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Neumann TLM 103 Studio Set

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  • Female Ballad Dry
  • Female Ballad Processed
  • Female Sould Dry
  • Female Sould Processed
  • Male Ballad Dry
  • Male Ballad Processed
  • Male Soul Dry
  • Male Soul Processed
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Studio microphone

  • Large diaphragm microphone based on the K87 capsule
  • Cardioid
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Equivalent noise level (A-weighted1) 7 dB-A
  • SPL is ideally suited for THD <0.5%2) 138 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Due to the minimal inherent-noise it is ideally suited for: broadcasters, very quiet instruments, radio plays, sound recording / sampling, home recording
  • Is great as a spot microphone and for reducing the sound in e.g. wind instruments, strings, percussion, guitar amps, drum overhead positions
  • Colour: Nickel
  • Dimensions: diameter 60 mm x length 132 mm
  • Weight approx. 450 g
  • Includes 1x EA1 elastic suspension together with high-quality cardboard packaging - but without a wooden case and rigid support
  • Suitable optional case: Art.


    (not included)
Tube No
Switchable Polar Pattern No
Omnidirectional No
Cardioid Yes
Figure-8 No
Low Cut No
Pad No
shockmount included Yes
USB Microphone No
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Amazing mic
DKAofficial 27.05.2021
Ok. first of all Thomann did a great job delivering the mic in great package, on time, without any problems. This is great, since not many companies keep the amazing customer satisfaction on such a high level. Kudos for this! When it comes to the mic? I have upgraded from Rode NT2A, and what I have noticed is that the clarity is amazing. Rode was great for keeping the vocals in the mix - but it was just one of the instruments, and nothing above that. TLM is cristal clear. It shines over the tracks and you can definately notice that vocal is the main instrument. You dont have to sing much to get the mic's attention, since it is a beast. BUT! you need to do a little of EQ and compression to make is glued to the final track, but the outcome is extraordinary. The highs are present, mids are sitting right on, but what I love is the bottom. It fights for the presence so much that you feel it is right on the spot without that muddiness. Going from Rode to Neumann is like buying a 1st class ticket on any airline. More room, better service, and quality. Thank you Neumann, thank you Thomann. This will be a great journey!


Not my favorite
h a v 30.07.2015
Not sure why this mic became so popular, as I don't find its character useful on enough sound sources to warrant the price. It has a lot of weight in the lower frequencies, and a lot of sparkle on top. The lower mid is rather scooped, so you essentially get a smiley face type of character. This can of course be useful, but in real life this is mostly for getting dull sound sources to rise and shine.

I think it's excellent on raspy male voices that need all the clarity they can get. I've also used it on upright bass, and on some occasions on some acoustic guitars that needed to be brought to life. It would probably have been good in front of a kick drum, if it had been equipped with a pad. It hasn't, and its output is really hot as it is?so in front of louder sound sources, it will basically give you line level signal which is not something all microphone preamps are comfortable with. So it's useless for drums.


It's smaller than I thought lol
Isabelle19 20.03.2021
It's very small fits in my hand, and I'm a very petite woman, but the sound is amazing, I upgraded from a Rode NT1-A because of a horrible distortion around the 3K-5K area. That mic didn't fit my voice whatsoever, so I decided to make the splurge on this one. I was very doubtful that it would make a huge difference but god was I wrong! it totally changed the tone to a more appealing almost velvety sound, this one fits my soprano voice way better, I'm so happy I purchased it.

So far I see no cons, the pros are an excellent sound quality from the get-go. I ordered online and it got to my house in exactly two weeks with the standard shipping method.
The microphone is not cheap, but It fits higher voices so beautifully that In my opinion, It's worth it. I recommend it!


Simply perfect
Shorty123 09.07.2021
There isn't much to say here.
Neumann is still one of the greatest Mic manufacturers in the world. That's all!


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