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Yamaha CLP-745 B

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Digital Piano Clavinova

  • 88-Key Grand Touch S keyboard with pressure point simulation and key tops made of synthetic ivory and ebony (white keys with wooden elements)
  • Yamaha CFX - Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano Samples
  • Binaural Sampling CFX and Imperial
  • 2 Fortepiano tones
  • Extended Virtual Resonance Modelling
  • Smooth release
  • Key-off samples
  • 256-Note polyphony
  • 38 Tones
  • Dual, Split, Duo Voice Mode
  • Preset Songs: 21 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Piano Songs, 303 Practice Songs
  • 20 Rhythms
  • 16-Track recording
  • USB audio recorder (WAV)
  • LC display (128 x 64)
  • Bluetooth audio / midi
  • 3 Pedals
  • Midi in / out / thru
  • USB to host
  • USB to device
  • 2 x Headphone connections
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • Stereo Aux out (L / L + R, R) / Aux in (Stereo Mini)
  • Loudspeaker: 2x 50 W
  • Dimensions with music stand (W x D x H): 1461 x 459 x 1096 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Colour: Black matte
  • Includes music holder, headphone holder and power supply PA.500C
Note Register your product at within 6 months after purchase and extend the warranty to 5 years.
Available since August 2020
Item number 495414
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Finish Opaco
Number of keys 88
Wooden Keys Yes
Ivory Feel Keyboard Yes
Pressure point simulation Yes
Keyboard cover Yes
Sounds 38
Polyphony 256
Arranger No
Styles 20
Display Yes
Sequencer Yes
Learn mode No
Bluetooth Audio Yes
Bluetooth Midi Yes
"Half-pedal" option Yes
Audio out Yes
Audio input Yes
Midi Interface IN / OUT / THRU
USB to Host Yes
USB to Device Yes
Speaker Power 2x 50 W
Size 1461 x 459 x 1096
Weight 60,0 kg
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High class

Much like "Hoover" became synonymous with vacuum cleaners, "Clavinova" is the staple name for digital pianos. In 2020, Yamaha gave its flagship product, the Clavinova, a rejuvenating makeover via the CLP-700 series, especially in the grand piano department. The distinguished CLP-745 model shown here comes with a choice of finishes - which also affect the final price. Those seeking even more enhanced features, such as more powerful speakers or absolute top-of-the-range keyboard mechanics and advanced editing options, should opt instead for the CLP-775 or even the CLP-765-GP (GP standing here for Grand Piano, i.e. "baby grand" format). Additionally, Yamaha offers more affordable Clavinova models, for those who won’t need as many "bells and whistles".

"Grand Touch S" precision

The Yamaha CLP-745 features the exceptional "Grand Touch S" keyboard, an 88-key marvel that faithfully replicates the dynamic range and nuanced response of an authentic grand piano. Crafted with precision, each white key is fashioned from solid wood, and features a sophisticated double escape mechanism that imitates the hammer rebounding off piano strings. The black keys are made of synthetic ebony, which further elevates the realism and refinement when playing. Among the modelled pianos are the illustrious Yamaha CFX and the equally famous Bösendorfer Imperial, both meticulously captured in binaural audio for complete authenticity, in the best conditions possible. Two fortepiano options, named "Mozart" and "Chopin", faithfully reproduce the distinct sounds of pianos from the 18th and 19th centuries - and 34 more voices are included, spanning a broad range of acoustic and electric pianos (and more). Bluetooth connectivity is supported, allowing the transmission of both MIDI and audio signals with ease.

Can even handle a half-pedal

A versatile digital piano with advanced capabilities, the CLP-745 is tailored for both novice and seasoned pianists seeking excellence from a digital piano in terms of touch, sound, and expressiveness. Backed by a five-year warranty (subject to registration), it exemplifies Yamaha's renowned reputation and will appeal to a very wide audience. This model boasts four dynamic 50W speakers for optimum sound reproduction, in line with the CLP-700 series, and features sustain, sostenuto, and soft pedals, dynamically controlled to enable advanced techniques such as half-pedalling. The CLP-745 is equipped with two USB ports ("To host" and "To device") as well as a MIDI interface, thus facilitating seamless connectivity to computers or other compatible devices.

About Yamaha

For decades, Yamaha has been one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of musical instruments and audio technology. The Japanese company’s long history began at the end of the 19th century with the harmonium. The product range has constantly expanded since then, which has made Yamaha one of the few manufacturers today to offer almost the entire range of existing musical instruments: From upright and grand pianos to guitars, wind instruments, and bowed string instruments and from drums and percussion to electronic keyboards and synthesizers. Yamaha is also a major force in the field of audio engineering as a manufacturer of mixing consoles, amplifiers, PA systems, and more. Yamaha's guiding principle is to combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

Nocturne for two

The Yamaha CLP-745’s touch sensitivity curve can be subtly tuned - from "soft" to "hard", with the flexibility of a customisable "medium" between. Opting for a fixed velocity value ensures that the volume output remains constant and is unaffected by the force of the key strikes. The CLP-745 features a stereo auxiliary input via a stereo mini-jack connection (for playing a backing track, for example), two auxiliary outputs, and dual headphone jacks – which are ideal for late-night duets and practice sessions. Sounds can be layered simultaneously or split across the keyboard, with one sound for each hand. The "Duo" mode divides the keyboard in two, but keeps the same octave range on each side to facilitate teacher/student scenarios.

16 Customer ratings

4.9 / 5

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11 Reviews

Fabulous piano keyboard with a classy look
Chris_M_ 22.04.2024
I'm still at the early stage of my piano journey, coming late to party in my retirement years! Having outgrown my 'beginners' Korg B2 (a great starter piano) I researched my options and the Yamaha CLP-745 ('B'lack) ticked all the boxes in terms of features, piano keyboard 'feel' and price. The service from Thomann has been excellent; I used the online chat facility to get pre-sales advice. Delivery to the UK was about one week, note that I did not get a phone call to agree a day and so it was fortunate that I was in on the day that I received a message stating it would be delivered that morning.
My only disappointment is the sound from the built-in speakers, it does not do the piano justice and there is a huge difference to the superb sound when using headphones. I've subsequently discovered that this poor sound is common across many electronic pianos, the advice being to purchase 'near-field active monitors' if you don't want to realy on headphone use.


Amazing instrument
andrym2004 03.03.2024
We'd done our homework to the highest standard before choosing this particular piano – watched numerous video tutorials and sample plays, read many reviews and went over few dozen of forums.
Two of our younger kids started piano classes last year using older digital keyboard (Casio LK-270, also bought from THOMANN back in 2009) which is still ok to use but we decided to upgrade it to a more descent one and after approx. six month of research we had to choose between 3 YAMAHA's: CLP-735/745/775.
All three are great and probably best on the market. And it was difficult for us to choose which one would suit best, so ended up with middle option.
We have instrument less than a week but even at this stage we believe that choice was right. Out teacher also impressed with the sound quality and all functions that come with it.
Recommended to all – you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you THOMANN team.


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Parfait pour tout type d'utilisation
Nico.cros42 11.03.2022
Piano excellent dans toutes les catégories.
Facile à monter, une sonorité excellente, une très bonne sensation de toucher, une banque de son très qualitative et fournie ainsi qu'un manuel de partitions ce qui appréciable pour un débutant comme pianiste confirmé.
En bref en très bel instruments qui sera ravir les musiciens novices aux plus expérimentés pour un investissement abordable

Petite mention pour l'efficacité des équipes thomann et leurs professionnalisme commande reçu avec 4 jours d'avances


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Ein traumhaft schönes Digital Piano
Sabine1220 09.03.2022
Bei mir bekommt das Yamaha CLP-745 bei allen Kriterien 5 Sterne. Ich liebe dieses Instrument. Warum? Es erfüllt insgesamt alle meine Erwartungen und hat diese sogar noch übertroffen. Die Bedienung ist mit der App sehr einfach. Mit dem Bedienteil am Klavier nicht ganz so komfortabel aber auch gut. Ich verwende vorwiegend die App (Smart Pianist). Bisher keinerlei Probleme, das Klavier verbindet sich problemlos mit meinem Samsung Tablet. Sobald man die App schließt, wird die Verbindung getrennt. Meine Lieblingsfeatures ist einmal die Aufnahmefunktion und die vielen Arten von Metronomen. Das sorgt für Abwechslung beim Üben. Man kann bei den Einstellungen auch das Anschlagverhalten (z.B. Mittel, Weich1, Weich2) ändern oder das Pedalverhalten. Der Sound ist einfach toll, ob mit oder ohne Kopfhörer. Die Lautsprecher sind sehr leistungsstark und klingen schön. Schon "halb aufgedreht" hat man das Gefühl, man würde an einem akustischen Klavier oder Flügel sitzen. Der Bösendorfer Sound ist speziell, vielleicht etwas melancholisch, wer ihn mag, so wie ich, wird begeistert sein. Auch der CFX klingt toll, ich schalte oft zwischen den beiden hin u. her, zumal es für beide extra Knöpfe auf dem Bedienteil gibt. Die Verarbeitung des Instruments ist sehr schön. Der Notenhalter ist sehr schön gemacht. Die Kasten fühlen sich sehr gut an, man hat einen guten Halt beim Spielen.
Insgesamt ein sehr tolles Instrument. Ich rate, den Aufbau in Anspruch zu nehmen, da das Hauptteil des Klaviers recht schwer ist. Vor allem, wenn das Klavier in ein anderes Stockwerk muss, würde ich dazu raten, es an seinen Ort tragen u. aufbauen zu lassen.