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Cordial CCM 5 FM


Inexpensive Microphone Cable

A further development of the new, hand-soldered and inexpensive "FAIR LINE" microphone cable with the new, high-quality REAN-XLR connector.

REAN is a registered trademark of the company NEUTRIK, which also contributed to the renowned moulded anti-kink sleeve from the CORDIAL "FAIRLINE". This sleeve construction, in contrast to cheap, mass produced products, even enables the reparation of the cable if necessary.

The new CCM FM microphone cables are assembled with CORDIAL's typical inlaid green ring for labelling.

  • XLR female -- XLR male
  • Cable profile: 2 x 0.2 mm²
  • With Neutrik REAN connectors
  • Hand-soldered
  • Moulded anti-kink sleeve
  • Colour coding with inlaid labelling block
  • Length: 5.0 m
Colour Black
Length 5,00 m
Item number 182686
42,70 AED 10 €
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Solid entry level microphone cable for home/gig use.
Anonymous 27.02.2017
Despite the fact it is stated that this is inexpensive microphone cable it shows a very decent performance. For its money of course. This cable is a good choice for home, rehearsal or gig situations if you need cheap but very well built cable that not be afraid to broke but yet providing low noise.
Build quality is good. Cable is mid-thick, its isolation is made of semi hard rubber so it?s ok for bending without worries it could be broken. Massive XLR (male from one side and female from other) Rean connectors made by Neutrik also looks durable and well built. Be not afraid to open the up and check that soldering looks quite solid so no worries if someone accidentally will pull it out however male connector is lockable.
As I said before sound performance of this cable is good. I use this cable primarily for tracking vocals at home using simple Sennheiser e845 dynamic microphone. The point is that I recorded only female vocals on this and found that there are no significant cuts in high frequencies noticeable which is very important in such case.
Recording guitar with high-class DI box and heavy distorted bass guitar are also showed that frequency response stays without noticeable changes - both lows and highs. Noise level is also not increased which is another good feature of this cable and that proves that it isolated and screened well.
On the other hand you will not notice any enhancements of sound but taking into account that this is inexpensive entry level cable it is already good that it does not produce additional noises. Why spend money on ?noname? when you can buy this?


Top quality at a low price
AVTECHUK 24.10.2017
I recently need to add more short xlr cables to my stock for a regular band.
As there was a limited budget I decided to try these cables.
Many cheap cables tend to be of low quality and often do not coil properly. These cables are far from this. They coil brilliantly. the cable is not that thick but feels well made and has a nice touch. The connectors again although not Neutrix they feel robust and not a cheap Chinese connector.

Brilliant cable will be adding more to my stock!


Low price but it doesn't feel cheap. Not by a long shot
Zonny 22.03.2021
Not much to say about this item. It gets the job done.

Low price but it doesn't feel cheap, useful, repairable.

Good for home use, rehearsals, live shows (remember those?) etc. For studio use I'd maybe go with a more expensive option but this also works great if you're tight on funds right now.

Overall a great cable.


It's exactly as it's description
kevi 19.02.2018
I have 2 of these which I plug into my TC Helicon Voicelive GTX and mixing desk. I've been gigging with them for about 3 years and have never had any problem with them. The colouring makes them easy to identify in a case full of cables, and the coloured end has a secure locking mechanism which I like. The ends are quite sturdy and I notice no distortion in sound from them. The cable housing is not of great quality and I find it does not coil as well as more expensive cables, but as it's described as "Inexpensive" what else should I expect? It's fine for home use and I also gig with them. Good buy for the price.


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