Glorious Sound Desk Pro Walnut


Studio Desk

  • 2 Rack spaces with 3 U for equipment in 19" format
  • Pull-out shelf for keyboards (up to 88 keys, max. 142.5 cm) can be used at 4 height settings
  • Max. load capacity of keyboard shelf: 12.5 kg
  • Work surface with increased width and depth
  • Cable duct inside for multiple sockets
  • Accessible from the front and back
  • Cable recess for wall installation at screen height
  • Material: MDF wood
  • External dimensions (L x H x W): 1550 x 932 x 650 mm
  • Weight: 39,7 kg
  • Colour: Walnut
available since December 2019
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Stay clear.
DiegoGuitar 03.07.2020
I always been very happy with everything I've purchased from Thomann, up to now.

I don't even know how they sell this "product" through their store.

I've bought this desk because of it's reviews and honestly I thought it looked good. I now am forced to think the reviews were fabricated.

The package arrived and looked fine.

Assembly took ages and was very tedious. Upon inspection 2 different parts arrived damaged/faulty and it took ages to receive the spare parts from Thomann.

The desk upper level is too small to hold a pair of HS8s and even too small for my computer monitor stand. I can't believe it. What were they thinking when designing it?

The tray mechanism feels extremely fragile and the trail itself is bent after a few weeks of use. All it has on it is a computer keyboard as I didn't trust it with my midi controller and it struggles holding that too. It makes typing a nightmare as it jumps up and down every time I touch a key.

I wanted to install a monitor arm, but the MDF panels are so cheap I won't take the risk.

The desk is so fragile that is full of scratches from placing my macbook pro on it. In comparison, I use my laptop on a cheap ikea coffee table and there's no scratches there. The desk has plenty of sharp angles that get damaged only by looking at them.

They couldn't even place the brand sticker on the desk straight, but not a huge problem as it fell down after a couple of weeks.

In closure this "desk" feels extremely cheap and poorly thought out.

I would recommend you stay away from such a waste of money, especially at this price point there are much better choices.


Excellent studio desk
Robin Garrett 19.12.2020
I'm really not sure why this desk is getting such negative reviews as I've found the quality and sturdiness to be exceptional as well as looking absolutely gorgeous.

It is also fairly easy and enjoyable to construct, but I would recommend having a second pair of hands available to help fit the main work surface (part L) onto the legs as this piece is extremely heavy and difficult to adjust into position. Please also take good care when screwing the cam dowels into the underside of the main work surface as these can occasionally go in at a slight angle meaning that they'll never line up correctly with the holes in the legs. I did have to lower the slide-out tray to accommodate my 76-key Yamaha NP-30, but this was easily achieved.

The Glorious logo sticker was also a little wonky on the desk I received, but I actually found this quite endearing given the quality of the other components and it doesn't affect the operation of the unit in the slightest. Overall, I would strongly recommend this to anyone else looking for a sturdy studio desk, but unwilling to pay big coin (or wait 3 months) for an Output Platform. It is proving to be a well-loved showpiece of my studio.

Thanks Glorious and Thomann!


Mixed Feelings (returned it)
Marlon Lee 12.08.2020
I did not want to believe what other reviewers said, but its true. :(
So I was hoping for a studio desk thats relatively cheap and good quality, well look elsewhere.
The desk is too small, the keyboard trail is way to low level you cannot sit with a normal chair and not touch the trail with you legs (impossible).
Its cheap wood looks nothing like on the pictures and doesn't feel good at all.
I don't know what they thought while constructing the monitor- and monitor speakers stand, its too small and well way to thin.
I wouldn't wanna risk putting my monitor on their and especially not my 1000€ speakers.


Good purchase (or not!)
Composer1 02.01.2021
The keyboard tray is not the most sturdy. Feels a bit unsafe.

Good purchase given its price (around half the price of other well known brands, and with no need to wait!). It’s not the best wood quality, but still sturdy and looks really good. Will see how it ages. Took around 1.5-2h to assemble.

Don't really understand some bad reviews this desk is getting, and the upper level of the desk is sturdy enough to hold your speakers without risking them, unlike some reviews say.