How does Thomann handle re­views?

All rights to your reviews remain with you. You can change or delete your review at any time after it has been put online.

Incoming reviews are usually being released by our moderators within 48 hours. There is no content and legal check of the review - our moderators only check the review for legibility (see below) and obvious violations of the above mentioned rules or legal offenses.

We reserve the right not to publish reviews that violate the above-mentioned rules. If we note a violation only after the review has been put online we reserve the right to delete the review in question. Unfortunately we cannot inform you automatically in case your review was not put online. If you realise that your review has not been published after a week please email us to check.

Furthermore we reserve the right to change the layout of the reviews: our moderators will only change the review's layout to improve legibility this means that they might insert line breaks or breaks (if long reviews are written in one text block) or they may take out line breaks or breaks (in case there are too many or if for example breaks have been inserted at the end of every line during text processing). Your review text itself will remain unchanged and there won't be any spelling checks.

We also reserve the right to take off reviews for products that we do not have in our product range anymore, reviews that have been rated as unhelpful by the majority of the readers and more than 10 customers or reviews where customers have informed us verifiably about false statements or violations of the regulations.

This is how you can reach us