Stairville LED Commander 16/2


DMX Controller

The Stairville LED Commander 16/2 was specially developed for controlling LED spotlights together with moving heads. A total of 16 colours can be stored on 2 banks and these can be instantly called. A separate chaser function also makes it possible to store a total of 16 chasers. With the LED Commander a total of 16 devices can be controlled independently of each other, whether LED PAR can, moving head, etc. The joystick allows comfortable control of moving heads or scanners. 2 additional AUX paths also allow you to control a fog machine or a stroboscope. The channel functions and the joystick are freely patchable (soft patch).

  • Control 16 DMX 512 devices
  • 16 Colour presets on 2 banks
  • 16 Chasers on 2 banks
  • Total number of steps: 2000
  • Faders for Fadetime and Scenetime, Auto, Music and Manual mode
  • 2 AUX ways
  • Blackout
  • Full-on
  • Control options: DMX-512
  • Softpatch of all channels possible
  • Clear 2 lines display
  • Backup function and firmware update via USB possible
  • DMX output: XLR 3-pin
  • Midi in / out / through
  • Audio input: RCA
  • Power supply via included 9 V power supply
  • USB connection for mixer light
  • Build: 19" / 4 U
Available since November 2010
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Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Preset Function No
External Storage Yes
DMX - Universes 1
max. Channels 130
Ethernet No
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157 Reviews

Works but not so easy to use
Anonymous 04.03.2015
There is just one fade in/out time that is shared with all scenes.
Clicking the buttons is very loud. You can hear the CLICK sound all the way to the audience.
The labels of the buttons are difficult to interpret. It is very difficult to know if the fixture number 7 means the button above number 7 or below number 7.
You need to set up all lamps as multiple of 10.

A small example from our theatre:

Eurolite LED Flood Light 252 RGB 19°
1 - Red
2 - reen
3 - Blue
4 - Dimmer
Stairville LED PAR56 MKII RGBW
11 - Red
12 - Green
13 - Blue
14 - White
18 - Dimmer
Stairville LED PAR56 MKII RGBW
21 - Red
22 - Green
23 - Blue
24 - White
28 - Dimmer
Stairville LED PAR56 MKII RGBW
31 - Red
32 - Green
33 - Blue
34 - White
38 - Dimmer
Stairville LED PAR56 MKII RGBW
41 - Red
42 - Green
43 - Blue
44 - White
48 - Dimmer
Stairville LED PAR56 MKII RGBW
51 - Red
52 - Green
53 - Blue
54 - White
58 - Dimmer
Bulb light Stairville DDS 405 ? 1
61 - Dimmer
Bulb light Stairville DDS 405 ? 2
71 - Dimmer
Bulb light Stairville DDS 405 ? 3
81 - Dimmer
Bulb light Stairville DDS 405 ? 4
91 - Dimmer

Mapping the sliders to DMX channels:
Keep the PATCH button pressed for 3 secs to enter patching mode
Activate the lamp by pressing the button in FIXTURES
Use SPEED and FADE sliders to choose the right DMX channel
Press button under the slider you want to attach to this channel.
When everything has been programmed press PATCH again.

Use for bulbs:
Activate the lamp by pressing the button in FIXTURES
Use Dimmer slider to set the light

Use for Color LED lights:
Activate the lamp by pressing the button in FIXTURES
Use FUN, RED, GREEN, BLUE to set the color (W,R,G,B)
USe Dimmer to set the intensity

Programming SCENEs and CHASEs are well described in the manual.

Conclusion: it works if you have a light man during the show. For a system run by actors it is better to get a much bigger computer based setup with support for running both sound effects and lights by a single button press. This is the way we are heading now after a few years with Stairville LED Commander 16/2.


Great entry level DMX board
Chris333 13.07.2019
I currently have 2 of these and have recommended them to a few colleagues. I would have no issue adding another if needed. I normally use these for lighting rigs with around 20 fixtures which would be a mix of LED lighting, moving heads, strobes, blinders etc.

Very easy to programme scenes and chases into the desk. I often put these out on a dry hire where a lighting tech is not needed. Label the scenes and clients have no problem navigating the board. Super easy to explain.

Both of mine are in flightcases and I have had no issues with them over the years. Buttons etc are all still working fine.

The power supplies have held up fine also despite being the flimsy looking DC adaptor type. An improvement would be an IEC input. Overall a great little lighting desk for very little money. Put it in a flight case and it will last you years.


Not for DMX beginners
Matthew W. 24.03.2015
This is a lovely piece of kit, works well controlling the Stairville LED PAR 64's, I have yet to control my scanners with it but I am sure it will work just as well

If you understand DMX addressing, fixtures, channels etc etc then you will find it relatively easy to set up, if not you will feel like you have studied rocket science and solved the mystery of the universe!

Once set up however its fully featured and does what its meant to hence 5 stars

I have three small gripes:

1. No demo scenes/chases so you have to spend HOURS setting them up
2. The blue LED's are far too bright and blind you
3. The text could do with a slight illumination so you can see which slider you are using and what buttons you are pusing - if point 2 wasnt a problem then you would have half a chance of seeing what you were doing


Basic Lighting Desk at a good price.
Richard2402 29.06.2015
This desk has the basic features you need to operate a small rig of up to 16 multi-channel DMX lighting fixtures and is rack mountable. The only minor criticism is that the fixure labelling on the left of the desk makes it unclear which unit you are selecting.
Service from Thomann excellent as usual.