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Shure Beta 58 A


Dynamic Vocal Microphone

In the tradition of the SM58, the dynamic Beta 58A has become the first choice among singers and professional sound engineers.

The Beta 58A is a dynamic, high-output vocals microphone designed for professional audio amplification and use in the recording studio. The supercardioid polar pattern extends over the entire transmission range and guarantees high, feedback resistant amplifications, maximum isolation from other sound sources and a minimum of off-axis sound. The contoured frequency response is ideal for close-up vocals.

Due to its robust construction, proven shock absorber system, and hardened steel windscreen, its outstanding performance is not compromised even with rough handling. Typical applications of the Beta 58A are lead vocals, backup vocals, and speech.

  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Optimised transmission range for excellent vocal quality in professional live use
  • Offers the highest level of feedback safety with maximum gain and maximum suppression of background noise
  • An air-sprung vibration absorber protects against impact sound and grip noise
  • Frequency range: 50 - 16,000 Hz
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 140.5 dB
  • Output impedance: 290 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: -51.5 dBV/Pa (2.66 mV)
  • Dimensions (L x Ø): 160 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 278 g
  • Included: Clamp, 3/8" reduction thread and bag
  • Suitable windscreen: Article nr 135783, matching spare basket: Article nr 148522 (both not included)
Item number 105763
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
On/Off Switch No
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Colour Blue
Cable no
Diameter 51 mm
Length 162 mm
Weight 298 g
Frequenzy Range from 50 Hz
Frequenzy Range to 16 kHz
Clamp 1
Bag 1
Windscreen optional available 135783
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The legend continues

The Shure Beta 58A dynamic vocal microphone follows in the footsteps of the original industry standard SM58 while also upping the ante in certain respects. Its consistently strong performance and high build quality have earned it a similar go-to status to that enjoyed by its elder brother, whether live or in the studio. The Shure Beta 58A's punchy and transparent sound, shock absorber system, and tough construction have made it yet another favourite among professional musicians worldwide – and for good reason.

Closeup of the Shure Beta 58 A Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A dynamic mic for classic performance

When it comes to vocals – whether spoken or sung – the Shure Beta 58A guarantees exceptional intelligibility and transparency across the spectrum. Compared to the SM58, the Shure Beta 58A delivers less high-end roll-off when it comes to proximity effects, so the top end sounds slightly brighter. The neodymium magnet extends the overall frequency response of the mic, slightly boosting the midrange as well as the mic’s overall output signal, and the bass roll-off enhances the presence of lead and backing vocals. In addition, the supercardioid polar pattern ensures lower feedback overall, even though the mic is slightly more sensitive to sounds coming from the rear. Handling noise is minimal thanks to its famous pneumatic shock absorber system and, last but not least, the integrated pop filter greatly reduces plosives and unwanted breathing noises.

Shure Beta 58 A Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A brilliant sound all round

Whatever the style – Classical or Hip-Hop, Country or Metal – the Shure Beta 58A will feel right at home. Many professional singers trust it for everything from living room performance to stadium concert, as of course do countless discerning amateurs, given its affordable price. Its overall matched frequency response ensures that the voice is never too coloured and sounds just like it should – with little adjustment at the mixing desk.

Shure logo on the Beta 58 A Dynamic Vocal Microphone

About Shure

The American company Shure began developing microphones during the early 1930s and is one of the pioneers of the audio engineering sector. Models such as the 55 Unidyne - known to many as the "Elvis microphone" - and the SM57 and SM58 which appeared in the mid-1960s are still ubiquitous in live sound production today. They enjoy cult status among musicians and technicians alike. In the 1990s, Shure introduced the first wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems and became a market leader in this field. In addition to microphones, Shure offers a wide range of earphones and headphones for studio and live use, as well as various accessories.

Stage-tested and near indestructible

The more the going gets tough, the more the Shure Beta 58A shines. Its near-indestructible construction, which includes a steel mesh grille and enamelled metal body, protect it from the rough-and-tumble of everyday stage use and ensure a long lifespan. At the same time, the integrated pneumatic shock absorber system effectively protects the capsule, reduces the influence of shocks, and dampens mechanical noises and vibrations.

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1023 Reviews

Excellent microphone proven to last
Tsepe 02.10.2018
I have used this microphone in a multitude of applications over the years and I decided to finally buy one for myself.
Perfect for close proximity vocals/loud vocals and live performances. Super sturdy and heavy as it is can take a lot of beating and still work for years. No rattling or looseness in this microphone, so your recording performance will be free of sound artifacts caused by moving the microphone. I have also experimented with it recording high gain electric guitars with a lot of success. I would not recommend it to vocalists that are into genres like opera or more open vocal applications as it does not perform well if the distance from the microphone starts increasing beyond a certain point. One more strong point of this microphone is that it will ot pick up ambient sound the way a large diaphragm microphone will, so you will be able to record in environments that are not soundproofed/relatively loud with substantial success. In conclusion this microphone is a legend and there is a reason why a HUGE number of artists choose the
Shure Beta 58 for live performances. It's reliability, quality, sound and price make it an extremely attractive option (even for "pro" applications).


Legendary Mic!
Steve Z 22.05.2019
I bought this mic for my home PA as a bundle offer,always based on reviews on thomann and i was not dissapointed!This is one of the best dynamic vocal microphones ever produced with its predecessor being a legendary mic and it is no luck why it outperforms all the other my ears,and since i own also the Sennheiser e945 and so i can compare those two mics,the SHURE Beta 58A is the most well-balanced dynamic mic i have ever used..The lows and the mids (especially the mids) are just excelent..the highs are very clear and the total result is just amazing.You just cannot go wrong with this mic..robust,high built quality and exceptional clarity.. BEST mic money can buy in this price range.


emememem 02.01.2020
well worth the extra 50ish quid vs. the standard 58.
great for live female vox, much brighter than a 58, but not brittle/sharp. I've never had any feedback issues, and the build quality is classic indestructible 58.


Pretty good microphone, not very good for voice chats or livestreaming/recording videos, good for singing or other speeches.
Xealz 09.11.2021
Might as well update most of my reviews as i've gotten more experienced with stuff...

Alright, so first off, it's a really solid build that can take some hits.
The sound quality is very clear.
It's not very loud though, it might just be my Mackie Big Knob Studio that isn't very powerful for this type of mic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i had to crank the pre-amp all the way up with phantom power to get anywhere close to not being very quiet. Though if you have a powerful audio interface or mixer or whatever you have that can use XLR microphones, you should be good to go... On a last note, it's not very sensitive, you need to be really close to it to really pick something up, so not ideal for streaming or any other activity like voice chats or whatnot, you can make it work though. Otherwise it's a really great microphone.