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IK Multimedia ToneX One


Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass

  • Amp and distortion stompbox pedal with AI Machine modelling technology
  • Suitable for guitar and bass
  • 20 Presets can be saved on the pedal (can be edited via Tonex Librarian)
  • Over 20,000 free tone models and other premium collections (subject to a charge) available on IK
  • 3 Assignable preset slots with 2 different modes: dual mode and stomp mode
  • Dual mode: A/B switching of two presets
  • Stomp mode: ON/bypass switching of a preset
  • Quick-Tuner
  • Audio interface functionality
  • Direct access to volume, bass, mids, treble and gate, compressor, reverb mix and gain
  • Safe mode to protect against accidental parameter changes during the game
  • Individually customisable colour of the RGB micro buttons for easy identification of different effect types or multiple ToneX One pedals
  • Input: 6.3 mm jack
  • Output: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • Power supply via 0910 V DC power supply unit (not included in the scope of delivery, suitable power supply unit: Art.409939)
  • Includes Tonex SE (Download)
  • Dimensions: 94 x 48 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 0.16 kg
Available since May 2024
Item number 586125
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floor Effect
Tube(s) No
Amp Modeling Yes
Effects Yes
Headphone Output No
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Interface No
Integrated Expression Pedal No
Connections for Pedals or Switches No
Aux-Input No
Integrated Tuner Yes
USB-Port Yes
Drum-Computer No
Integrated Effects 1
USB Connection 1
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32 Reviews

Frustrating Software Editor
FrankPrank 17.05.2024
My main unit is a Quad Cortex and I also have an Ampero as a backup, so I am well familiar with multi-fx modellers and capturing.

I like the general idea of having an amp with a cab/IR or a capture of a pedal in such a small footprint. At first glance it seems, IK Multimedia has it all figured out, so I thought.

It's easy to wire up and the pedal even powers via USB-C, which I figured out by lucky accident.
I plugged my guitar into the pedal's input and my Audio Technica ATH50 headphones into the pedal's output and I got a sound immediately.

All my criticism is basically about the software.

In order to get the ToneX Software Editor, you need to install the IK Multimedia Product Manager
In order to get the IK Multimedia Product Manager, you need to create an online account and provide all kinds of annoying details like your birthday, for instance.
In order to get access to the ToneX SE (!) Software inside of the Product Manager, you need to register the pedal. Which has to be done by typing a serial number which is written onto a small sheet of paper inside the package.

Version Contents
You're not getting the full version of ToneX, only the SE version, which has less models and captures. Which is fair I think, because the pedal is around 200 bucks and the ToneX SE alone is 100. For example, I was interested in the Marshall Plexi models, which unfortunately are only part of the full versions.

User Experience (UX)
This has been the worst for me.
If the pedal is connected to your computer via USB-C and the ToneX Software is open, the software will recognize the pedal no problem. However, in order to change settings on the amp on the pedal, for instance, you have to first change the settings in the patch on your computer and then sync that patch to the pedal by dragging and dropping it onto the pedal in the library. Which is annoying in itself, but I couldn't even change settings in the local patch, because when I change knobs on the virtual amp shown on the screen, nothing changed. That's where I gave up.


After all - awesome.
Bonifacy 18.05.2024
Got to admit - installing everything and sorting it out is a nightmare. It's not just simple "click, download, install, open" as it suposed to be nowadays. It took me like 2 hours going through internet forums and youtube before I even manage to find out what to click to start downloading software and then another hours to figure out basics.
But once I got all in place I was just blown away, it's hard to believe how awesome this pedal is, best piece of guitar gear I ever bought, endless sound options and possibilities. Absolutely love it!


wonderful little device
Arfntz 12.07.2024
sounds like very high quality analog device 👍 to my ears.

note : the pedal can really be used as headphone amp (it can drive a sensheiser dt 880) .

In by bass mode my natural guitar tone is respected. 👍

If you are used to install soft emulations like thu overloud you won’t be bothered by the installation process, it’s also quite similar to universal audio’s, there is a “IK manager” software, you have to register, download toneX which is about 1.2Go, create an account, login. Everything worked fine for me on macOS.

Best of both worlds, you can take your software presets onboard the pedal and go everywhere you want to play, with your same sound.

the pedal behaves like a computer audio interface when connected via usb.

using the tonex software you can browse presets, hear demos, play , tweak settings, then decide to put the preset into the pedal, which can contain up to 20 of them.

The tuner mode worked fine.

The compressor is efficient.

There is no hall reverb, only spring, room and plate.

usb or 9v power works fine.

Such a small device for such a huge sound, sensation, responsiveness.


thank you Thomann, great service as usual.

I returned a Mooer Prime S1, which is completely at the opposite in terms of product philosophy , sound, and playing sensation.


google translate de
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Fantastisches Gerät.
Dionisius 15.05.2024
Was IK Multimedia für den Preis auf den Markt gebracht hat ist einfach Großartig.

Toller Sound, Fast unendliche Möglichkeiten. Mächtige Software.
Integriertes Interface, Kopfhörerausgang.

Ich selbst nutze das Gerät zum Bass spielen. Begleitmusik kommt über USB-C vom Rechner und dann am Ausgang des Tonex ein Kopfhörer angesteckt. Musik und mein Bassspiel kommt dann direkt aus dem ToneX heraus. Alternativ könnte man das auch an ein Audiointerface, Amp oder Stereoanlage dahinter hängen. Für jeden was dabei.

Gerade für den Heimgebrauch ein absolutes Traumgerät, was m.M.n Pedalboards überflüssig machen könnte.
Oder man kauft sich mehrere ToneX und simuliert über den Stomp Mode teure Pedale die einzeln mehr kosten als dieses Gerät.
Sogar ein Tuner ist integriert. Stromversorgung über USB-C und/oder 9V ist möglich.

Einziger Kritikpunkt. Das Gerät ist nicht auf Anhieb selbsterklärend. Aber mit der Anleitung auch kein Problem. Es lohnt sich etwas Zeit zu investieren.

Soundcapture soll ja auch wunderbar funktionieren. Kann ich leider nicht bewerten aber wenn man sich die Datenbank von ToneX anschaut, scheint das wohl einwandfrei zu gehen.