the box pro TP218/1600 A


Active Subwoofer

  • Level stable, quality processed subwoofer for commercial use
  • Equipped with 2x 18" bass reflex
  • Power: 4500 W peak
  • Birch multiplex housing with black anti-slip lacquer finish
  • Max SPL: 136 dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 34 - 150 Hz
  • Without high pass
  • XLR input and output
  • Adjustable crossover frequency
  • 100 mm blue wheels (optional)
  • 12 Handles
  • Weight: 87.5 kg
  • Weight 92.5 kg (shipping)
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 550 x 680 mm
  • Suitable adapter bolt M20: Art. 199345 (not included)
  • Suitable protective cover: Article no. 251600 (not included)
  • Suitable set of wheels: Art. 415294 (not included)
Available since May 2014
Item number 325266
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power (Manufacturers Specs) 2250 W
Number of Bass Woofers 2
Bass Woofer in Inch 18"
Colour Black
Width 680 mm
Height 550 mm
Depth 1200 mm
Weight 87,5 kg
Wheels Optional
Stand Flange M20
Multi Channel Power Amp No
Remote Control No
RMS Power 2250 W
Sound Pressure in dB 136 dB
Housing Material Wood
Construction Bassreflex
Input Connector XLR
Output Connector XLR
X-Over Connector No
High Cut Adjustable
Frequency Range (-10dB) from 34 Hz
Frequency Range (-10dB) to 150 Hz
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89 Reviews

The most talked about double 18 active subwoofer over the last few years.
DD Active 21.09.2019
I own 4 of these, I have used them for a few years now.

I have literally caused structural damage with 4 of these in a club 2 each side. They are definitely the number one active double 18" bass bin for the money and I haven't seen or heard anything come close for the price.

I own 8 of the Achat 118a horns but they have a totally different sound to these playing better in bigger venues and outside. These in a medium sized room are extremely effective and you don't have to pair them up or play them in groups like a horn box.

For a larger room you will need more then a pair as they have a weird cut out feature when they clip, the Achat or single TP118a boxes don't have this feature but judging by the size of the amp on this box I can see why, its almost double the size! It is a good safety feature to have but I find sometimes they clip and the bass goes for a bit too long while the Achat or single TP keep going. Sometimes just as the bass gets to a sweet spot the limiter will kick in and the box goes into limit mode for a few seconds. With the other boxes you can hear when they clip and know to back off the bass a bit but these boxes just cut themselves off.

This feature can be good if you leave your sound unattended but I would rather set limiters myself on my speaker management system or Digital mixer. If I know a venue is big I always carry 4 or just bring my horns instead.

These boxes have the best handles out of all of the box pro range. Lots of steel bar handles so they are easy to carry and move about with another person.

A very good box, These must be the most sold Box Pro active speaker as everybody has them now. They are definitely an impressive box but don't push them too hard or go too crazy, add more so they can play more easily, comfortably and avoid clipping.


WOW, What a sound. Big Rumble
Adilowes 21.11.2017
I had calculated the size of this cab before it arrived but I was still shocked at the size of it. It is a monster of a speaker, but put our the volume it does it needs to be a big cab. And it really does put out the volume. By getting these you are really stepping up into the big boys territory without the big boys toys prices. This a seriously powerful sub. The controls on the back are a very minimalistic ser with a heavy duty Rocker switch for power and 2 dials. The volume control and the frequency cut out adjustment. Unfortunately these are not normal dials but they have to be adjusted with a small screwdriver. Only a small thing and to be honest once set you probably won't adjust. There is also a phase switch on the back if you are using multiples close together to prevent cancelling out. Overall I am very impressed with these cabs and they are the most powerful subs I have owned. Just not sure if my Tops are up to it now so might be buying some more tops soon.


Value for money- Exceeded expectation
Sreenath 21.03.2016
Built like a tank. very good construction. Build to last. Very deep clean bass and loud enough. We have few pairs now. Will recommend fit for bigger space. It is bit big. the wheels are must.

Cons>- Fan noise.- but not a problem for bigger spaces


Valhalla 11.07.2017
if you like bass, then just get it.

been complimented many a time with this subwoofer, i am purchasing more of these to stack.

but one of these will blow the roof off off pubs. which is why i want 3 more =)

very happy with them, id question why you would be unhappy with this product as the bass it produces in comparison to its price is a very fair deal indeed

just get it