Thomann CTM-700


Metronome and Chromatic Tuner

  • Suitable for guitar, bass, ukulele and violin
  • Transpose function for C, F, Bb and Eb instruments
  • Voices via jack input (signal loop through), clip pickup or built-in microphone
  • Meter Mode (Auto) or Sound Out Mode (Manual)
  • Tuning range: 430 - 450 Hz
  • Tuning accuracy: +/- 0.5 percent
  • Metronome: 30 - 260 bpm
  • 6.3 mm jack input
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • Volume control
  • Includes clip-on pickup and batteries (2x AAA)
Available since August 2009
Item number 228423
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Adjustable time signature Yes
Tempo 30 bpm – 260 bpm
Stepless adjustable Tempo Yes
Headphone Output Yes
PSU Connector No
Output Signal Stereo
Tap Function No
Line Out Yes
Foodswitch possible No
Chromatic 1
Display LCD
Integrated Microphone 1
Integrated Metronome 1
Design Desktop
Special Features Tuner, Metronome
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1576 Reviews

Decent metronome and tuner
neeko 30.10.2018
I use the metronome/tuner for guitar practice.

For the price the product is good, it has a lot of features and is easy to start using right away. However it has a software problem with tuner, where it would show a completely wrong tone until the battery is removed - which fixes the problem for a while.

Pros are ease of use, design and features. Really big display makes it really easy to see, and it is really bright with decent viewing angles (except from above, those aren't good). Sound output of metronome is decent and allows for practice, but is a bit quiet if you're practicing drums (need headphones + mufflers). Case is robust and looks nice. It is fairly easy to figure out without the use of manual. Tuner is full chromatic (with different modes for guitar bass etc.) and metronome has several rhythm modes. You can plug your electric guitar to tune (silently) in noisy environments.

The con is the bug with tuner showing the wrong tone - it has happened to me several times now on 3 separate units I've bought (I own 4) - hence the 'okay' for quality. Removing the battery for 10 seconds fixes the problem temporarily. The tuner response is a bit slow, but I haven't found it to be an issue.

Overall good!


Slightly cheap feeling case, but not bad
stobbsyboy 03.01.2021
As it says on the tin, it's a tuner and metronome - tunning accuracy is excellent when compared to other tuners I own (boss, qwik tune) mic and jack input both work equally well, the clip on pickup works as intended although I would never use that for tuning.

The stand is a little difficult to unclip but can be levered with a plectrum or strong fingernail, the quality of the casing plastic isn't anything to write home about, but it's sturdy and does the job and at the end of the day it cost less than £10 and get's you in tune, what more can you ask for?

The metronome is great, isn't just a straight 4/4, you can choose a whole host of different beat divisions so practically does everything you would need it to for normal practice, probably the only thing it doesn't do is specific weird time signatures but I'm there's a workaround I haven't found yet.

In short if you need a cheap, accurate and reliable tuner which also happens to have a diverse and handy metronome and you're making a thomann order anyway - throw this in your cart and you won't be disappointed.


Recommend this to everyone
JustinasK 07.12.2017
This is better than I've expected. Has tons of options for this price range. You can change between guitar, ukulele, bass and other instruments when using this as a tuner. When switching to metronome there are options for quarter notes, eights, sixteens, triples and many more. Gives a good sound and has a fast tuner response. The LCD monitor is very bright, shines blue with white numbers and letters. I've bought this mostly for learning a double bass: tuning and keeping a steady tempo. Together with the tuner I got a micro microphone with an extension cord. You can mount it on a double bass bridge and get the best accuracy.

Build quality is ok, this thing is made of plastic, so there are some minor details here and there. Buttons feel right and everything is very easy to use. One thing I especially like is a metal support leg on the back. It feels very stable.

Recommend this to anyone. Either you play electric or use it for an acoustic instrument.


Great Tuner
JCarlos 18.05.2018
I had only had one tuner so far and CTM-700 has been a no brainer winner of the two

On the downside the user guide could be more detailed, I am used to the easy to use clip on tuner and the added functionalities where all new to me.

It does all described in the website and tuner is accurate. I can check intonation with it; my previous clip on tuner is worthless for this but CTM-700 does the trick.
Actually I though there was something wrong with my guitar as my previous tuner gave me an D sharp on the 12th Fret on the bottom E string ect now I know the issue is the tuner itself as CTM-700 gives me an E with some cents deviation, so no perfect intonation.

My daughter tuned the ukulele as well and I used the metronome just to test and it is easy to use.

Overall great buy, accurate on mic or cable and reads accurately on the 12th fret as well to check intonation, downside is that I would like to have an A/C version to connect to the pedalboard and never get batteries again