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What rules apply to the con­tent of re­views?

We are very grateful for your help and thank you for taking the time to inform other Thomann customers about your experiences with your equipment. To make sure that your review can be put online and will be a good read to other customers please make sure that the following rules are considered:

  • Please write your reviews in English.
  • The reviews are all about YOUR opinion! Please only write your personal opinion about the product you have purchased. Please do not copy and paste any other texts into your review.
  • Please write your review about the product and not about Thomann or the manufacturer. Reviews says something like "very quick delivery, would use you again... " cannot be put online, because they do not rate the product.
  • Please be objective and fair, as you would expect this from other reviews regarding products you would be interested in as well. Unfair reviews like e.g. defaming a manufacturer or complete product lines or reviews containing unrealistic ideas regarding features or price or comparisons of the item to much more expensive equipment are not really helpful to other customers in the majority of the cases.
  • Please mind the language you use. Obscene, abusive, degrading or crude comments about the manufacturer, brands or products cannot be accepted.
  • Please avoid remarks on typing mistakes or missing features on our product sites but use the relevant feedback feature.
  • Please do not discuss the rating function with other customers who have also rated the product. Every customer has the right to his own opinion. Should you find false statements in other ratings please use the "unacceptable"-function (exclamation mark).
  • Please do not copy any external links (e.g. Youtube or your own website) into your reviews. We could be made liable for statutory offences on the linked websites and we would not like to risk this. Notes like "drivers are available from (exclusively name with domain ending) are okay.
  • Please avoid indicating personal details like your address, your website or your full name in the review, as these details could be misused by third parties.

Note: We reserve the right not to publish reviews that violate these rules or include incorrect, illegal or immoral content, such reviews will be taken off our website subsequently, if we are informed that any of the aforementioned reasons apply.

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