Midas MR 18


18-Input Digital Mixer for iPad / Android Tablets

  • 16 MIDAS PRO microphone preamps
  • Integrated Wi-Fi module and multi-channel USB audio interface
  • iOS or Android tablet-controlled 18-input digital mixer for studio and live applications
  • Built-in Tri-Mode Wi-Fi router for direct operation - no external router required
  • 18 x 18 Channel
  • Bidirectional USB2.0 interface
  • Dugan-style auto-mixing automatically manages mic gain
  • 4 DSPs
  • ULTRANET connectivity for P-16 Personal Monitoring System
  • 6 Aux and main LR busses
  • DSP and 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic EQ
  • 6 XLR aux outputs and 2 XLR main outputs plus headphone output
  • 40-bit digital signal processing
  • Free iOS, Android and PC/Mac/Linux apps for remote control via Ethernet, LAN or Wi-Fi
  • MIDI In / Out allows the mixer to be controlled via MIDI devices or used as a USB MIDI interface
  • Free download of future firmware updates, including new FX ‘plug-ins', from midasconsoles.com
  • Automatic universal switching power supply
  • Height: 3 U
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 333 x 149 x 140 mm
  • Dimensions without side panels: 311 x 132 x 150 mm
  • Installation depth 114 mm
  • Weight 3.9 kg
  • Includes rackmounts and rack bumpers for flexible rack and stage applications
  • Suitable bag: Article no. 466438 (not included)
Available since April 2017
Item number 407518
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
User Interface remote
Number of faders 0
DSP Input channels 18
Mic Preamp 16
Physical outputs 8
Digital stagebox connection No
Hotspot Singleband
Multitrack Record Yes
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD No
19" Rackmount Yes
DSP Output Channels 8
Busses 6
Mono-Line Input 16
Stereo-Line Input 1
Ethernet Yes
Soundcard interface USB-B
Recorder Format No
FX Processor 4
31 Band EQ 8
Matrix 0
DCA/VCA Groups 4
Midi Connector Midi-Din
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system Optional
Expansion Card slots 0
Digital ADAT No
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB No
Digital MADI No
Digital Dante No
110V capable 1
Case No
Height 140 mm
Width 333 mm
Depth 149 mm
Weight 3,9 kg
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Free rein during mixing

The Midas MR18 sets the standard in digital mixing consoles – both visually and technically. The 18-channel console has been designed for use with iPads, Android tablets, and laptops, and combines features such as 16 high-quality microphone preamplifiers from the Midas PRO series, an integrated wi-fi router, a MIDI interface, and a multi-channel USB audio interface in an unconventional stage box design. Tablet-based control allows the user to move freely around the room or hall during mixing, enabling the live mix to be adjusted from among the audience and the monitor mix to be tailored to the artist’s requirements. Better still, up to four tablets can communicate simultaneously with the Midas MR18, enabling musicians to adjust the monitoring sound from their own tablets at any time during the gig.

Connections of the Midas MR 18 18-Input Digital Mixer for iPad / Android Tablets

A flexible network professional

The Midas MR18 is equipped with an access point function, which can be used to connect as many as four clients (tablets or laptops) directly to the mixer. Alternatively, the device can be integrated into an existing wireless network to which the control devices are also connected, or a wired connection can also be established directly with a PC, local network (LAN), or an external wi-fi router. The latter option is recommended if the integrated access point does not have a sufficient range, or if the user prefers to operate in a 5GHz network. On the input side, the Midas MR18 impresses with 16 lockable Neutrik combo connectors (XLR/jack) and two jack inputs (line in) and, in addition to the two main outputs, is equipped with a further six freely configurable AUX outputs in XLR format. The device also comes with a headphone connection (jack) complete with a separate volume control.

Side view of Midas MR 18 18-Input Digital Mixer for iPad / Android Tablets

Packed to the rafters

The Midas MR18 is not only recommended for live applications, it also provides a powerful digital mixing solution for studio use courtesy of its rapid USB interface, four M32 effect processors, high-end simulations of numerous legendary studio effects, and 31-band EQ section. The compact mixer also makes light work of handling multiple open microphones – as encountered in panel discussions or at press events – thanks to its revolutionary auto-mixing features, including real-time monitoring of all microphone levels and the reduction of feedback, studio noise, and comb filtering issues that are typical of such scenarios by an automatic gain controller. And the icing on the cake: Despite its extensive range of features, the Midas MR18 is also an affordable option for hobbyists.

Midas Logo on the Midas MR 18 18-Input Digital Mixer for iPad / Android Tablets

About Midas

Founded in London in 1970, the company initially produced guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets, but then specialised in the development and manufacture of audio mixing consoles and is now one of the leading suppliers in this field. In the late 1970s, Midas made giant custom consoles for Pink Floyd's tours, and Frank Zappa also used a custom-made Midas recording console for his 1980 world tour. Legendary product series such as PRO40, XL, and HERITAGE have become the industry standard. The Midas flagship XL4 toured the globe with legends such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, and the Rolling Stones and is still considered to this day to be the ultimate analogue live mixer. In 2009, Midas was acquired by Music Tribe. The development team, now based in Manchester, remained in place, while production was moved to the Music Tribe plant in Zhongshan, China.

Following in the path of the true classics

Regardless of the application – a live concert, recording session, business event, or church service – the Midas MR18 digital mixer delivers top performance in every situation. The numerous onboard effects, which have been modelled on some of the most well-known and sought-after processors on the market, negate the need for expensive additional sound-processing hardware. Practically every effect is conceivable, from simulated tube signal paths and vintage compressors, studio equalisers, flangers, and octavers through to chorus, delay, and reverb. The device also comes complete with low-cut, de-esser, noise gate, parametric EQ, and a 100-band RTA (real time analyser) with full-screen view for frequency analysis. The Midas MR18 even has an ULTRANET connection, thus supporting the transmission of up to 16 independent channels through a single CAT5 cable between compatible devices such as mixers, stage boxes, active speakers, and personal monitoring systems.

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178 Reviews

Fantastic product!
Jbite 24.05.2018
For its price point at the time of purchase (£4 than the XR18), the MR18 was a worthwhile upgrade over the Behringer XR18. For this review I'm only going to explain why I think the MR18 is better than the XR18.

The pre-amps sound fantastic. The first microphone I tested them with was an AKG C414 on vocals and acoustic guitar and I was blown away. They are in my opinion better than the pre-amps on the X/XR series (which are already very good) and they are considerably better on some older digital mixers (Yamaha 01v96i in particular).

The genuine neutrik locking xlr connectors are fantastic and mean I no longer worry about cables getting pulled out and the 10 year warranty is also fantastic and gives me great confidence.

The wifi is sadly as poor as on the XR18 and you will need a wireless router with you to ensure a strong, reliable and secure connection. The MR18 also lacks hi-z inputs (the XR18 has these) but this is because the Midas Pro Preamp design lacks the circuitry for hi-z, but I prefer to use a DI anyway - hi-z was just a nice 'just in case',


3 years gigging - holding strong - would buy again!
Technolo-J 01.02.2024
This was our first digital mixer. We opted for the higher quality preamps over the XR18 model. The only drawback here is that there are no Hi-Z inputs. This was not a concern of ours, and we use a DI box for our Bassist usually.

Firstly - If it hasn't been beaten into your skull yet - you need an external secure wifi router connected. I'm a technical nut - so I bought a cheap one and put OpenWRT firmware on it. This way I can easily bridge the house wifi (w/NAT) to our own personal band network which then gives our devices house internet access, AND secure access to the mixer control.

Second - Expect a learning curve. My mate has a degree in audio recording, and I am an electrical design engineer. It still took us hours playing around to understand the signal routing, aux bussing (for IEMs), and FX. It took about 4 rehearsals to have it figured out enough for gigging.

Third - I LOVE THIS THING, it has amazing sound, and is a 100% Linux compatible interface, class compliant (no driver needed). I multi-track record all of our gigs with great results! I use electronic drums, and also record the MIDI hits directly with the audio. I am using 100% FOSS software for this on Dell laptop. Fedora Workstation (w/ native pipewire!), Ardour (DAW), Carla (signal routing / onboard effects). The requirements of this system are stupid low. To test that, I was able to multitrack record on an ancient dual-core laptop with 4G of RAM, and a slow spinning rust HDD. (But you NEED to be running Linux for this - windows is too bloated)

Fourth - I haven't tested it yet (but will soon) - but apparently a midi control surface (like Mackie MCU Pro) can be used as a physical mixer interface. COOL!

We all use the Mixing Station App because it is very flexible, and I can customize my layout on my tablet. Its worth the $5. Also it is quite lovely being able to all have IEMs and control our own mixes.

In closing, this mixer is nothing short of amazing, and can easily find a place in your toolkit, be it in a home studio or on the road.


Best purchase
Michi_Drums 15.08.2020
This might easily be one of the top 5 purchase I've ever done.
This is simply great! I use it as audio interface for recording drums.

I used to go through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40+adat, and was very concerned about sound quality/noisy pres. There's none of that! If you crank it, you will hear something, but if You record in a safe spot (-12, -6) you will be more than fine! Pres sound very good. I clean the signal at the source, and record after filters/eq on my DAW via ethernet cable, cause I will anyway be the only one using this boy, and have absolutely no plans to use it live for mixing, so I actually have never tried the wifi-router thing.
I was also a bit worried about the USB connection, being used to Firewire-Thunderbolt, but I have to say it's just flawless already recording on an external SSD connected to a 1TB SSD MacMini.
I can't praise this little monster enough!

Absolutely awesome!


Game changer app for all purposes: home studio, live gigs, and studio sessions
Memphis Records 18.10.2022
This piece of gear is the perfect choice for anyone trying to step up his recording game! Whether its a home studio, live sessions, or album recordings this is your go to if you’re tight or budget. Use an ipad for versatile sound editing and mixing on the spot as you navigate between musicians. Great for multitrack recording and its 6 aux/buses makes it very friendly for group recordings as you can control who hears what and the levels of each. EQ, 4 effects rack, and dynamics options make this unit a mobile beast! Save your presets to navigate from your in studio and live customized templates to save time.

In conclusion, this mixer is hassle free, sounds great, amazing processing, yet might seem complicated at first for the lack of faders but once you get used to it, you will rarely be able to use it to its full potential from the amount of options it gives you.