Shure SE425-CL


Professional 2-Way Stereo dynamic In-ear Earphones

  • Two balanced Armature drivers
  • Each with a tweeter and a woofer for a detailed, balanced sound
  • Suitable for in-ear monitoring as well as MP3 player
  • In-ear
  • Sound Isolating Design shields up to 90% of the ambient noise
  • Detachable Kevlar-reinforced cable, rotatable 360??° on the gold-plated plug-in contact
  • Cable on ear is wire reinforced
  • Transparent cable and housing
  • Impedance: 20 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 109 dB SPL/mW
  • Frequency range: 20 - 19.000 Hz
  • Cable length: 162 cm
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Includes transport case, foam and silicone ear tips in 3 sizes (S, M, L) as well as triple flange ear tips

Optional accessories:

  • CBL-M+-K Music phone adapter cable for Apple, article nr 255644
  • CBL-MK Music Phone adapter cable for Samsung Galaxy S and other smartphones, article nr 331370
  • EABKF1-10S/M/L foam ear tips (sizes S, M, L) article nr 137235, 319294, 137236
  • EASFX1-10S/M/L silicone ear tips (sizes S, M, L) article nr 172505, 172504, 137237
  • EAYLF1-100 universal foam ear tips, yellow, article nr 394357
  • EAYLF1-10 universal foam ear tips, yellow, article nr 127879
  • EATFL1-6 triple flange ear tips, article nr 208206
  • EAADPT-KIT Adapter kit, article nr 204255
  • EAC64CL replacement cable transparent, article nr 258854
  • SHA900 Portable Premium Audio Amplifier, article nr 374797
  • EAHCASE Transport case, article nr 273514

Note: According to current EU regulations on volume control, this product is intended for professional use only and must not be used in the consumer sector

available since August 2010
Item number 253091
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number of Ways 2
Removable Cable Yes
Ambience No
Color Transparent
Bass Boost No
Midrange Boost Yes
HiFi No
Allround No
Application Singer, Guitar
Number of Drivers 2
Cable Length 162
Impedance 22 Ohms
Sensitivity 109 dB
Usable with Otoplastic Elacin + Adaptor
Adaptor for Ear Protection 187380
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Professional in-ear monitors from a renowned manufacturer

The SE425-CL in-ear monitors from Shure offer precise monitoring. Their clear highs and powerful bass will please discerning sound lovers, and the dual drivers deliver a responsive sound to professionals. Visually, the in-ears have a discrete appearance thanks to their use of transparent materials. They are worn in the ear and are ready to use immediately after unpacking (an ear mould does not have to be made). The specially developed Sound Isolating™ technology effectively blocks ambient noise. The sound is natural and the design compact. Various ear piece sizes made of different materials are included in the scope of delivery and offer wearing comfort for all ear types.

With Sound Isolating technology

In-ear monitoring with the SE425-CL monitors offers a responsive sound whether wirelessly or with a cable. Two dual high-definition drivers create a balanced sound. The sensitivity is 109 dB. The rich sound is enhanced by the attenuation of ambient noise. Thanks to Sound Isolating™ technology, the sound level from bandmates is reduced by up to 37 dB. The scope of delivery includes the in-ear monitors in a handy carrying case, a detachable 162 cm cable with a connector that can be rotated through 360°, an adapter from 3.5 to 6.3 mm jack, and a fit kit with ear pieces made of various materials in different sizes and shapes.

Monitoring for refined ears

The SE425-CL in-ear monitors from Shure offer professionals and demanding musicians an excellent on-stage sound. The set has an impedance of 22 ohms and operates in a frequency range of 20 Hz to 19 kHz. Weighing a net 30 grams, the SE425-CL is ideal for musicians - from singers to drummers - who are looking for a comfortable fit during long sessions and festival nights. Just as important as a strong sound is the fit offered by the earphones. An extensive range of foam and silicone ear pieces in various shapes and sizes, including triple-flanged tips, ensures an optimum fit. And yes, of course you can continue to use the SE425-CL on the tour bus after the show for private music enjoyment.

About Shure

The American company Shure began developing microphones during the early 1930s and is one of the pioneers of the audio engineering sector. Models such as the 55 Unidyne - known to many as the "Elvis microphone" - and the SM57 and SM58 which appeared in the mid-1960s are still ubiquitous in live sound production today. They enjoy cult status among musicians and technicians alike. In the 1990s, Shure introduced the first wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems and became a market leader in this field. In addition to microphones, Shure offers a wide range of earphones and headphones for studio and live use, as well as various accessories.

Precise monitor sound in a mini case

A musician with SE425-CL in-ears travels light. Alongside a transmitter, the practical earphone case fits into the smallest of pockets. The in-ears are simply plugged into the audio output of the receiver or stagebox, and they are ready for use. The mouldable wireform cable offers excellent wearing comfort. An MMCX connector with a locking mechanism allows flexible rotation of the cable until the best position is found. If you want to have a touch of live feeling in addition to the usual monitor mix, you can set up an atmo mic whose sound is mixed only with the monitor mixes. The wire reinforcement of the cables on the in-ears themselves ensures their durability during tough everyday stage use. Shure offers a two-year warranty on the SE425-CL. However, if the cable needs to be replaced, it can be easily swapped out.

315 Customer ratings

166 Reviews

Great quality headphones - almost like moulded.
Tristan328 19.05.2013
I tried a friend's SE215s before I bought these and they were literally the best headphones I'd tried, especially for just how much noise they cancelled out. I opted for the SE425s as they were within my price range and I wasn't and remain not disappointed. Despite not having 'noise-cancelling' built in, the fit is incredibly snug and they come with a range of various tips so you can choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with.

They do get a bit of getting used to in terms of comfort, purely because most other 'normal' headphones don't go into the ear as much as these do, without buying a set of mouldies, however the SE425s also have a really useful tightening slider which means they remain firmly in place, exactly how you want them to be.

A really great set of headphones soundwise as well, the dual drivers provide well enough pump for the bass, you don't need to turn up the volume very much at all. And let's face it, who really needs more than two drivers?

I'd recommend them for anyone looking to buy a pair of £200 in-ear monitors or even general headphones. I tried some Atomic Floyd headphones the other day (also around £200) and they were shocking for the price - great packaging, but a poor sound quality, they didn't stay in the ear and a shoddy cable. The SE425s have a really durable cable as well which doesn't look set to break anytime soon.

Great headphones basically! Just make sure you turn your phone to silent when walking around or there's absolutely no chance you'll hear it…!
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Using on drums
Pyranoja 27.12.2019
Very good sound insulation when I am drumming. Good sound on frequency spectrum. I hate boomy bass.. I hear fat bass but not boomy. Crystal clear mid nd highs. Very nice sound for snare, kick, bass and guitar. I use at home for practicing or on stage like inear.
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Exceptional neutral in-ear monitor
Anonymous 29.03.2014
Having come from bassy phones like the SE215 and Beyer's DT770, I never though I'd love a pair of headphones with such a neutral signature so much.

Though not quite as comfortable as the SE215s (you may have some fit issues with small ears) they still fit snugly and aren't irritating after any period of time.

Having become accustomed to their neutral signature, I find myself now unable to listen to bassier phones since the whole frequency mix seems unbalanced.

They do however fall off slightly at the high end which costs them a bit of detail up there but also makes them less fatiguing to listen to.

The level of detail on instruments they provide is superb and accurate, the build quality is good, they're comfortable, the soundstage is pretty good for in-ears...
If you're looking for a pair of neutral in ears for reference listening or just portable use, this is exactly what you're looking for.
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Perfect entry to IEMs
EBF Music 13.10.2020
I needed a basic IEM for some of the projects I do and these just work well. The sound is absolutely great for my needs. They come with a variety of generic buds for your ears, but can be upgraded to a custom mold. I also like that the Shure IEMs can be serviced and replacement parts purchased if necessary, but so far after 6 months of use all is still well and I'm happy with the product.
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