machines have a decisive advantage: They can play any available drum sound - whether it's an analogue drum machine, acoustic drums, or completely different sounds. This makes the Elektron Digitakt an extremely flexible tool for anyone who doesn't like to be limited. Samples can be transferred from your computer to the Digitakt or recorded directly with the Digitakt - either from external sound sources or from the Digitakt itself. In combination with the very powerful sequencer and the possibility of controlling external devices, this results in a rhythm machine that is unparalleled in terms of flexibility and sound.

In the spotlight: Elektron Overbridge

Overbridge is a technology from Elektron that seamlessly integrates a variety of the manufacturer's instruments, including the Digitakt, into a DAW (music software on a computer). Using Overbridge, you can exchange audio and MIDI data between the software and the connected Elektron device via a single USB cable - in both directions. The audio output of the Digitakt is connected to the DAW mixer without additional cabling and can be further processed there. If desired, the Digitakt can be controlled via a plug-in in the DAW. Besides this, the Digitakt can also be used as an audio interface via Overbridge. Other advantages of Overbridge include easy synchronisation and te option of saving Digitakt settings with the DAW project.

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205 Reviews

The most creative tool I own
The Greek Samurai 05.08.2020
i have never before owned something that inspires me to constantly create something new. The workflow and sound quality enable you to get creative and start making music without having to worry about limitations or breaking your flow by making you deep dive into endless menus. The only thing I would say is a limitation is that the L/R inputs sum the signal into mono and you do not have any control over gain or panning. Monitoring the inputs as stereo is only available when the digitakt is connected to overbridge which defeats the whole purpose of going DAWless. The reason it bothers me is because I want to have the digitakt as my main synth/drum machine/sampler/mixer and have the rest of the synths accompany it which I cannot do because my stereo synth is no longer stereo when I connect it to the digitakt input. Also stereo sampling would be great but I understand not wanting to destroy the sales of the octatrack. Overall one the best pieces of gear i own.


Studio Mastermind
Wall Brown 24.11.2019
This machine has a vibe to it that makes you wanna sit and make music.It also incorporates other machines perfectly,I use it with my old Roland JP8080 and the DT makes it sing.It controls up to 8 cc messages,bank and program changes and also a highly practical MIDI LFO that you can assign to any cc.
Also ties perfectly with my iPad playing the Animoog and iSem so that gives me a 11 track setup that sound more full than anything I ever had.

Even with its 8 tracks,the sound engine is so tight and the sound so full that it’s a delight.8 sounds may sound limited and yes there is no song mode.

But I can assure you I can perform a blast with just 3 patterns and 6 of these tracks.
Usability wise it’s on the easy side.Forget what you hear about Elektron.Their workflow kills and once you get the hang of “locks” in general you wish everything worked this way.

Thomman was a king delivery and price wise and really on these money there is hardly something better you can find when you want a machine to be your center hub.



Ghost knob
Luís Luzia 02.01.2023
Awesome machine, but it had a ghost knob that keep changing parameters. Send it to repair through Thomman 2 times but the problem persisted. Had to sell it.


Excellent all-purpose groovebox with a sound of its own
aftino 03.08.2018
I bought the Digitakt to act as both a standalone drum machine as well as for sequencing my Waldorf Blofeld Desktop until my Digitone arrives.

It's a true joy to work with it - even though it was my first time delving into the Elektron sequencing workflow and their OS (aside from watching tens of review videos online) and I haven't felt intimidated by it at all.

It's a brilliantly thought-out machine which was actually able to make me smile and grin with joy every time I've used it! Sampling from any source on it is a breeze and really-really fun!

Its possibilities for sequencing external gear are truly breathtaking - and I was truly in awe when I realized it can drive 8 voices of multitimbrality on my Waldorf Blofeld Desktop without a hiccup - all within a 45-minute mission-critical live set.

Furthermore, it has a pleasantly raunchy character to its sound. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but my Blofeld does sound quite different when passed through the Digitakt's audio ins and outs - decidedly with more bite/crunch to its sound at the expense of a bit of clarity - especially at the low end of the frequency spectrum.

Great piece of kit! I'd totally recommend - and it's a true steal for the money in terms of what it can do.