How do I write a help­ful re­view?

How long should a review be?

We recommend between 50 and 150 words for a short review, for reports about your experience we recommend a maximum of 300 words (approx. one typewritten page). There is no actual limit for the length of reviews, please make sure that long product reviews are clear and easy to read though.

What should a product review look like?

Just write what you think is a positive or negative aspect of the product and give objective reasons. The subject matter of your review is your personal opinion and that is what it is about.

Please bear in mind that your review will be read by people who are interested in the product or intend to buy it. These customers are also interested in the negative aspects of the product but would also like to know whether they are concerned by this at all or if they can regard this point as not so important.

Should you notice any aspects of the product you would have wanted to be informed about before you purchased it, you may indicate this in your review as well.

Important: Please read your review carefully before you send it, so that the readers can easily spot which topic you are referring to in each part of the review. A review is only helpful if it is easy to understand and worded accurately and the reader can quickly find important points.

Therefore it is best if you put different sentences referring to the same topic together as paragraphs and clearly separate the different topics from each other (with long reviews you may even add headlines like for example "Features", "Finish", "My conclusion").

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