Marshall DSL20CR


All Tube Combo Amp for E-Guitar

  • Reissue series - authentic DSL sound
  • Power: 20W
  • 2 Footswitchable channels with classic Gain and Ultra Gain
  • Equipped with: 12" Celestion Seventy-80 speakers
  • Pre-amp tubes: 3x ECC83
  • Power tubes: 2x EL34
  • Tone-Shift button for center configuration
  • Bass switch that supplements a resonant Bass Boost
  • Independent Volume and Gain controls for both channels
  • EQ controls for Treble, Mid and Bass
  • Emulated Line output
  • Series FX-loop
  • Includes footswitch
Available since January 2018
Item number 422012
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 20 W
Speaker size 1x 12"
Power Amp Tubes EL34
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker Yes
Headphone connection Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
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Fully-equipped all-tube combo

The Marshall DSL20CR Combo boasts two channels of all-tube circuitry as well as some useful extra features, including an emulated line out for direct recording, an audio input for playing back music from external sources, on-board digital reverb, and an effects loop that allows additional effects to be integrated. The three-band EQ has been upgraded to enhance its effectiveness, while the Tone Shift switch allows modern scooped sounds to be dialled in. Extra signal processing options are provided by the Presence and Resonance controls, which further shape the sound of the 20-watt power stage and its two EL34s. The result is clearly audible through the 12-inch Celestion Seventy-80 speaker – housed in a reassuringly robust and compact enclosure – which delivers outstanding presence throughout the entire sound spectrum.

Marshall sound with extensive features

The preamp stage of the DSL20CR is equipped with three ECC83 tubes and its two channels can be selected either via the front panel or the footswitch that comes included. Channel 1 (Classic Gain) provides a shimmering clean sound at low volume, which is gently compressed from about half-volume upwards and gradually becomes a gritty-sounding breakup when the volume is turned all the way up. Channel 2 (Ultra Gain) picks up where Channel 1 left off and delivers everything from sizzling crunch to high-gain lead with typical Marshall amp dynamics – and can then be further tightened for modern Metal tones using the Tone Shift switch. Both channels have their own volume and gain controls and share an effective three-band EQ, while the Presence and Resonance controls allow precise shaping of the power stage’s tonal response.

Recording made easy with Softube

To take full advantage of the all-tube circuitry, the DSL20CR features a Low Power switch that reduces the power stage’s output volume by half. In addition to the effects loop, audio input, and foot switch connection, an Emulated Out is also included, which further enhances the output signal using cab simulation developed by Softube. This 3.5mm output can be used to connect headphones or, alternatively, to send the signal directly to an audio interface for high-quality recording. Last but not least, the three speaker outputs allow you to connect external speakers with 8-Ohm or 16-Ohm impedance – should you plan to use the DSL20CR on larger stages.

About Marshall

Marshall, the manufacturer from Milton Keynes in Great Britain, is an indispensable figure in the world of electric guitar. The tube amplifiers of company founder Jim Marshall († 2012) have been writing Rock music history since 1962 with names like Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. The classics of the JTM, JMP, and JCM 800 series are still highly sought-after today, as they shaped the sound of overdriven and distorted electric guitar more than any other product. To this day, the combination of the amp and 4x12" cabinet - the "Marshall stack" - is synonymous with the energy and power of the Rock music genre. Alongside these landmark achievements, however, Marshall has always kept its finger on the pulse of the times and a close eye on the needs of up-and-coming musicians.

The Marshall sound has rarely been so flexible

With its 20-watt power stage and 12-inch Celestion speaker, the DSL20CR can be used at home, in the rehearsal room, or on smaller stages – and above all, it is an ideal recording companion in the studio. Its Emulated Out, which features cab simulation by Softube, was developed with this purpose in mind and allows the classic Marshall sound to be captured on computer without the need for a microphone. External sound sources can be connected via the audio input, which is ideal for practising to backing tracks, for example. And the effects loop also means that modulation effects such as reverb, delay, and many others can be easily inserted into the signal path and thus add the final touch to this already amazing-sounding amp.

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79 Reviews

Marshall, like it should be.
hippie 666 10.07.2019
I use this amp as my home studio amp, practice and noodle amp. It does all 3 jobs well, with the distinctive Marshall sound we know ( and most of us love).
So, the pro's:
Typcially Marshall. If you have owned a Marshall, the controls will feel natural.
Built like a house. Mind you, this is not a top-of-the-line Marshall, but it still comes in at 20 kilo's. DSL may be the "affordable" range, but the first impressions do not align with this truth. It feels solid, and like it can handel the road, if you want to use it for gigs.
The Cleans are lovely. It takes pedals with no problem.
Gain channel is good, and many rock/metal players will have fun with it. But I would stick a TS (TubeScreamer) in there, somewhere.
Send/return is handy. footswitchable. No level control for it.
20 watt or 10(ish) watt-mode. Big pro, because 20 watts of tube amp is still a lot of LOUD. Lower power mode is much more workable in a home studio situation. The 20 watt's can carry you in band practice or even a live situation. This is not a bedroom practice amp :) ...
The Tone-shift. Metal players of a certain style will love this: it cuts the mids in a very metal like way, (mid-scoop).

The con's.
The Tone-shift. Great for metal, not so great for anything else. Make sure it is not engaged the first time you try it, or it will confuse you ;) .
Reverb. It has it, but it feels more like a selling point than actual effort to put a good, usable reverb in. It is vage, or in your face. No or little inbetween.
It is a very beefy sounding amp. If you are looking for a bedroom or living room tube/valve practice amp, this one is mostly likely too loud for that, even in lower power (10 watt-ish). This is NOT a bedroom practice amp. look at the 1 or 5 watt for that. Really. I mean it. :)

For those who like to mod their gear, I do think this amp would like a V30 or greenback a little better than the Seventy-80 that comes with it. But the Seventy-80 does what is asked of it.

This is a very good amp, great tones of it's own, and takes pedals and fx well. It will take whatever you throw at it, and make it louder, with no issues.


Not for home practice
Duarte Silva 16.04.2022
I bought this amp for a gig. Before I was using a Peavey envoy that didn't sound any good when turned up loud. This amplifiet is quite the opposite. It sounds great loud,and the louder it is the better it sounds. However, if you are like me and you want to use it mainly for home practice this amp is not for you. When played at low volume it sounds fizzy if you use channel 2, no way you can get a good sound out of this amp at low volume. Clean channel is good however it's not super dynamic and it feels kind of "plastic" with singlecoils. I mean compared to a fender the clean channel is OK. In OD channel it delivers the Marshall growl, but the amp has to be very loud until it reaches the point where it starts to sound very good. The reverb is very subtle, the line out function is not that great.


Great amplifier... if it works
DerBrasilianer 29.10.2018
I've been wanting a Marshall tube amp for a while, but I was never satisfied with the available options. I play mostly at home for my own entertainment, but I would like to at least BE ABLE to keep up with a drummer in band practice. You can hardly do that with 1 or 5 Watts. Then again, 40 or 50 Watt are too loud for me, since I'm almost never on stage (and Marshall tube amps in that range cost more than I am willing to pay). In that sense, a 20-watt amp with reduction to 10W seemed perfect, so I just ordered a DSL20CR. It sounded awesome for my taste! I was really satisfied, until it started to produce weird, rustling background noises. Thomann was AS ALWAYS super uncomplicated and exchanged the amp for me... and then the second unit had the same problem! A quick search on MarshallForum or YouTube reveals that sadly this is not uncommon for these models. From these discussions it was clear that the quality assurance of these made-in-Vietnam amps leaves much to be desired. Thomann sent me a third unit, and made sure to test it before it was dispatched. This one works, and I'm keeping it! The fact that I tried three times until I got a good one shows how much I wanted to have this amp. Maybe I simply had lots of bad luck, but in general people should be aware of these possible issues. In general, if it works (as one would expect of a brand new product), it is a great-sounding amplifier, for at home and in a band situation. Please also beware that 10W might still be too loud for some home environments! In that case, a volume pedal on the FX loop (like the JHS Little Black Amp) can be of great help.


Awesome sound and features but noisy
jokenotfound 02.08.2020
I like the beefy rock sound a lot! Tested a few other amps like the Blackstar HT20 and Boss Katana Mk2 which couldn't compete with this one in my opinion, sound-wise.
There is an emulated out for recording and emulated in for practicing, which is perfect. The EQ Options are great.

This would be the perfect amp, if there wasn't that very loud background noise. Even on clean channels it bothers me very much, especially when you hear it on your recordings on emulated out. Even when my gain and volume are on zero, it's noisy. I don't know if I just got a wrong model or if this is normal for tube amps but I didn't notice comparable noise on the Blackstar HT for example.

I think I am going to keep it because the sound for the price is just awesome. Maybe I can do something about the noise with filthers


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