On-Stage MSA 5000


Laptop Holder / Tablet Holder

  • For attaching to standard microphone stands with a 5/8" thread
  • Also compatible with the On Stage KSA7575 / 7575 + stands
  • Adjustable width: 355 mm to 419 mm
  • Depth: 257 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 5.4 kg
  • Colour: Black
available since December 2019
Item number 481323
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Of Keyboard Stand Laptop Stand
Colour Black
Type Tablet
suitable for Universal
Fastening Stand clamp, 5/8"
Rotating 1
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Cheap secret weapon, but you'll need a good mounting solution
Animale 17.01.2021
I bought this as an experiment, after some research and finding good reviews for the largest part.
I need my laptop next to my drums, lefthand side, left from the drumpad. I was getting tired of just laying it around while editing for hours.

This tray is a laptop stand also advertized for stage use.
There are models out there for over 100 bucks: this one is 14 bucks.
I decided it was good enough for me.
Especially since it will hug your laptop from the sides with simple, but effective screws moving 2 tiny ajustable vertical holding pins, as can be seen on illustrations.

No, it doesn't tilt by itself.
And you will need that option no matter how much perfect pictures the box shows of it standing straight up.
With all the time in the world, I planned to try the Gravity ball head (originally kept in the toolbox for other purposes) on an old mic boom stand with the necessary thread adapters I already had.

So this was also my first real test of the Gravity ball head.
And it works, but it won't secure the total weight locktight..
It won't go down, but it can still be moved from left to right.
Now this works for me, because when brushing past the laptop, it will not be knocked off, but turn.
So my goal is reached: a fully tiltable laptop platform next to the drums.
But if you really want it secured with a ball head, get a stronger one than the Gravity sold on this site.

I use an old mic boom and attached it low, under the Multipad with a multiclamp on the Multipad boom thats attached on the side wing and sticks out underneath.
The mic boom is angled almost horizontally because of it's 80 cm. length.
The tray hovers about low desk height.
The boom is clamped onto drum equipment so it will stay as it is forever.
On the end, the Gravity ball head has tilted the computer tray as I like it.

During my search for the ideal solution, I briefly looked at the relatively expensive Gibraltar mic boom arm clamp solution also.
But if you get yourself a few tactical thread adapters to convert your existing mic booms and cymbal booms into what you want them to be, you'll get the job done as well.
During these lockdown days, I made it my new hobby to look for those adapters, and I found them all.

So you can buy this tray.
But you're going to want to make it tilt. Maybe not when standing, but surely when you decide to sit in a spot without a desk or anything to put it on.

I will repeat: if you're going to use this anyway different than the box picture shows, be sure to think of a way to find a tilting stand solution.

A 5/8" mic boom would be ideal, And clamp that boom onto onto something sturdy.
Otherwise, secure the mic stand.
Otherwise you'll risk the mic stand tipping over or someone accidently bumping it to the ground, shattering your expensive laptop.
For drummers, it's easier to think of ways.

Another option:
Use a good cymbal stand and find an adapter to get it mounted on a 5/8" mic thread.
But use the same caution as with a mic stand: make sure it can't take a dive.

Most esthetic but also most expensive option:
Buy the Gibraltar mic thread boom with clamp.
Remember: this is about your laptop. Don't use plastic holders for it.

In any case: always go for the solution that's stage proof, and it will withstand anything.
This tray is certainly stage-proof, mounted properly.

I wished we could went photo's.


Mobile stand-up desk stand-in
Paper Plane 31.08.2021
I have a microphone stand hanging around at home that I don't use all the time. Being able to mount this plate on the stand has been super useful, and apart from the obvious use in music production as a laptop or tablet holder, it is really useful around the house as a stand-in stand-up desk.


Handy holder for laptop and tablet
Mick M. 29.10.2020
Works like a charm. Be careful to use a sturdy stand!


Atanas P. 17.06.2022
Highly recommend. Really good product. Stable and solid.


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