Behringer B1800XP


Active Subwoofer

  • Eurolive series
  • Size: 18"
  • Power: 3000 W
  • Class-D digital amplifier
  • Integrated peak limiter
  • Frequency range: 40 - 150 Hz
  • Maximum output level: 129 dB
  • Internal crossover for mid / high speaker
  • Tunable and switchable bass boost with phase switch for an ultra deep bass
  • Adjustable high-cut
  • Adjustable sub-volume
  • Power-, signal- and clip LEDs
  • Pole mount
  • 2 Handles
  • Dimensions: 704 x 549 x 554 mm
  • Weight: 44.9 kg
available since June 2016
Item number 387286
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Height in mm 549 mm
Width in mm 554 mm
Depth in mm 704 mm
Weight in kg 44,9 kg
Multi Cannel Power Amp No
Woofer Size 18"
Number of Woofers 1
High Cut Fixed
Stand mount flange 36mm
Color Black
Wheels No
Construction Type Bassreflex
Power (Manufacturers Information) 3000 W
Power Tops 0 W
SPL max. 129 dB
Frequency Range from 32 Hz
Frequency Range to 200 Hz
Input Connector XLR
Output Connector XLR
X-Over Connector XLR
Housing Wood
Optional Wheels No
Works with 110V 1
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Deep bass for a reasonable price
Tadas S. 17.09.2021
After over 3 months of using B1800XP I've come to conclusion that this 18 inch active subwoofer was worth the price. Of course the 3000 advertised watts are no way near reality because the driver is about 800 w rms and 6 ohms and pushing a little harder it hits the limiter light very quickly, however, this sub delivers deep and clean bass and I love the boost frequency feature. I'm using this sub with two B615D tops. Be aware and get some help with lifting this thing because it's heavy. I've bought a portable luggage trolley that can handle up to 90 Kg so transporting this sub became much easier job. But if you have to carry it up or down the stairs - get some help.

After all, I can recommend this sub. If your budged allows you, maybe consider buying two because you will want more power and sound volume. Beware of heavy weight and be smart about it. Don't use this sub to perform deadlifts like in the gym.


Anonymous 06.02.2022
Sound good , very good bass, just very have to move it.


Best price for this bass beast !
Wedd DJ 09.08.2022
I am a mobile DJ who does a lot of weddings and similar events.

I needed additional bass for my speakers, because I started doing more and more big weddings in bigger and bigger halls.
I have used Behringer B815neo speakers for years and I have been using Turbosound ix15 for the last two years, I can say that I am very satisfied with the build quality and even more with the sound of these speakers. They are still good and work without problems.
With this B1800XP addition, my sound system has become even stronger and of better quality, and I can easily host events of up to 200-300 people.

The build quality of the speaker itself is very good, I don't see any flaws, everything is solid and well made.
The handles are in the right place, considering that it is one of the heaviest speakers in its category, two people carry it very easily.
I lift it myself and put it in the car, and for transport I bought a transport trolley "Thomann Smartcart", which makes it quite easy for me to transport it to the wedding hall.
I have no problem with the weight of the woofer.

The sound quality and volume are superb, for the price you pay you get the best quality in it's price range.
I have never used Bass boost switch yet, because there is no need, I have never used it at a volume higher than 60%, because there was no need. He filled even the largest and most demanding halls with deep and quality bass without any problems.

In my career, over the years, I have worked on a lot of rented and borrowed equipment, RCF, JBL, EV........for this woofer, based on my experience so far, I can say that it is a real powerful deep bass beast. It also has a Turbosound 18" driver, so there is no doubt that it is a good price/quality piece of musical equipment. All I can say is that it is far stronger and of better quality than some more expensive manufacturers.

I also bought covers with the woofers that protect it really well, so it still looks like new. The only scratches it has are on the bottom of the woofer, but that's from being placed on a transport trolley.

I wouldn't change anything about this woofer, it's perfect just as it is, in terms of price, sound and quality.

Easy of use


I recommend this woofer to all DJ's who want a woofer with great deep bass without spending a lot of money.


Največ za svoj denar!
izakp1 16.03.2022
Enkraten, odličen, glasen.