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Millenium MS 2003


Microphone Stand with Boom Arm

  • Cast base with foldable feet
  • Metal tommy screw on the boom joint
  • 3/8" Threads for microphone clamp
  • Includes 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter
  • Height adjustable from 105 - 170 cm
  • Adjustable arm: 75 cm
  • Colour: Black
Available since December 1999
Item number 133136
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Stand type Boom stand
Colour Black
Foot Tripod
length of the boom 750 mm
Max. height - min.height 1050 mm – 1700 mm
Verstelbare Hengel 0
Connection 3/8" 5/8"
Main tube adjustment 1
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3423 Reviews

If you can afford it, buy a higher-end stand
Bobo K 15.07.2021

- for its price, it gets the job done;
- again, for its price, you don't feel bad for banging it around;
- it's versatile in terms of positioning, unless you're looking for extreme angles;

- only good when stationary. moving the boom around unlocks the screw that holds the lower and upper parts of the base rod.
- the horizontal adjustment of the boom is difficult - the screw there doesn't always hold the boom in its place. especially if you have a heavier mic;

Now, if you're looking at this product, you probably want to get the cheapest mic stand, whatever the reason. With this in mind, this is definitely a choice that can make for yourself and you'll be moderately happy.

Do have in mind though that if your setup is one where your microphone needs to move around and not be stationary, this happiness won't last much.

The screwing/locking mechanism that holds the lower to the upper portion of the base is not good. After a couple of weeks of use, you would need to screw it super tight to have it able to hold the boom of the stand at the desired height. This is also a problem in cases where the floor or carpet is not perfectly even - the screwing mechanism will not prevent the boom from swinging around which is quite frustrating. Furthermore, when you move the boom around, the twisting motion will "unlock" the screw and the whole boom will fall down. Not cool if you happen to be speaking at the same time.

One more negative aspect of this product is that it is impossible to have the boom in a horizontal position and extended at maximum. If that's a setup you need to achieve, be prepared that you'll need to put some weight to the legs of the stand, otherwise it just falls over.

Overall, if you're looking for a stand you're going to be using for a long time, I'd advise you to look for something of a higher quality. This one is really not worth it in the long run. I already sold mine.


It holds my mic up..side down. Which is actually good.
G-Evans 30.04.2018
For the price i didn't expect much but having the smaller version as a bass drum mic stand i knew milennium stuff is usualy decent in spite of the low price.

The metal mechanism on the boom is definitely more durable then the even lower cost plastic series meilennium offer however in my specific use case i have experienced some stability issues.

i'm using it probably in the extremes of what it is made for. it's at it's full height with the boom arm out straight to the side. As i have the stand behind my drum throne, with the boom over my head. Also with a long gooseneck attached to bring the mic around and down in front of me.
At these angles and with the extra weight the boom droops a little over time, and i've noticed with the heavy gooseneck there is no way the mechanism to clamp the boom pole will ever tighten enough to hold this setup at any angle other than hanging straight down, but i need it to hang straight down so thats fine for me and it would certainly be expecting a lot from it to do anything but that.

I also need to be able to swing the whole thing off to the side when i don't need it and so the straight stand part of the mechanism deals with this fine, i was worrried it might come loose and drop down but so far it hasn't. I do however need to weigh the feet down with sandbags to be able to do all of this without it just tipping over, but i fully expected that.
For a practice room it is all that i need. if i was gigging with it i would probably buy a much heavier duty stand that i know is rock solid in every way.
For the price i can't complain about how well it holds up.


Millenium MS 2003 Mic Stand Review
Edwin' 22.09.2019
So, I've bought two of these stand for my studio. One of them I'm using for video recording with pretty light Behringer dynamic microphone and another one for Rode NT-1 combined with Micsreen.
Why am I giving "okay" instead of "good" or "very good". Well, this Mic stand with Boom arm actually works well as a stand for dynamic mic during a gig or video recording. But I'm not happy about it as a stand for my condenser mix, especially combined with Mic Screen. It will be more clear when you see the pros and cons.

1. It's just a classy and good mic stand with pretty good Boom Arm for a dynamic microphone. It's already handled a few gigs and few hard rock videos, what I'm happy about.
2. Good price comparing with other microphone stands with boom arm.
3. The relation between price and quality - good.

1. You got to be really careful while changing heights because it feels that it isn't hard to break it and it would not fix the heights anymore.
2. The purpose of this mic stand - for dynamic and light microphones, it's definitely not the best choice for condenser mics.
3. This microphone stand barely handles Mic screen (it's too big weight for this mic stand to handle but you can risk it).

In conclusion - it's okay. Price is really good it works fine at gigs, it handles dynamic microphones. I would recommend it for the beginner bands or artist who likes to practise a lot or have a lot of live plays. What I also would recommend is: you shouldn't save few euros for quality of your studio, so I would buy other Millenium stand for a condenser mic, which works perfect for condenser microphones and keep it stable. For 15 Euros, the price of this mic stand, you wouldn't expect to get the best quality possible, would you?

Have fun, you guys!


Great for just a microphone
Emile Michel Hobo 26.10.2019
When you buy a microphone stand, the one thing you need to consider, like with anything else, is where you’re going to use it and how.

In a home-studio setting, you’re most probably going to add a reflection filter on the microphone stand itself to your microphone and that means it has to carry its weight. For on stage, with musicians that don’t apply thus much force that the fasteners get wrecked, this is a great budget microphone stand.

For singing without a reflection filter, this is a great microphone stand. For singing with a reflection filter, you’re going to find that you need tie-wraps or other kinds of outside help to keep the microphone stand in position.

Think about your setup.

Read about reflection filters first and if you can’t afford those, use the smallest possible room in your home you can find, possibly a bedroom will work. If you don’t use high pitched singing, but focus on for instance hiphop, a towel behind your microphone with the mic upside down will probably do fine also.

Think setup, use, and room you need to work in.