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t.akustik ISO-Pad 6


Decoupling Pad

  • For acoustic decoupling of studio monitors
  • An isolation pad consists of two components, which allows you to change the position of the monitor both horizontally and in 2 different angles (4° and 8°)
  • Load-bearing capacity per pad: 14 kg
  • Measurements (W x H x D): 210 x 40 x 300 mm
  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Package quantity: 1 Pair
Type Studio Monitor Decoupler
Item number 248693
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Great quality!
S4ffr4N 10.02.2020
I have had these pads for about 8 years now, and they are still going strong! I bought them as a bundle together with my 1st set of studio monitors (KRK Rokit 5).

I dont really have anything negative to say about the quality except that they are pretty soft, and the speakers tend to leave an imprint on the pads over time.

With that said, they do the job great for smaller studio monitors. The biggest difference I notice is that using the pads under the monitors keeps the low frequencies from resonating through my desk which is great if you do not have the space for monitor stands.


the t.akustik ISO-Pad 6
Anonymous 20.01.2015
These pads do the job they're intended for - they soak up surplus vibrations from any monitor or speaker they're placed under. I bought these pads to use with a pair of KRK RoKits and they are entirely suitable - the perfect size and depth for these monitors.

I like that the pad comes in two separate pieces, which means our monitors or speakers can get tilted and adjusted as you please. The two parts can be used together or separately, depending on your requirements, which is a cool feature.

The quality of the foam that the pads are made from is good, the pads are very thick and strong. They absorb vibrations and sound very well, which was important to me living in close proximity to some non-music lovers!

The only negative I could find with these pads is that the label printed with the thomann brand name came off each pad within days of their arrival. After several attempts to stick these labels back onto the pads they just wouldn't stick! Perhaps the brand name should be printed on each pad, or the sticker left out altogether.

The pads are a good colour and will blend into any studio setting. They are subtle and don't take away from the monitors that they're designed to serve.

All in all these are good, inexpensive pads and I would recommend them.


Bon support pour vos enceintes
MatthieuB 07.05.2020
Super outil pour isoler vos moniteurs de la surface sur laquelle vous les posez. Je l'utilise pour 2 enceintes Yamaha H7, la taille est parfaite.

Avantages :
- Simple, mais très bien conçu : possibilité d'ajuster la partie supérieure de deux manière différentes sur la partie inférieure, afin que l'enceinte soit soit droite (parallèle à la surface), soit légèrement inclinée vers le bas.
- Matériaux mousse mi-dure apportant une stabilité et une absorbtion des chocs et vibrations correcte.

Inconvénients :
- A la longue (après 2 ans d'utilisation avec mes H7), la mousse est quand même marquée, et affaissée par endroits, du au poids des enceintes... mais c'est assez normal. Peut-être qu'une densité légèrement supérieure conviendrait mieux à mes enceintes assez lourdes.
- Il pourrait être intéressant, quitte à augmenter un peu le prix, de fournir une deuxième hauteur : à la fois pour permettre une inclinaison inverse (légèrement vers le haut), ou pour servir de paire de remplacement lorsque la mousse s'est un peu trop affaissée.

Mais vraiment, ces deux inconvénients sont des détails. Pour le prix, ces deux pads sont super corrects et ils tiennent toujours la route après 6 ans d'utilisation constante.


Inexpensive decoupling solution
Traian80 08.03.2021
I use them in my home studio for decoupling my JBL LSR 305 studio monitors which used to sit flat on a wood table. I immediately noticed the difference as the lows were not resonating through the table any longer.
It is a cheap solution and it works, but if you are serious about decoupling you should probably look at higher priced solutions like monitor stand, so the monitors will be completely off the table.
However having your studio monitors sit on this piece of foam is definitely preferable to having them sitting directly on the table.
One thing i did not like is that the front logo comes off after awhile, but apart from the esthetic part this really does not bother me too much, and if you want you can glue them back.


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