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Thomann Student Violinset 4/4

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Violin Set

  • Size: 4/4
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Bottom, sides and neck: Maple
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Pegs made of jujube
  • 4 Fine tuners
  • Includes fibreglass bow, case and rosin
  • Made ready to play in Germany in the Thomann specialist string workshop
Incl. Bow Yes
case included Yes
Fretbboard Ebony
no tropical wood used No
Flamed Back No
Strings Simple Steel Strings
Fine tuners Yes
Fine Tuning Screw for E string No
Item number 378019
319 AED 74,79 €
Plus 213 AED shipping
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Korman 17.07.2020
Considering the very low price point it is made under, they have made a violin which actually sounds surprisingly acceptable (considering low expectations) with a somewhat thin and compressed but clear sound, which is not offensive to listen to. Once I exchanged the included strings for quality strings and I used a better bow the violin sounded more open and better. Obviously the quality and aesthetics are basic but it plays acceptably.

Built wise to reduce costs uses a soft type of wood because the violin is very light. I like the fact that the varnish is very light and matte, which makes it less pretty, but also I believe allows the violin to express more. I hate when cheap violins are encased in heavy plastic varnish just to make them look nice and shiny, but then the sound suffers.

I did have a problem with the E string peg, which at first was extremely stiff and then quickly became too loose and suddenly kept slipping out every time I had to tune it (soft wood and weak tolerances) making playing impossible. I tried peg wax but that did not work, so I had to resort to ground Diatomaceous earth power to provide enough grit to get it to stick.

The included case is cheap and basic and the bow is fiberglass, but they both work acceptably like the included violin.

This type of violin is for kids or those who just want to try out playing a violin for a very low price. For the very low cost it delivers a lot and is very competitive in its price sector…but with obvious limitations beyond the basics in trying to produce an instrument on such a tight budget. For anyone remotely serious (even a beginner) I would recommend investing a few hundred more and getting something better made with proper quality (better denser wood) which will provide longer term satisfaction both in build quality and sound.


Amazing value for 88€!
~DAAN~ 24.04.2020
The fact that this even makes a sound amazes me!
As a avid multi instrumentalist, I wanted to get into playing the violin.

I kinda sound like crap, however this instrument performs as expected!
Furthermore, The finishing and setup is great. It was delivered almost tuned perfectly and quite easy to play. Simply put, for the price it's crazy good!!!


I don't play the violin
Bjadd 25.04.2020
I bought this one to practice and I am not disappointed! I never thought I would be able to afford a violin to mess around with.. I Have made this one sound amazing. Like I said I don't play, but I can play some notes that give me goosebumps!.


Good for beginners
Sasi Kiran 13.09.2019
This might be the heading put by many people. But it is true. As a beginner I do not even know how to handle a bow or a violin. But it took me only two days to get adapted.

Initially, I was a bit devastated as sound is not coming through the strings. I tightened them and broken a string (That new I am). But later I put the rosin to the bow. I also got a extra rosin with the package.

The broken strings are later replaced by Thomann for free. The service of Thomann is the best of many online portals which I have used before. You can track your package easily and the customer care is also at the tips of your fingers, who messages instantly.

Thank you Thomann, you have made my initial experience with the instrument fruitful.

* The decrease in a star rating is because, it would be even helpful if you have noted in the violin manual that initially the sound will not be produced until rosin is applied as this is for the beginners.


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