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Roland TD-17KVX2 E-Drum Set


E-Drum Set

  • With Roland TD-17 drum module 2.0
  • 336 Sounds inspired by the flagship Roland TD-50
  • 70 Preset kits
  • 50 User kits
  • 11 Multi-effects
  • Quick Record
  • Coach function with Time Check and Quiet Count to promote beat feeling
  • WAV samples importable via SD/HC card
  • Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for wireless streaming of music directly from smartphone or MIDI to compatible devices
  • Sounds can be altered in pitch, damping, snare wires tension and snare buzz
  • Reverb, compressor and equaliser adjustable for each instrument
  • Global bass and treble equaliser
  • Smartphone tray
  • All drum pads with double-layer mesh heads
  • Crash and ride cymbals with thinner profiles for a realistic feel and vibration behaviour
  • Multipin plug (Trigger In) for the included pads
  • 2x 6.3 mm jack trigger inputs for additional pads (one of them is already occupied)
  • 2x 6.3 mm jack main outputs
  • 6.3 mm jack headphone output
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack aux-in
  • MIDI out
  • USB to PC (USB audio and MIDI)
  • Required floor space: approx. 160 x 80 cm
  • Incl. cabling and power supply

Set configuration

  • 12" Two-zone snare pad (PDX-12)
  • 3x 8" Two-zone tom pad (PDX-8)
  • 10" Kickdrum pad (KD-10)
  • Two-zone hi-hat pad (VH-10)
  • 2x 12" Two-zone crash pad (CY-12C-T)
  • 14" Three-zone ride pad (CY-14R-T)
  • MDS-Compact Drum Rack

Note: Kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, seat and sticks not included

Available since October 2022
Item number 551837
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal No
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
Number of Direct Outs 0
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The new benchmark in mid-priced e-drums

With its TD-17KVX2 e-drum set, Japanese manufacturer Roland has taken its successful mid-priced TD-17KVX model to the next level. The set now features 70 pre-set drum kits, 30 user memory slots, and 343 sounds, which are largely inspired by Roland’s flagship TD-50 series and focus on the reproduction of acoustic drum and percussion sounds. The kit, which comes complete with mesh head pads, features various play-along songs and training functions to create the perfect foundation for practice sessions, and offers the user wireless connection via a Bluetooth interface. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a sample import function, which allows the user to make further additions to the range of available sounds as required.

Roland e-drum set with mesh heads

Sonorous cymbal pads

Unlike its predecessor, the TD-17KVX2 is fitted with newly developed dual and triple-zone cymbal pads, which measure 12 and 14 inches in diameter and, thanks to their special thin construction, provide a more realistic response compared with heavier cymbal pads. The 10" tom pads and 12" snare pad, all in a dual-zone design, are large enough to provide a comfortable playing feel – a feature also shared by the 12" VH-10 hi-hat pad, which, like traditional hi-hat cymbals, is mounted on a conventional stand. As with the bass drum pedal, however, this must be purchased separately. In terms of sound production, the primary focus of the TD-17KVX2 is on creating acoustic sounds that are both dynamic and authentic and, of course, include the sound repertoire of the classic Roland drum machines (CR-78, TR-808/909, etc.).

Electronic drum kit from Roland Japan

Spontaneous sound configuration

The Roland TD-17KVX2 e-drum set comfortably bridges the gap between intuitive useability and complex editing options, making it the perfect “plug-and-play” kit for discerning drumming enthusiasts and a creative recreational tool for sound artists and drummers looking to incorporate personalised sounds into their performances – be it for band rehearsals or live gigs. 32MB of memory provide sufficient space for up to 100 user samples. Sound variations in the form of tonal changes and damping can be applied in seconds, and separate potentiometers for bass, treble, and ambience provide an immediate sound adjustment facility. Key features include numerous multi-effects and a layer function, which allows the user to manage four sounds (2 x head, 2 x rim) with just one pad, thus permitting limitless creativity.

TD-17KVX2 cymbal pads

About Roland

The Roland company was founded in 1972 in Osaka, Japan, and has been designing and building electronic musical instruments ever since. During its successful history, Roland has launched many ground-breaking instruments, from legendary drum machines such as the TR-808 and the TR-909 to synthesizer classics like Jupiter-8, SH-101 and the iconic TB-303. Besides synthesizers, Roland's workstations and electric pianos are also very popular. Equally well-known is Roland’s subsidiary Boss, under whose brand name it designs and sells principally guitar pedals and effects units. Under the Roland Professional A/V label, the company additionally develops and distributes professional equipment for virtually every branch of audio and video production - from home studios through to commercial applications.

Taking wireless practice to a whole new level

The Roland TD-17KVX2 provides the optimum solution for enthusiasts who are looking for a domestic e-drum set with excellent acoustics and intuitive operation that also offers a flexible tonal range and reproduces dynamics and sounds to authentic effect. Robust mesh heads composed of two material layers ensure the perfect rebound, which can be varied with the aid of square-head bolts. Users can practise their favourite songs in an instant simply by placing a smartphone on the shelf provided and activating Bluetooth. The excellent collection of internal sounds can be expanded to include user samples created by the artist, and a USB connector provides access to external sound libraries for an infinite array of sound options.

22 Customer ratings

4.9 / 5

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17 Reviews

Great kit for the money
Kevin Macleod 19.11.2023
Having used this kit for a few months now, I can’t really fault it at the price point. There is plenty of features and the Bluetooth connectivity makes playing along to any song so easy.
The pads have a pretty natural feel to them and rack is easy to set up and adjust to whatever you fancy.
Only downside is the lack of a hi hat stand included with the kit but for the money it’s not much to add a stand to the order.
Would highly recommend this kit to anyone looking for a quick to set up, easy to play kit


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Première pour un néophyte
MickAns 13.07.2023
Colis reçu hier, j'ai commandé le bundle car je n'avais aucun autre équipement et je dois dire que la qualité de la batterie et du bundle (pied de HH, pédale de batterie,...) sont vraiment bons.
La batterie est livrée en deux colis, un pour le rack et un autre pour les pads. Tout est très bien emballé, aucun risque qu'un élément soit endommagé durant le transport. Celà dit ça fait beaucoup de cartons et de plastique à mettre aux encombrants !
Après une bonne heure à monter tout ça j'ai pu passer une bonne demi heure à la tester.
Pour un débutant comme moi, c'est peut être une batterie un peut trop évoluée mais je voulais du bon matériel, dans l'optique de progresser et de ne pas être déçu dans 1 an. Les différents éléments possèdent différentes zones de touche. C'est assez particulier pour le HH, car je trouve le son peut fort lorsqu'on frappe avec l'olive sur le dessus et le son presque trop fort lorsqu'on frappe sur la tranche avec le cône. Je pense que c'est une question de technique et d'habitude plus qu'un défaut matériel.
Pour la caisse claire j'ai du mal à faire sonner le rimshot, peut être un problème de technique encore une fois (ou de drumkit)
Beaucoup de personnes ont eu des problèmes avec le réglage du HH que j'ai trouvé pourtant bien expliqué dans la notice.
Le fait de pouvoir connecter son téléphone en bluetooth est très utile car il y a de nombreux morceaux "drumless" sur youtube qui n'attendent qu'un batteur pour compléter le morceau.
Pour finir, je n'ai pas encore trouvé le son du drumkit qui me correspond à 100% parfois je trouve la grosse caisse trop forte, parfois trop étouffée, d'autres fois c'est la caisse clair qui n'est pas assez sèche et pour laquelle il y a trop de sustain ou de reverb... Peut être que l'idéal est de monter son propre kit en piochant dans les différents kits.


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Es gibt E-Drums und es gibt Roland...
seqaud 17.04.2023
so in etwa würde ich meine Eindrücke beschreiben! Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich eigentlich Gitarrist bin, nun aber noch mal was neues lernen möchte. Bislang hatte ich ein 400€-Edrumset mit Gummipads von einer Musikhaus-Eigenmarke.
Es ist wirklich kein Vergleich. Das Ansprechverhalten und die Dynamik sind unglaublich. Das TD17 vermittelt wirklich ein tolles Spielgefühl. Die Bluetooth-Funktion zum Verbinden von Abspielgeräten ist fantastisch. Ich hab noch gar nicht alle Funktionen/Sounds genutzt, aber die Basiseinstellungen sind schon top. Das Reboundverhlaten der Meshpads ist fantastisch! Es macht auf jeden Fall sehr viel Spaß sich dranzusetzen und zu üben und ich denke, das ist das wichtigste!

Klare Kaufempfehlung!


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Roland non delude
matt_drummer24 19.01.2023
Batteria elettronica di tutto rispetto, suona da paura. La sensibilità di tutte le parti è altissima e la qualità del suono pure. Tutto l'ecosistema Roland funziona alla perfezione. Unica nota "negativa" e l'HH, non so se sia colpa della mia asta ma la calibrazione non è perfetta e quindi ti perdi una po' di dinamica.
Nel complesso il prodotto è più che ottimo.