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What's in it for me?

Big quantities = low price

Because we buy large quantities and keep them in stock, we get the best prices from all the manufacturers. Our advantage is your advantage.

Great availability = quick replacements

We stock up on product, not least so we can help you out with a replacement unit if need be, because we all know that gear tends to fail just before an important gig.

Centralised storage = fast delivery

Our logistics facility is based entirely at Treppendorf. That way we have quick access to every item in our range.

That's How Quickly Our Shipping Department Works

Thursday, 18.07.2024
Ø 1.32 hours
Time from creating the order to dispatch

Clearance stock = best possible price

Manufacturers and distributors like to dispose of clearance stock all at once, not one unit at a time over many months. We always keep enough buffer space in our warehouse for special deals like this. Sometimes, a brand's distributor changes, or even goes out of business completely, and we can secure the whole of the remaining stock at a discount, enabling us to pass the saving on to you.

Direct imports = high availability

Not only do we import our own brand products directly, but we also buy many brand name products directly from the manufacturers' factories. That way we aren't limited by the local distributors' quantities and can keep products available which are officially sold out.

Containers = low transport costs

Tolls and ever increasing fuel prices have made transport costs a substantial part of total purchasing prices. In the end, it's always the customer who pays for that, no matter where they buy. The most efficient way, therefore, is to buy by the container. Just one container can hold up to 1,500 guitars of just one model, 2,000 power amps, or 4,000 keyboards :-)

Availability statistics of our current stock

The continual expansion of our warehouse capacity means that more and more items are in stock. Today, 92% of our items are available without delay.

Our range
112,819 items
  • In stock (96,595 item(s))
  • In stock soon (5,725 item(s))
  • Items with longer delivery times (9,036 item(s))
  • Not yet available (1,289 item(s))
  • Not immediately available (174 item(s))

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