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Millenium 5A Maple Drumsticks -Wood-



  • Material: Maple wood
  • With wooden tips
  • Length: 402 mm
  • Tip length: 13 mm
  • Body: Ø 14,9 mm
  • Shoulder: Ø 6 mm
  • Price for pair
Available since September 2000
Item number 144011
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Material Maple
Nylon Head No
Tip Tear Shaped
Length in mm 402 mm
Handle Diameter in mm 14,9 mm
Weight in g 45,5 g
7,40 AED 1,85 €
Plus 279 AED shipping
The price in AED is a guideline price only
Since we ship from Germany, additional costs through taxes and customs may be incurred
Quantity Discounts
Price each You save Quantity
7,40 AED 1
6,35 AED 14,2% 10
6,00 AED 18,9% 50
5,70 AED 23,0% 100
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In stock

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856 Reviews

Not very durable
Anonymous 08.01.2016
I was looking for sticks that would not break the bank because I always thought that the quality of the sticks was the thing that would matter the least in terms of drum sound. Compared to choosing heads and cymbals, that might be correct. Yet these Millenium sticks have taught me that it is worth to invest a little more when it comes to sticks.

I grant these sticks feel and sound acceptable for the price. The weight is fine and they are reasonably balanced. The surface is fine as well - not too sticky, rough or smooth.

The downside is, these sticks are not very durable. To be fair, the way you play determines how long your sticks will last - but these just break much faster than all other sticks I have ever tried. It was often that I noticed by the sound of the snare and cymbals that the stick was broken early on before an actual crack was visible.

What I use these sticks for is practicing. As they don't hit any hard surfaces when using a practice pad, they do actually last quite long.

All in all, I can only partially recommend these sticks. There are alternatives (Vic Firth Nova) that are much more durable and still way cheaper than the standard models.


Good for anything but real cymbals.
Edgar Blackdagger 02.05.2021
I'm a recording engineer and I've started practicing drums to further understand the instrument so I can work better and more easily.
These sticks are fine for snare, toms, pads and maybe Ride cymbals, if you place your ride jazz-style low, but as soon as you hit a crash or hi-hat, these things disintegrate in a few minutes and the room turns into a woodworker's workshop, woodchips everywhere!
If you play electronic drums or pads these will be fine for you, they're super light too, but for real drums I ended up going back to proper sticks.


They're fine.
Mofosir 26.01.2020
Bought a whole bunch of these to have around at the studio as back-up sticks. They feel good in the hand, not glossy, seem to be balanced well enough (at the very least the ones that I've already took out of the packaging), and the sound is fine, though obviously not as crisp and defined as ones with a plastic tip, but that's fine. The only thing to consider before buying into these is their durability - maple isn't the hardest wood in the first place, and considering the price, I don't believe that they will hold up against the test of time (or more likely, against the test of endless rim shots). They're fine to have around, but for live shows I would opt for something a bit sturdier. That said, none have broken yet, but it's too soon to tell as it's only been a bit over a week since I've started using these. For the price though it's great, even if used only for backup, further playing will show how they fare in the long run.


Great value sticks
G-Evans 28.04.2018
after paying the several times this price for other brands of sticks i'm glad i yet again found thomann does an alternative thats as good but at a far lower cost.

So far had none break, (i dont hit perticularly hard but i've broken sticks in the past) they chip out when playing them like an idiot on the hi hat as i some times do, just as any drum stick does but for this price i can make some cheap sawdust out of these and not have to worry about it so much. I've used other cheap drum sticks in the past that proke, tips break off, tispa nd parts of the shaft break off. Shafts crack. So far none of these have done the same.

Would recomend them.