Behringer CT100


Cable Tester

With the CT100 almost every cable can be tested: XLR, jack mono and stereo (6.3 mm, 3.5 mm, TT), RCA connector and MIDI. Separate LEDs indicate, which input is connected to which output. LED indicators for shielding and phantom power are available as well. Next to the continuity test, the CT100 provides and intermittent test and a test tone generator.

  • Micro-Processor-Controlled cable tester
  • For XLR, mono- and stereo-jack (3.5 mm / 6.3 mm), TT, RCA and MIDI
  • Detection and indication of intermittent contacts
  • Test of phantom power and ground loops
  • Build in test tone generator
  • Battery operation with 2x 1,5 v AA batteries (Not included)
available since October 2001
Item number 149962
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Cable Tester Yes
Level Meter No
Speaker Tester No
Software No
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Tone function not calibrated and depend on battery
Shummi 30.11.2021
Tone are not calibrated and depend on battery voltage
+4dBu is 3.472Vpp, this cannot be provided by 2 x 1.5 Volt battery...
- The amplitude depends on battery voltage, my measurements 1 kHz
@3Vdc +4dBu = 3.18 Vpp should be 3.472Vpp
0dBV = 3.0 Vpp should be 2.828Vpp
-50MIC = 300-400 mVpp should be 6 if dBu or 9mVpp if dBv,
see also -50MIC waveform +4dBu meas 3.36 Vpp should be 3.472Vpp
@2.5Vdc +4dBu meas 2.66 Vpp should be 3.472Vpp
Tone are square wave, very annoying to listen to......
They should have used a 4.5V supply, and calibrated the Tone output or made it fixed. and least added a low pass filter......
No low batt detection
I Would have paid dobble for these features


Pedalboard builders best friend
RaverZ 21.05.2019
This little device became my best friend when I started to build my pedalboard. (you know it's a never ending story for guitar players)

Mostly I use angled jack plugs, so by its design it can hold them in place during the soldiering process, and it tells me immediately if I did something wrong.
Effective and comfortable way to work like this.

The test tone function is really good extra to have. One time I needed it, it just saved the day.

The battery came with it still works. I bet it will last for years.

No cons. Worth every penny.


Great tool!
howlingwolf 29.01.2020
Behringer CT100 is a great and simple tool that does more than it is supposed to. It is well built and for the price it goes, it's a no brainer for every sound engineer dealing with cables on a daily basis.

As I work more and more in field recording, my cables are often left to the mercy of extreme weather situations and with this cable tester, I am able to identify connection problems in a matter of seconds.

Call me old-school, but in addition to that, this thing also allows me to produce and record the 1khz (or 440hz signal) at the beginning of every day for the level reference.

Thanks Behringer! :-)


Affordable cable tester for the hobbyist
Wernst Kunst 15.07.2021
This is a really useful device for testing cables, and in my opinion unbeatable at this price-point.
Only con is the build quality: not all jacks are affixed to the case, which _might_ be an issue if you use this thing on tour. (sorry if this is nit-picky)
For me this is not an issue as I'm using it at home and in the rehearsal room. This is why I sill give five stars. At this price point it is hard to complain.
If you remember to switch it off after use, the battery will last virtually forever.


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