Numark Mixstream Pro GO


Dj Controller

  • Full-featured 2 deck Smart DJ console with 7" touchscreen and onboard Wi-Fi
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 4 hours of performance without power source
  • Built-in speakers
  • Supported music streaming services: Amazon Music Unlimited, TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource, SoundCloud Go + and Dropbox
  • Engine OS player with 2x USB and 1x SD media ports
  • Dual-bank performance pads for triggering hot cues, loops and rolls
  • 6" Jog wheels with Smart Scratch feature
  • Internal analysis of music files & Rekordbox TM collections directly from USB
  • Standalone track preview to preview songs before loading
  • 3-Band EQ and filter/sweep effects
  • 6.3 mm combi XLR microphone input with level control
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 566 x 284 x 74 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
Available since May 2023
Item number 565422
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Controller type All in one
incl. software Denon Engine
Micro In 1
Master Out XLR
Stand Alone Mixer Function Yes
Mobile Support No
USB Player Yes
Stereo Line-In 0
19" No
Width in mm 566 mm
Storage Medium SD Card, USB to Device
Depth in mm 284 mm
Design Tabletop Device
Height in mm 74 mm
Weight 4,2 kg
Pitch 100
MIDI Interface USB
Audio Interface Input 0
Audio Interface Output 4
SD Player 1
Bluetooth 1
Recorder 1
Master Tempo 1
Pitch Control 1
Complete System 1
Decksaver 537114
Rec Out No
Width 566 mm
Depth 284 mm
Height 74 mm
Phono Input 0
Booth Out No
Effects 1
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DJing with total freedom

The Numark Mixstream Pro Go is a comprehensive, portable two-channel DJ controller that is battery-powered and features built-in speakers and a wireless lighting control, which allows it to serve as a stand-alone solution without a laptop. It can be used to play music from USB devices and SD cards, while its onboard WiFi also provides access to a range of popular streaming services, and up to approximately four hours of operation are possible on a single battery charge. The Mixstream Pro Go's control interface with its 7" high-resolution touchscreen, touch-sensitive 6" jogwheels, eight performance pads, and numerous buttons gives DJs everything they need for professional-level performances on the go.

Faders on the Numark Mixstream Pro GO

Versatility at its best

The Numark Mixstream Pro Go is robust enough to go anywhere DJs might want to perform, and its four onboard speakers - which have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz - are easily loud enough for practising at home, putting together playlists in a hotel room, or kicking out some jams by the pool. The jogwheels are large enough for proper scratching techniques to be used, while the Smart Scratch feature ensures that the music always stays on beat afterwards. What is more, the Mixstream Pro Go's lighting control can be used in conjunction with smart home lighting systems like Philips Hue and Nanoleaf to create automated light shows, and the controller is also compatible with Soundswitch lighting controls for DMX lighting systems. The rear panel features an SD card slot and two USB slots that can be used to play music and record the user's mixes. A USB type B socket is also provided, so DJs can connect the Mixstream Pro Go to a laptop and use it as a software controller for Serato DJ or Virtual DJ.

DJ performing at the beach using the Numark Mixstream Pro GO

"Ghetto blaster" redefined

Up-and-coming DJs will find a partner for every imaginable situation in the Numark Mixstream Pro Go - and one that can work without needing a computer, a mains power supply, or even a PA system. Professional users will doubless appreciate the unit's compact dimensions, which make it a great preparation tool for use on the go and for after hours at the hotel or on the tourbus, and wedding DJs have an endless choice of music at their disposal thanks to the Mixstream Pro GO's numerous streaming options. Hiphop DJs in turn can also rap along with the MC thanks to the Mixstream's microphone input. All of these things together combine to create a DJ console that combines unsurpassed compactness, portability, and performance with the street power of an old-school ghetto blaster.

Jogwheel on the Numark Mixstream Pro GO

About Numark

Numark, based in the US city of Cumberland, Maryland, was founded in 1971 by Harry and Robert Kotovsky. Numark's professional DJ equipment became popular from the outset and the company instantly gained the reputation of being a leading manufacturer in the DJ industry. Numark quickly proved what the company's focus would be: Innovation and technology. Many of its now older products, such as the DM1775 mixer or the CD5020 dual CD player are still prominent in the industry today. Their conception already reflected Numark's ability to be a pioneer in terms of functionality and design in the DJ sector. Following in these footsteps, the DMC-1 was the first DJ software controller to hit the market, and was soon to be followed by many more.

A minority of one

The Numark Mixstream Pro Go comes with the Engine DJ software embedded, which allows the user to easily import playlists from a range of programmes, including Traktor and Serato, via WiFi or USB, while grids, hot cues, and loops can be created and adjusted on the device itself. The user interface with its two-channel mixer, three-band equalisers, effects toggles for the four integrated effects, and last but not least the four performance pads with cue, saved loop, autoloop, and roll function allows professional DJing with spectacular effects, and the Numark Mixstream Pro GO has a surprising amount of power on tap as well, all of which puts this diminutive console in a league of its own, whether it is used in the club or out in the open.

Connections on the back of the Numark Mixstream Pro GO Dj Controller

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7 Reviews

Coolin 05.08.2023
There's not a lot more I could add that hasn't already been mentioned on various Youtube reviews, but coming at it from a newbie persepective this is an impressive controller.

The speakers are a lot better than I was expecting, perfect for an after party, house party, back yard BBQ and with the option to output to larger speakers it could then be used in larger rooms.
It downloads songs very quickly (obviously wifi and network dependant) and comes with 3 months Soundcloud Go and 2 months Beat Port/Source free when registered on Numark site.
3.1.1 Engine DJ update has brought more effects which are pretty decent.
From the newbie perspective there is a lot to learn and setting up playlists is a must.
The battery seems to be mighty impressive too, I reckon it will easily do the 4 hours claimed and more.

Overall I'm very glad I got it, it has helped re-ignite the passion of hunting down new and interesting tracks and now figuring out what they'd mix well with.


Great all in one controller!
D J C 20.04.2024
Contains all the essential functions you need to start off djing! Good stand-alone lasting battery and in-built speakers so no need to plug-in to external ones! Quality product!


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Mein Mixstream Pro Go
schlumper55 21.11.2023
Das Gerät macht einen hochwertigen Eindruck . Die Verarbeitung ist Top . Die Eingebauten Lautsprecher haben einen ordentlichen Klang. Die Bässe könnten etwas kräftiger sein. Aber um zu üben oder auch eine kleine Party im Wohnzimmer (25 qm) zu geben reichen sie aus. Mit dem Akku habe ich bei mittlerer Lautstärke die versprochenen 4 Stunden gereicht, bei mehr 3 Stunden. Alles in allem ein sehr gutes Gerät zum Einstieg und auch für Fortgeschrittene oder als Reservegerät.


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Mon nouveau jouet préféré
JAY 2A 30.05.2023
J'ai un peu d'expérience avec d'anciens contrôleurs pioneer mais l'expérience que je vie au quotidien avec ce mixstream pro go est incomparable. Une idée me traverse la tête avec des titres a mixé et en quelques secondes je le tente sur le contrôleur que j'enmene partout, pas besoin de courant ou de câble ou d'enceintes, c'est immédiat. C'est simple, quand il est pas a la maison avec moi il me suit dans la voiture 😁 je m'en suis servie a la plage appuyé contre des rochers, a la montagne et dans le jardin. Le son hyper propre et puissant pour les enceintes qu'il embarque est impressionnant. J'ai hâte tout de même qu'ils intègrent le mode jour dans une future mise a jour firmware de l'engine dj car c'est pas évident d'y voir quelques chose avec beaucoup de clarté. L'autre petit défaut a régler et je pense qu'ils sont au courant est que les équaliseurs et les filtres ne réduise pas complétement les fréquences. On peut regretter qu'il soit aussi seulement en 2 piste mais bon faut peut-être pas abuser pour commencer avec un nouveau produit précurseur. Niveau finition c'est du plastique de très bonne facture, c'est du très bon numark. Avec son poid plume il peut se transporter partout et même comme un ghetto blaster sur l'épaule 😎 engine DJ est très complet et intègre même un sampler depuis sa version 3.0. avec banque de sample intégré et qui permet de balancer des pistes de musique entière sur les 8 pad et en même temps😱Mais quel machine ou logiciel peut faire ça ? Aucun(e)🤷 Seulement engine DJ. Je rajouterais peut être plus tard un système son autonome que je brancherait en xlr pour encore plus faire de bruit quand j'en aurai envie 😁 La batterie a une bonne autonomie de à peu près 3/4h avec mon utilisation, je n'ai pas encore fait de set entier avec le son à fond qui doit certainement tirée sur la batterie et descendre l'autonomie a 1h30/2h. Que dire d'autre a part que j'ai fait le meilleur achat depuis des années. Full autonome + engine DJ ça en fait une machine unique en son genre. D'ailleurs elle l'est. Cette instantanéité en plus de pouvoir m'en servir partout va me donner les moyens de faire des choses bien avec en plus de me donner confiance de jouer devant des gens. Numark a fait de moi son esclave, dès qu'ils sortiront la version 4 pistes je foncerais l'acheter 😆
Maintenant je suis prêt à faire la fête n'importe où et n'importe quand ^^