Marcus Miller V3 AWH 2nd Gen


Electric Bass

  • Body: Mahogany (Toona sureni)
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)
  • Neck profile: C
  • Scale: 864 mm
  • Nut width: 38 mm
  • 20 Medium Small Frets
  • Pickups: 2 Marcus Standard Jazz Bass J-Revolution single coils
  • Marcus Heritage-3 Electronics with Frequency Control
  • Controls: Volume/Tone (dual pot), pickup blender, treble, middle / middle frequency (dual pot), bass
  • Active / Passive mini toggle switch
  • Colour: Antique white
  • Made by Sire
Available since November 2018
Item number 446374
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour White
Soundboard Mahogany
Neck Maple
Fretboard Maple
Frets 20
Scale Longscale
Pickup System JJ
Elektronic Active
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
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Collaboration with a legend

Marcus Miller V3 AWH 2nd Gen E-Bass

The partnership between Indonesian company Sire and American bass legend Marcus Miller has been a successful one for many years now, and one of the many fruits that it has borne is the Marcus Miller V3, shown here in its second generation. The Sire MM V3 is a four-string "J-bass" that is equal to its bigger brother (the V7) in virtually every aspect - the only difference being that a smaller number of options are available in terms of woods and finishes. Apart from that however, the V3 provides the authentic sound of a "J-bass" together with the same playing feel that bassists know and love. The proprietary Marcus Miller "Heritage 3" preamp and three-band EQ are on board too, making this an immensely versatile bass. This second generation also boasts additional highlights such as fingerboard edges that have been meticulously rolled and smoothened for ehnanced comfort - a detail usually only found on instruments in much higher price brackets. This wealth of features Sire's ambition to provide high-quality basses at extremely reasonable prices.

Classic concept meets sonic versatility

The foundation of the Sire MM V3 is a combination of a mahogany body, maple neck, and 20-fret rosewood fingerboard. The neck has a C-shape profile and is 38mm wide at the nut, and the V3 has a 34" scale length, so it provides a familiar "J-bass" playing feel that will have bassists feeling at home right away. What is more, the "Edgeless™" fingerboard means that the player can move around the neck however they want without any uncomfortable fret edges getting in the way. Two Marcus Miller J-Revolution single coil pickups combined with the preamp system mentioned above are the sonic heart of this bass, and players can choose between a conventional passive mode in which the pickups are governed by a single tone control and a modern active mode in which the separate controls for bass, mid, and treble frequencies provide extended tonal flexibility. The classic Antique White finish complements the V3 perfectly and gives it a timeless look that will suit any musical style.

The V3's sophisticated electronics provide a wide range of tonal options. In passive mode, the player has a dual pot with controls for volume and tone as well as a pickup blend knob at their disposal. The mini-toggle switch can be used to put the bass in active mode, in which the three-band EQ controls can then be used to sculpt the sound to suit the player's requirements even more precisely. In addition to the controls for bass, mid, and treble frequencies, a parametric boost/cut control for the mid frequencies lets the player shift the mid-range focus steplessly between 80Hz and 2kHz. And since the active tone circuit operates at 18V, plenty of headroom and dynamic scope is always ensured.

Marcus Miller V3 AWH 2nd Gen E-Bass mahogany body with maple neck

For "J-bass" fans who want a little more

"J-style" basses have decisively helped to shape the course of music history and garnered immense popularity with players everywhere - and with good reason. Despite the standard design already offering two pickups and a passive tone control, however, many players want a "J-bass" that will give them even more sonic versatility to keep them in step with today's musical world. The Sire MM V3 is therefore the perfect bass for anyone who has set their sights firmly on the classic "J-bass" design but also wants to have those punchy modern sounds at their fingertips. The budget-friendly price of this bass also makes it an interesting choice as a backup instrument as well as a good candidate for guitarists who additionally pull double duty on the bass.

Headstock with Marcus Miller logo on the V3 AWH 2nd Gen E-Bass

About Sire

Sire, now based in California, was originally founded by a Korean guitar maker who had been successful in Asia since the late 90s. Since 2015, Sire has created a wide range of basses in collaboration with international superstar Marcus Miller, which combine modern versatility with classic looks and are hugely successful worldwide. In 2020, Sire’s range was expanded once more to include acoustic and electric guitars, this time in collaboration with Larry Carlton. Whether Marcus Miller basses or Larry Carlton guitars, Sire always delivers excellent quality in different price brackets.

At home in every genre

Since the 1960s, the two-pickup "J-bass" design has been at home in virtually every style of music, from Soul, Blues, Reggae, and Funk through to Rock and Metal. The bridge pickup delivers a punchy mid-range response with plenty of attack, while the neck pickup provides a full-sounding low-end presence. And combining both pickups produces a sound that has become universally known and loved in all manner of genres and with every playing style. Thanks to its optional active three-band EQ controls, the V3 is significantly more versatile than its purely passive counterparts and will easily be able to handle the demands of the modern music production environment - from Metal bass tones with plenty of bite, attack, and punch through to contemporary R&B or Reggae sounds with a full low end and understated midrange response. And since the V3's active circuit operates at 18V, unwanted distortion will not occur.

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58 Reviews

wow! V3 2nd gen!
DBband 02.09.2019
I've had the bass for two weeks now! I also bought a red first gen last year (curiosity) and am till enjoying it! Back to my white 2nd gen! I always change the strings no matter how good or bad because I've played 40-100 for a long long time! I did the usual setting up to my own taste, and after two weeks it's now exactly right for me! Truss rod, string height and pu height are now lovely! I did the same with my 1st gen as well! This 2nd gen is definately heavier than the 1st gen, I thought at first it was alder! The first gen is very light and comfy! This one is also comfy and the rounded neck edges are very nice! The pups are louder, more punchy and it?s a wonderful slap sound! I don't do much slapping but it does sound great! All in all I really enjoy these two basses very much! I've been a profi all my life and have a few wonderful vintage Fenders and the V3 s are the basses I'm playing most of the time! Maybe I was lucky because I have a V7 1st gen that comes nowhere near! Though my V7 1st gen fretless is also very nice! I think the V7 fretted was a bad one-off! Anyway I love the V3?s and I'm not going to say that they are good for the money.........they are good at any price! The tuners are ok and I prefer the bridge to those on the V7! I play them active, it gives a little more oomph, and I use only the blend ant tone! I don't use the active eq, I find it all a bit fiddly, though a lot of sounds can be obtained if wished for! I'm hoping they will work well for many years to come! Thanks to Thomann for the great service as alwasy.

P.S. I forgot to say what the cons are for me! I don?t like the headstock shape, I find it quite ugly and I would much prefer the truss rod
adjustment in the headstock! Other than that I enjoy the V3!


High-quality bass
Jan_65 08.02.2022
The bass is amazing. For a little over 300 eur this is a real bargain. V3 is Sire's budget bass but the build quality is superb. The fretboard is so smooth, frets are perfect. The neck has a satin finish and is a real pleasure to play. There are really minor gaps on the neck and body joint, but it's really just an aesthetic thing.

Sounds that you can get from this bass, especially in active mode are so versatile. Amazing. If you're a slapper, you'd enjoy this.

Strings are D'Addario, 45-100 if I'm not mistaken.

The bass came in set up perfectly, I just tuned it, and was good to go to a studio.

I think this bass beats all squiers easily, and quality- and sound-wise, you'd expect this would cost 600-700 eur. Great value for money.


cliente 15929300 07.12.2021
a very good bass to start, its able to substitute your shinny bass on a gig


Really nice bass
Anonymous 22.02.2022
This isn’t a beginner bass. It’s a great bass and can be used for a “pro” players… I like all each part of this bass. Great sound, great quality and I love it.