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Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor

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  • Moog - Sequence
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  • Synth - Sequence
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  • Organ
  • Vocal - Looper
  • Virtual Grand
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  • Clavinet
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Monitor Amplifier

  • Power rating: 30 W
  • 6.5" Speaker (2-way, tweeter on the dome)
  • 5 inputs: 3x input channel (each with volume control) and 2x Aux-In
  • Channel 1 = XLR & jack
  • Channel 2 or 3 = 2x jack (R and L [mono])
  • Aux-In 1 = RCA stereo
  • Aux-In 2 = Mini jack
  • Stereo link to a second CM-30 possible
  • Provides 10 inputs of which 8 in stereo
  • 2-band equalizer
  • Headphone jack
  • Large bowl handle
  • Thread at the bottom for microphone stand (3/8")
  • 230V direct connection (no power supply, no battery operation)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 26.4 x 22.3 x 20.7 cm
Power 30 W
Internal Effects No
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The only speaker you might ever need.
Michal3806 27.06.2015
I spent about two months researching the market looking for a guitar amp that would tick in the following boxes:

1) portable and light
2) multiple inputs
3) full-range speaker
4) loud enough for band practice
5) quite enough for bedroom practice

It was like solving a complicated equation. I hate guitar amps and combos because they seriously limit the sound you can produce with your guitar. Not to mention they make no sense if you?re a 21st century player and use digital technologies and synths. Hence a full-range speaker was a must.

I first focused my search to acoustic and keyboard amps but they tend to be bulky and have a lot of instrument-specific features that I wouldn?t need. So I refocused to small PA systems. Long story short? I settled on Roland CM-30 and went on to read reviews and more reviews. And tests?

By the time I was done, it got about 20 euros more expensive? Still, I placed my order.

Despite knowing the physical dimensions of the Cube by heart, I was rather surprised to find out how small it actually was. The top handle is an amazing detail - to carry the Cube around is very easy, it sort of balances itself out and the weight sensation is neutral. In other words, it?s comfortable. Oh, and it?s built like a tank with well recessed knobs.

What I really like is the sheer amount of inputs so you can connect your devices in such a way that best matches the Roland?s ins with your device?s outs.

Sound response is fairly neutral and I only use the on board equalizer to adjust for the room acoustic and/or particular placement.

I recommend using the Cube on a stand raised to your ears? level. A) you get the sensation of the best balanced sound, B) the Cube will actually sound loud. You can?t get around the physics here and while 30 watts amounts to a decent power output, the area of the speaker is small. There?s a reason it?s called Cube MONITOR.

I brought it to a band?s rehearsal and while it wasn?t the loudest thing around (along the drummer and bass player in a big room), I did got heard. The situation improved dramatically when I raised the Cube, though, and I still had about a third to go on both the channel and the master volume knobs. I think I might get another one - with two, I?d get comfortably loud and I?d be in full stereo.

The Cube is a really universal gadget - and it?s small and light so you can easily carry it along to ALWAYS have your own personal monitoring on stage (thanks to comprehensive ins/outs and routing), no matter what instrument you play.


5 Star ??
John7359 24.04.2018
Bought it initially as a monitor for my keys in a small jazz group. Shaped a six inch piece of hard foam which I pushed into the back part of the handle recess. Ends up leaning back at 45 degrees pointing straight at me. Brilliant!
Then brought it up to the church gallery with my 40 piece choir, as some numbers I like to use a piano sound and not the pipe organ that's up there. Stuck it up on a mic stand, as the seating is steeply tiered and I wanted them all to be able to hear it, then took a line out to the mixer hooked into the PA. Brilliant!!
Then started taking it to rehearsals for musicals and performance groups I'm involved with. Left it on the ground and put that piece of foam under the front of it to tilt it up slightly and project the sound more. Even with a big chorus and a Six piece band (though I did keep them pulled back volume wise) at no time was I lost or in need of pushing to the limit. Far from it. People were looking around to see where my sound source was. They couldn't even see it. Brilliant!!!!!!
I've always thought about investing in an AER but couldn't justify the cost. With this cube, I don't know if I ever will. . .


yes, roland
randolfo 04.02.2021
clear sound at any volume, from a bright and intelligible lows, to highs that are loud and full of presence.
I use it as a monitor and in room jam contexts, mostly to amplify a drum machine; even with a couple of other instruments in the room, the volume knob never goes above 6, so I guess it could be employed in slightly larger situations.
The build is as solid as a rock, and i particularly enjoy the handle on the back. It is also very light.


Great little amplifier for on the road
Herd 03.06.2020
Great lightweight amplifier for use in small venues with a keyboard and singer/one more instrument. Also at home for practice. Easy to carry around with the handle.
Small annoying detail is that all the controls (volume, eq, etc) are at the bottom of the front of the amplifier. That's ok when it's used as a monitor on a stand, but when on the floor it's impossible to see the settings and you have to lift the amplifier to make adjustments.


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