Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit CST-24


Electric guitar kit CST style

  • Complete self-made kit
  • Body: Renga (wood colour may vary) with binding
  • Bolt-on neck: Maple with binding
  • Fingerboard: Amaranth
  • Dots fretboard inlays
  • Scale: 628 mm (24" 3/4)
  • Nut width: 42 mm (1.65")
  • 24 Frets
  • Pickups: Covered humbucker (bridge) covered humbucker (neck)
  • 1 Volume and 1 tone control
  • 3-way switch
  • Wrap around bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • DieCast machine heads
  • Original strings: .009 - .042
  • Colour: Natural

Note: A certain level of craftsmanship is required for successful assembly

Body and neck have been primed with pore filler (suitable for varnishing, but possibly unfavourable for staining - may have to be sanded again)

available since May 2020
Item number 464643
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Natural
Body Solid Wood
Top None
Fretboard Amaranth
Frets 24
Scale 635 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo None
incl. Bag No
incl. Case No
288 AED 74,79 €
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There is no story, sadder in the world...
Dmitry R. 23.09.2021
Body. Quite a laborious process of removing the preservative varnish. The scale length is 24 and 3/4 instead of 25. The cutout for attaching the neck must be fixed, otherwise the lower strings will ring - lifting the bridge does not solve the problem. My rating is 3/5.

Pickups-do not correspond to those in the picture. I got pickups in a metal screen. The sound is really good. My rating is 4/5.
Potentiometers, strings and pegs-of satisfactory quality, 3/5.

And finally, the hero of my review is the neck. In the kit for self-assembly of the guitar, the neck is the most important part. The need to polish the frets can not reduce my rating, it is traditional. However, in my set, the neck has an irreparable defect - there is a bitch exactly in the middle of the neck. Therefore, 4-6 strings after the middle of the neck emit sounds that can be described as the beating of two tones. It is impossible to play on such a neck. My score for the most important part is 1/5.
It seems that self-assembly kits are completed with parts rejected at the factory in the absence of control from the store Thomann.
Result. A set worth 170EUR, including delivery, will go to the trash.


Lovely piece
IcyHelzo 06.08.2021
So, I was oogling this kit for months and I finally managed to claim it. I am going to give a detailed review of the whole process of assembly.

First off, packaging. Very well, very securely done, except for a very small dent in the back, however with the roads and vehicles that drive around delivering packages in my country, I am surprised it's only one and is miniscule.
The wood is sealed very well, although I would put another 2-3 layers just in case, as well as to bring out the grain a bit more, but that's just my kink. Solid 4-5 piece body(dunno if i counted right).
Fittings and holes. Almost perfect. The neck went in like a glove and no work on it was needed. Holes for the parts were made perfectly, with the exception of the bridge holes, where I had to hammer them quite much, until they go all the way in. Seeing as hammering is even in the manual, again I see it as normal.
The neck itself is beautiful, no sharp frets, straight and beautiful. I only needed to touch the nut just a bit so the strings would fit more securely.
Pickups are different than the ones on the image. I got metal plated ones, instead of the waffles, however it was actually easier to figure out what goes where and how. In terms of sound they are extremely well for my taste.
I've read a lot of Harley Benton kit reviews that have the same grievances about not enough detailing on the wiring system and 'guess work' wiring. While true, in this case you can somewhat find your way by the length of the cables in correspondence with the holes, so not entirely a big deal.
There is only one thing that really irked me, and that was the strings packaging. They were bundled up and knotted so much and so tightly, that I had a very difficult time separating them, resulting in one string having a bend, that I somewhat fixed upon setting up. Still, it's not something that takes away from the quality of the guitar itself.

Overall, this is my first DIY guitar and the way it sounds, all stock and everything, is simply amazing. Everything is tight, solid and works well. For me, it's good to go as it is, and should I wish to upgrade, now I know how to do it.


Great base for a project guitar
Chris Lazzari 22.11.2021
I bought this kit with the intention of using only the body and neck. I replaced the pickups for a Seymour Duncan set and added inexpensive locking tuners. The supplied electrics were well soldered and worked well, but I swapped them as I wanted a push/pull coil split option (this is the only reason I reduced the 'features' rating from 5 stars to 4). Despite the body wood being quite soft and the bridge being quite light, it sustains well. The neck is beautiful. I didn't need to dress the frets or adjust the truss rod. I just cleaned it and added lemon oil. The wraparound bridge required only a couple of turns to set the intonation and the action is low and with no fret buzz at almost the lowest setting. I own 4 other guitars (all way more expensive) and this is by far my favourite. I was so impressed, I've ordered another, which I plan to paint and use the supplied pickups and electrics.


Excellent guitar kit with few minor issues
Anonymous 15.01.2022
I've just finished assembling mine so my impressions are fresh.
The good:
- instructions are good and easy to follow
- the overall assembly only took me an hour and a half but I bet it can be faster
- Sound is great
- Looks are great!
- low action and very easy to play

The not so good:
- some of the holes are drilled badly and there are pieces of wood that need to be removed
- the pickups switch is a bit short and I've had to remove the inside nut other I couldn't install it (This might be a result of me being a noob)

Overall I'm very impressed with the whole package and I'm looking forward to ordering the next one.