IO Instruments Kalyke

Eurorack module

  • Dual function generator with LFO and ADSR envelope
  • LFO waveform steplessly adjustable from square to sine and ramp to triangle
  • LFO behaviour adjustable (one-shot, 2-14 repetitions, loop)
  • LFO frequency range: 70s - 1100Hz
  • Switchable sample & hold mode
  • LFO output voltage switchable between +/-5V and 0-10V
  • Envelope signal mixable to LFO output level
  • Envelope with fader for attack (0.4ms - 10s), decay (0.8ms - 20s), sustain, release (0.8ms - 20s)
  • ADSR characteristic adjustable from linear to exponential
  • Switchable ratchet mode with 16 selectable patterns
  • Switchable ADSR loop mode and freeze mode
  • Manual trigger button for LFO and ADSR reset
  • CV inputs for LFO waveform, LFO tempo, attack, decay, sustain and release
  • LFO reset input and ADSR gate input
  • Positive and inverted signal outputs for LFO and ADSR
  • "End of Attack" and "End of Decay" trigger outputs
  • Power requirements: 120mA (+12V) / 105mA (-12V)
  • Width: 16 TE
  • Depth: 25 mm
available since April 2022
Item number 540523
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Width 16 TE / HP
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