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Cassettes - The Undying Need for Nostalgia
The cas­sette, that magical, and very com­pact, plastic rect­angle that has inspired gen­er­a­tions is here to stay. Learn why this...
7 Legendary Albums from the '90s
Released over a 44-day period, these 7 albums defined '90s rock!
Quiz - Match the hip hop track to the sampled song!
Can you match the hip hop track to the ori­ginal song it sampled?
In-house Service Centre: Drums & Percussion
Ever wonder how the Drums & Per­cus­sion Ser­vice Centre depart­ment looks like? Have a peek inside...
10 Facts about Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mer­cury would have been 75 today. Let's cel­eb­rate his amazing life with 10 inter­esting facts...
Hello New Gear - September 2021
Hello New Gear back-to-school September edi­tion is here! Get ready!
Updated info about visiting Thomann in Treppendorf
An update on the rules & reg­u­la­tions for vis­iting us in Trep­pen­dorf (last updated on August 31st, 2021 at 3 PM).
Tips for Wind Instrument Beginners
Want to start playing a wind instru­ment? We have advice for you to make it less con­fusing...
The difference between balanced and unbalanced cables
Bal­anced or unbal­anced? That is the ques­tion! Here is some inform­a­tion to help shed light on this sub­ject
5 Tips for Beginners on String Instruments
Want to start playing a string instru­ment? We'll try to help you get started in this art­icle...
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