Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad


Compact Single Trigger Pad

  • Curved shape for mounting on a V-Pad or acoustic drum
  • Quick and easy to mount
  • Attachments for standard rod-type mounts included
  • Compatible with all V-Drum modules or SPD series for triggering sounds or control functions such as start/stop, loops, playback, effects on/off, kit selection, tap tempo and more
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 53 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
Available since February 2013
Item number 305277
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trigger response

65 Reviews

Nice compact trigger. Nice idea but not well excecuted.
NickKorobo 26.03.2020
This is a compact trigger which you can squeeze close to other drums or cymbals. And now the cons:
- Personally I could not mount it on the rods of my acoustic drums as it is advertised so sadly I used separate mounts.
- Although this is basically a mono trigger, it uses and requires a stereo cable. So it will cover a stereo input in your e-drums brain just to be used as a mono. Y-cables are useless.
- It is not the most sensitive trigger.
- Installation on a mount has to be on the top tip of the mount otherwise the protruding steel bar of your mount lies in the middle and is frequently hit by your drum sticks.
- Expensive for a mono trigger.
- Tightening lug spiral is from plastic. If you tight the lug relatively hard, you risk damaging the spiral so the screw will not be secure any more.

The general idea was great but the execution is really poor. I would recommend it only for how small it is.
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Good but not perfect
Myles 13.08.2015
Firstly the Good: this is a great idea and it is a very well made peice of kit. It's robust and definaty suited to giging drummer who want to either expand the playing surfaces on the electronic kit, or want to incorprate it as part of a hybrid solution. I do both. I use one on my Roland TD20 kit and I use two on my accoustic kit via a Roland TM2.

Now the Not So Perfect: this trigger fits very well onto Roland V Drums, however I've use on two differnt accoustic kits (Gretsch and a DW) on floor tom and snare, and in both cases the fit is less than perfect. The BT-1 comes with spacing adapters, but these didn't really help.
Also this is a single trigger surface, so in principal it should only need a mono jack lead, however it only works with a stereo jack which is provided. Whs is this an issue you ask...? Well on the TM2 Roland Trigger Module, you can split each stereo input - of which there are two - into monos using a 1 x stereo - 2 x mono Y cable, therefore allwing you to have four triggers instead of two.
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Hybrid drumming
Christian1362 21.01.2015
I use two BT-1 and RT for kick and snare through a TM-2 module. That gives me really good punch in my acoustic Pearl MCX. I can use a 20" and add that extra bottom with the TM-2 through our PA. The snare can get some additional crack and reverb sounds. The BT-1 have often tamburine and x-stick, handclap or cowbel assigned. All triggers have excellent respons and build quality. Over the years I tested several different types of triggers but I have to say that Rolands are the best. Easy to install of course as TM-2 is made for them.
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Not very responsive
Leo Innecco 11.07.2018
I have to hit it pretty hard to get sounds... even after adjusting the sensitivity on my TD-11
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