Roland Cube Street EX


Battery Powered Guitar Combo

  • 4 Channels
  • Power: switchable 50/25/10 Watt
  • Equipped with: 2x 8" speakers and 2x 2" tweeter
  • Stereo operation
  • 2 XLR combo jacks
  • Integrated effects: Chorus, Delay and adjustable Reverb
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Amp modelling (COSM)
  • I-CUBE LINK capable
  • Stereo Line-In
  • AUX in
  • Shot over CUBE JAM app (available as a free download)
  • Power supply via supplied PSU (PSB-12U) or 8 AA batteries (up to 20 hours run time in ECO mode)
  • Switchable stereo link to link 2 Cube Street EX together
  • 2 Mono line outputs
  • Headphone output
  • 2 Foot switches for effect circuit
  • Weight: approx. 7.4 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. 4-pin mini jack cable

Note: Batteries are not included

Available since May 2014
Item number 336229
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 50 W
Speaker 2x 8"
Channels 4
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop No
Line Input Yes
Recording Output No
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker Yes
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight in kg 7,4 kg
Power in Watts 50
Speaker size 2x 8"
Memory slots 0
Microphone Input 1
Line input 1
Headphone connection 1
Battery Operation 1
Battery Operation in hours 20 h
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PA in a box

Right out of the gate, Roland's compact, battery-powered Cube Street amplifier won the hearts (and ears) of legions of street musicians around the world. Spurred on by this success, Roland has upgraded its bestseller with a more powerful output, two additional channels, a stereo speaker system, and a range of other useful features that make this new version more flexible and versatile than its predecessor. The separate EQ and effects controls in turn allow players to precisely tailor the sound of their instruments and mics to suit their needs. Roland has thus effectively packed a portable PA system into an extremely compact format that is sturdy enough to capably handle all manner of on-the-go use - from the pedestrian precinct to the beach.

Roland Cube Street EX guitar combo

Very accommodating

The Roland Cube Street EX's stereo speaker system comprises two 8" woofers and two 2" tweeters, and is driven by a 50W power stage that can also be switched down to 25W and even 10W, which helps to save energy and allows up to 20 hours of operation on a single battery charge (which can be extended to a whopping 40 hours with the optionally available Rechargeable Amp Power Pack). Despite having expanded the range of functions on offer, Roland has still kept the user interface clear and intuitive, however, and the amp features two XLR/jack combo inputs and two 6.35mm jack inputs that allow up to four instruments/microphones to be connected. Each of the four channels has its own three-band EQ as well as reverb, chorus, and echo effects to allow the user to customise their sound. That being said, however, the Roland Cube Street EX is still very much a guitar amplifier and accordingly features COSM amp simulation circuitry to ensure a high-quality sound from electric and acoustic guitars.

Roland Cube Street EX user interface

More of everything

The Roland Cube Street EX goes above and beyond its predecessor in many ways, one of which is the enhanced range of easy-to-access connections that are to be found on the rear panel. Alongside a connection for the supplied power adapter, these include a stereo headphone output, two line outputs that allow both mono and stereo operation, an AUX input, and two connections for optional footswitches that can be used to select the desired mic or instrument. All of the rear-mounted connections are in 6.35mm jack format, and a Stereo Link switch located between them allows the user to expand their compact PA system by connecting a second Street Cube EX, thus unlocking an even more flexible range of options.

Roland Cube Street EX connections

About Roland

The Roland company was founded in 1972 in Osaka, Japan, and has been designing and building electronic musical instruments ever since. During its successful history, Roland has launched many ground-breaking instruments, from legendary drum machines such as the TR-808 and the TR-909 to synthesizer classics like Jupiter-8, SH-101 and the iconic TB-303. Besides synthesizers, Roland's workstations and electric pianos are also very popular. Equally well-known is Roland’s subsidiary Boss, under whose brand name it designs and sells principally guitar pedals and effects units. Under the Roland Professional A/V label, the company additionally develops and distributes professional equipment for virtually every branch of audio and video production - from home studios through to commercial applications.

Roland Cube Street EX housing

A busker's best friend...

The original Roland Cube Street was already considered the perfect partner for street musicians of all styles, and the Cube Street EX takes things a big step further in terms of the options it opens up: Besides its significantly higher output power, larger speakers, and expanded effects section, this new model also adds far greater connectivity, including double the number of outputs provided by its predecessor. All of this makes the Cube Street EX a perfect solution for performers who want to amplify more than just their guitar and voice, while also getting heard above the background noise found in any urban environment. The latter should not be a problem, however, thanks to the amp's 2x50W output power.

...and a reliable partner

Whether they want to place it on the ground when busking in town, take it to the beach for a jam session with friends, or mount it on a stand for a cafe gig, players can be sure of a top-notch amplified sound from the Roland Cube Street EX, which can accommodate up to four instruments/microphones. As mentioned above, the extra connections, link function, and scalable output power (which saves energy and extends the battery life) are also welcome additions to the range of features. Those who wish to be particularly eco-friendly should of course use rechargeable batteries or, better still, the Rechargeable Amp Power Pack that Roland offers as an accessory and which allows up to 40 hours' playing time.

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89 Reviews

Cube Street EX
Matias M. 12.10.2016
I tried a Cube Street (non EX) before purchasing this.

As a PA: Backing music + Guitar + Singer this is the unit to get. Period.

The set of speakers have a much better overall sound for the job, pristine highs and more bass and is also loud.

As a Guitar amp alone is also very good, it is LOUD! will give you more than enough dBs even at medium power.

The models are good, certainly usable, I like specially the Clean and Overdrive tones for Jazz, but I tried the crunch/lead and sounds about right to me, good bassy chug chug sound and good metal lead.

The reverb is quite decent and you DO need it since is stereo and your guitar input is gonna be mono (they could do it stereo I guess, but that means double the DSP taken by the amp model) with this unit you want to use mono based FX pedals as Gate/Comp/Mono Chorus/Delay.

You can also connect your guitar to the Line Inputs, so if you have a stereo pedal (as a MT100BT) it would work perfectly.

I don't think the reverb sounds metallic or unpleasant at all, the delay could benefit of some volume knob, currently you can only adjust the delay time with the knob. Thankfully Roland set the delay volume so is usable in most scenarios, from slapback to long delays. I'm gonna be using my FX pedal anyway.

The three band EQ in Instrument/Mic sections is very welcome, I had troubles getting a good voice on the smaller Roland Street as it didn't have a "mid" band.

I think this amp has everything you need, plus the portability. It is indeed not as heavy as it looks.

I would recommend the smaller Street for those who need just a guitar amp, I've got the Red one before and is light loud and very cute for just a guitar. But for those wanting an all round solution this is the way to go.

I will probably buy another at some point to have the pair and be able to open the stereo.


the perfect busking amp?
Mark4954 13.01.2015
Still testing this amp but first impressions are it is almost exactly what my daughter needs for busking. There are a number of YouTube demos and reviews, make sure you watch those too. Impressive that so much can be got from just 8 AA batteries - quality appear solid and most of the modelled amps are useful - though 'crunch' seems a little useless for my daughters uses - also she would prefer a system that allows boosted channels of any of the voices to be saved, and to be able to access these via the footswitch - my understanding is that it's only possible to turn reverb and chorus on and off with the basic footswitch that is compatible with the amp - i.e. there's no way of creating a lead boost of any of the modelled amps for solo use - for this it looks like you need to use a separate pedal board with a boost pedal and play your board's effects through the amp's clean channel. The CUBE iPad app is good, but a few more features, like the ability to control channel volumes, and guitar volumes, instead of just the volume of the backing track when playing live, would have been good - as would have been a more ecconomical carrying case!

UPDATE - after 8 months the amp has developed a fault on the main power switch - seems like a loose connection / solder, power cuts intermittently and without warning, also power switch often doesn't turn on power unless the whole unit is tilted forward. Contact Thomann and awaiting return details from Customer Services Dept.


DeclanO 27.05.2021
For street use this is is a good amplifier, it's loud and you will be heard above the bus noise directly in front of you. The effects are good and the power switching is a great feature.Long time battery use is obtained this way. You can add your backing tracks through the separate input using the supplied cable if you like. It's not for me but good to see that it's there. Lots of variety with inputs and outputs. I have used acoustic and an electric guitar(squire telecaster) with this
amp. The sound quality on the other hand is a little disappointing (especially regarding vocals) for what you would expect from wonderful Roland family. Still though I'm glad I have it and I have even played small gigs with it and got paid.A little bit expensive for what you get.


Justin C. 28.01.2017
Bought this for light entertaining and busking also to use while I'm camping and AWSOME, light weight, great sounding amp which ticks all the boxes and plenty of bass for such a small amp can't wait for summer to come to get it out doors. Love singing and performing so will be an added piece to my arsenal of kit


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