Guitar-Guard Hardtailer Trem Block System


Tremolo Blocking System

  • Converts a tremolo from floating to dive-only (only downwards) in seconds and releases it again just as fast
  • No rattling noises or sound changes
  • No lengthy fiddling during a gig or risk of the lock coming loose
  • No changes or adjustments to the tremolo necessary
  • Can be easily locked and unlocked via a metal slider
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Germany
Available since July 2022
Item number 547135
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Tremoloblocker
Colour Chrome
285 AED 74,79 €
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18 Reviews

chrisphobia 22.07.2022
I've been waiting for a long time for something like this to come along. been using tremel-no's for years now but I kinda hate them. this is SILENT and so easy to click on. if you break a string just hit it on and your in tune again. easy install super light and looks great. 100% if your thinking of getting it just do it.

yeah its bloody expensive but you know what, its worth every cent


Good, but with remarks
Eddy k 06.08.2023
Installation was easy as the tutorial videos, and the component really look and feel as good quality. Overall i liked and would recommend, but i just wanted to share some remarks, as i felt the videos and comments were a bit misleading to me at least (floyd rose guitar).

- at least for me, this is not an easy switch that enables full floating or dive only bridge for example during a gig for one song, it just makes it easier to go from a decked to floating bridge guitar. The reason is the hardtailer needs to have some pressure against the bridge block when activated, otherwise there are vibration noises, in my setup ~1/4 to 1/2 step difference is required (activated vs not activated hardtailer), therefore as i chose to be decked in my guitar, if i deactivate the hardtailer, it will result in the guitar at least 1/4 step sharp when floating (and not in good tune) One can say, you just need to re-tune it them (in floating that can take a bit and also consider the impact of step difference on floyd rose bridge setup)… and it is right, but this is not mentioned by the marketing material and i had not understood this was the case (although pretty obvious after installation). Still, much better than not having the component…

On the pro-side, it is stable, so i kept my microtuning on e string tight, and can therefore go to D tune only on with the e-string micro tuning of the floyd rose.


Best solution for my PRS SE 24
il Sacco 30.06.2023
Easy to install and setup.
The instructions are published on the manufacturer website with plenty of photos.
I am using it since months on my PRS SE 24 and I am very happy with it.
The bridge becomes rock solid, still allowing me to dive bomb without getting out of tune.
It's durable and precise. The head-screw can be really fine tuned.
I can also disengage it quickly for songs which require floating bridge to be used up and down.


I love this!
The Adam-izer 04.06.2023
So far, it's just solid. I'm really hoping that someone will start selling these, or something like it in the U.S. soon.

Because devices like these are very helpful, and almost mandatory now a-days. Actually, I'm getting ready to buy another one right now for my Charvel lol