Harley Benton DNAfx GiT


Multi-Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • 55 Classic and modern high-quality guitar amp models
  • Non-linear amp modelling technology with real tube amp sound, feel and response
  • 26 Classic and modern impulse response (IR) speaker simulations with additional support for third-party IR files
  • 151 Different classic and modern effects: Drives, compressors, noise gates, EQs, modulation, wah, pitch, filters, delays, reverbs and more
  • Up to 9 types of effects can be used at the same time
  • Large, easy-to-read LED colour display
  • 80 Second phrase looper
  • Modern drum computer with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms
  • Integrated expression pedal for easy setting of the effect parameters
  • Up to 200 preset patches can be saved
  • Tap tempo function
  • Easy-to-read chromatic LED tuner (435 - 445 Hz)
  • USB connectivity for editing, direct audio recording (DAW) and software updates on PC/Mac
  • Programmable outputs for easy integration with any live or studio setup
  • Headphone output and AUX input for playing and jamming to tracks from external devices
  • OTG function supports smartphone and tablet software for direct audio/video recording and live streaming
  • Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Sampling resolution: 24-bit
  • Robust housing made of ABS (top part) and aluminium (bottom)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 230 x 156 x 32.8 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Power supply unit included (9 V DC 300 mA)


  • Inputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • Outputs L/R: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • AUX in: 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • OTG port: Micro USB
  • USB port: Type B USB

Note: Battery operation is not supported.

Note: The editor software for Windows / Mac can be downloaded from the download area at the bottom of this page.

Available since August 2020
Item number 478040
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Amp Modeling Yes
Drumcomputer Yes
Incl. Tuner Yes
Expression Pedal Yes
USB-Port Yes
Headphone Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Line Out Yes
Battery Powered No
PSU included Yes
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A huge range of sounds at a small price

Harley Benton is known for products that offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Accordingly, the Harley Benton DNAfx GiT gives guitarists a wide selection of sounds at a budget-friendly price. This highly compact and lightweight floor unit, which operates according to the impulse response principle, combines a modelling amplifier, an effects unit, a looper, and speaker simulation in one. Thanks to its micro-USB port, it can also be used as an audio interface for recording to a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Practising and jamming while on the go are also no problem, as the DNAfx GiT additionally features an AUX input and a headphone jack – so your creativity has free reign, wherever you are.

top down view on the Harley Benton DNAfx GiT

A clear effect chain

The DNAfx GiT has a fixed effect chain, which is logically structured from nine different blocks. The chain comprises 151 freely selectable effects, 55 amplifier simulations, and 26 speaker simulations, which can be complemented by impulse responses by third-party manufacturers. The two footswitches for “Bank up” and “Bank down” can be used to switch between presets, and the tuner and looper can be activated by pressing and holding down the respective switch. The B-type USB interface makes programming possible both on the device itself and via computer – allowing players to assign the desired parameters to the integrated expression pedal, for example. The device is equipped with two ¼" (6.35 mm) jack outputs that allow both mono and stereo operation, and its micro-USB OTG (USB On The Go) port means it can be used as an audio interface for recording to a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

LCD and knobs on the aluminum body of the Harley Benton DNAfx GiT

An affordable point of entry into the world of modelling

Affordable multi-effects and amp modelling units like the DNAfx GiT can be particularly interesting for ambitious beginners who have not yet decided what style of music they want to make – or just don’t want to commit themselves to one genre yet. The generous selection of amplifiers and effects available here opens up new avenues for players’ creativity, allowing them to find their own sound and experiment freely. The DNAfx GiT is also a great choice for guitarists looking for an affordable and compact all-in-one solution for practising and jamming both at home and on the go, or for recording their creative ideas quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Harley Benton DNAfx GiT expession pedal

About Harley Benton

Since 1998, the Harley Benton brand has been catering for the needs of numerous guitarists and bassists. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, Thomann's house brand also offers a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, effect pedals, and other accessories. In total, the range includes over 1,500 products. Built by established names in the industry, all Harley Benton products combine quality and reliability at attractive and affordable prices. The continuous expansion of the range ensures that Harley Benton always provides new, exciting, and innovative products that keep players perfectly in tune with the musical world, day after day.

The right sound at all times

Features such as the AUX input for playing back pre-recorded tracks, the built-in drum machine with metronome function, and the integrated looper make the DNAfx GiT the perfect companion for practising and jamming anywhere, whenever you have the time. All of this can be done silently using the headphone output, of course. Players can also record to their mobile phone using the integrated audio interface and micro-USB port while on the go. The DNAfx GiT’s broad tonal palette also makes it ideal for putting together song ideas at home and recording them on your computer, however, and it also makes a great portable backup unit for on-stage performances if your main rig should malfunction. After all, it encompasses a complete signal path, but it can also be used as a simple multi-effects unit.

connectors on the backside of the Harley Benton DNAfx GiT

In the spotlight: Impulse response

The process of digital convolution utilises so-called impulse responses, which comprise information about the frequency response of a room or a device. This information is determined using a test signal and measured at the output. An arithmetic operation blends an effective signal with one of these impulse responses, and the latter’s frequency characteristics are imposed on the former. Modern processors allow convolution to take place in real time, and this is used for the simulation of different types of rooms and speakers in particular.

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250 Reviews

What an amazing pedal
Rikkaede 07.04.2022
I was incredibly surprised when I first found this pedal, at how cheap it is. The controles do take some getting used to, but once you remember what everything does its a fairly streamlined process.

It has surpluss different amps, so theres almost certainly one that will work for you. You can use up to 9 different effects on each preset, and each effect type (reverb, delay, etc) also have several different variations. You can configure the settings of each effect precisely to your liking.

I also love how I can configure the expression pedal to do whatever I would like. Change the gain level on the amplifier, adjust the rate on my reverb, crank the mix on my wah, are just some examples. Each preset can have its own expression pedal setting. (Note, I recommend you calibrate the exp pedal when you first get it, as I had great trouble at first - the min and max were calibrated fine, but the press toggle was not so matter how hard I pressed, nothing happened).

I was greatly surprised when I first downloaded the software. It works flawlessly, and makes it incredibly easy to create and modify presets. I also love how when I visit a menu through the software or change a parameter such as gain level, the screen on the pedal also adjusts accordingly, and vice versa. I can even watch live the settings update as I press the exp pedal.

I was worried with the price at how good the sound quality would be, but I cannot fault it at all. Sounds exactly like a normal amp.

The rhythm beats provided are fairly standard. There are many to choose from and you can manually input a tempo, or tap one. The metronone works the same, and is a handy feature.

The looper and the tuner also work perfectly as described. I use the tuner as a mute toggle switch, although you can bypass the mute if you like to hear your guitar when tuning.

The pedal feels durable, and I expect (and hope!) it can survive being thrashed around for the next many years to come.

The only things I can criticize about the pedal is how it is difficult to move presets around. I was hoping I could simply drag one above another in software, but all I can do is delete, copy, and paste, so it takes a little more time than I would like. I also do wish it had a power toggle switch. Apart from that, absouletely flawless and 100% worth what I paid!


Useable multi effects for the price of a headphone amp!
Keefie 14.12.2021
I wanted a headphone amp for practice, but discovered that this was an excellent multi effect unit as well. Easy to edit your own patches, but loads of good presets too. Tuner and looper are other additions which make practice more fun. Make no mistake, this is a live giggable multi effect too.


This is just a fabulous device from a magical land!
Kozub 21.11.2022
You can not buy huge amplifiers. Everything is already in this little box. Connect your guitar and you can play the most famous amplifiers with a variety of effects. From psychedelic to hard rock.


Bon multi-effet... par contre logiciel et doc pas top...
BGil 16.09.2023
Ce multi effet est plus que top pour le prix. Les sons et simulations (Amplis/Cabs) sont vraiment pas mal. Les fonctionnalités supplémentaires (looper/rythm/tuner/...) très bien à ce niveau de prix. Ca sonne bien et ça sonne fort, au casque ou autre. C'est simple à utiliser. Je cherchais une solution peu encombrante, peu chère, mais de qualité et aisément déplaçable. Alors, oui, il n'y a pas de batteries/piles : une alim externe est obligatoire mais il suffit de le savoir (sachant que l'alim externe est incluse par défaut). Par rapport à ce que je cherchais, très content : carton plein pour HB et Thomann.

Au niveau design et finition, le boitier plastique et la pédale un peu petite pourront gêner ceux qui pensent faire de la scène avec. Relativisons : ce n'est pas du "plastoc façon Kinder surprise". C'est de qualité, mais simplement pas de l'alu, et dans un petit format. Il respire la solidité (relative) et est bien fini, il a quelques limitations et compromis, logiques du fait de son prix, mais un bon son, une ergonomie très bien pensée et efficace sans même avoir besoin de la doc (Dieu merci !!!).
Bref, dans le contexte, un super multi-effet pour un prix très abordable. Alors pourquoi une notation qui n'est pas au max ?

Deux raisons : la doc et le logiciel PC/MAC (aucun des deux n'étant indispensables d'ailleurs...)

1. La documentation.
Elle n'existe pas en Français. Pas grave pour moi, mais peut-être pour d'autres. Dans tous les cas elle est décevante. On trouve plus d'informations utiles sur youtube (si nécessaire, mais quelques minutes sur la bête et on a tout compris).
Switcher entre les options et presets et les paramétrer via les deux boutons mode/value (boutons type turn/press) et simplement lire les labels sous les 6 boutons et sur les deux footswitch : ça marche très bien. L'ergonomie physique de ce multi-effet est très intuitive, bien pensée et réalisée.
De son côté, hors référence rapide (p.ex. codage des effets), la doc est quasi inutilisable. Un peu dommage, mais rien de dramatique.

2. Le logiciel PC/MAC : ("le truc qui fâche")

Le soft (gratuit) n'est pas indispensable à l'utilisation du device. C'est juste une cerise sur le gâteau, mais bon...
Il reste utilisable, mais je ne l'aime pas. Voici pourquoi.

Avec de telles capacités brutes au niveau du device (à ce petit niveau de prix) je m'attendais à un soft simple (gratuit, notons le), certes, mais un peu plus "abouti". Aucun offense pour Thomann ou Harley Benton (bien loin de là - cf. conclusion ci-après) mais le soft est décevant par rapport à ce qu'il aurait pu faire si bien conçu.

Pour mes softs musicaux, j'ai dédié un petit laptop sous windows.
(ma seule plateforme windows - le reste tourne sous Linux)
Donc sur ce laptop windows :
- Le code demande les droits d'admin pour s’exécuter. Pour un programme utilisateur ? Sous windows ? C'est du suicide assisté ou quoi ?
- Pour import/export de fichiers (presets) ils doivent obligatoirement se trouver dans un répertoire admin (dans /windows/...). Wow... sérieux là ?
- Au lancement du programme, si le device n'est pas ON : ça plante. Si le device devient OFF : ça plante. Pourquoi ne pas mettre le soft en standby avec un thread "rescan" USB en attente de retrouver le device ou proposer une option (ie.bouton) de sortie clean ?
- Impossible de réorganiser les presets sans passer par des exports/re-imports disques. C'est overkill et super ch..nt à faire. Un buffer mémoire devrait exister pour ça. (un preset ne fait que 194 octets en format binaire, plus en export JSON sur disque mais restons efficaces)....
- En faisant un backup config on peut constater que chaque preset fait une taille donnée... sauf le dernier. Buffer trop court en export backup ? En restauration, on a donc une erreur sur la fin (le dernier preset ? quel hasard...). Les autres sont OK. Restaurer 199 presets sur 200 c'est bien, mais 200 sur 2OO c'est mieux. C'est quand même un peu l'objectif d'un backup/restore, non ?...

Donc bref, le logiciel,est utilisable et peux rendre des services si pas trop exigeant, mais est très décevant.

Ce petit device mériterait largement mieux en doc comme en soft., mais est totalement utilisable sans et un vrai bonheur, surtout eu égard à son prix.

- Les supports Thomann et Harley Benton.

Par rapport au soft, j'ai échangé avec les supports Thomann puis Harley Benton. Côté Thomann ils ont fait tout ce qu'ils pouvaient. Côté HB, le contact est en cours. Dans tous les cas, et quoi qu'il arrive sur les contacts en cours, content de mon acquisition.

- En conclusion :
Le HB100 (DNAfxGIT) est un bon multi-effet. Les sons et modélisations (effets/amp/cab) sont vraiment bien. Les qualité/finitions sont largement au rendez-vous par rapport au prix. Donc très satisfait. Légère déception sur soft et doc, mais ce n'est/sera pas un problème.
Je recommande ce DNAfxGIT pour ceux ne souhaitant pas dépenser des fortunes dans un multi-effet. Tous ceux (pas seulement les débutants) qui souhaitent un multi effet simple, pas cher, peu encombrant mais qui fasse le job seront satisfaits tant qu'ils comprennent que ce n'est pas un multi-effet pro, "stage proof", à plus de 1000 euros et que son logiciel (non indispensable, sauf pour le backup des 199 premiers presets) a quelques limitations. Il n'a pas de batterie/piles - alim secteur obligatoire, mais est-ce si grave ?
Finalement, mention spéciale pour les supports Thomann et Harley Benton.


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