tc electronic Flashback 2 Delay


Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Delay
  • The new TC MASH technology turns the foot switch into a pressure-sensitive expression controller
  • New Ethereal Delay algorithm
  • For mono use, the stereo input can be used as a Tap Tempo input for an external foot switch
  • TonePrint-enabled: Load Signature Tones into the pedal with the free TonePrint app or create your own delay effects with the free TonePrint Editor
  • Controller: Delay feedback level mode
  • Switch: Subdivision
  • Foot Switch: Bypass / Pressure Expression
  • True Bypass
  • Connections: Mono / Stereo Input: 2x 6.3 mm jack - Mono / Stereo
  • Output: 2x 6.3 mm jack
  • 9 V DC power supply connection (coaxial connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm - minus pole inside)
  • Power Consumption: 100 mA
  • Power supply with a 9 V battery or a 9 V DC power supply (not included), matching optional power supply: Art.409939
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 72 x 122 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
Available since July 2017
Item number 415764
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Analogico No
Delay Time 6000 ms
tap feature Yes
Battery Operation Yes
PSU included No
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Versatile stereo delay

The Flashback 2 is a compact pedal that delivers a broad range of delay effects, which can be quickly and easily selected and adjusted using the four control knobs and mini switch. TC Electronic’s proprietary TonePrint technology allows a significantly broader range of parameters to be fine-tuned and new presets created via smartphone using the free TonePrint app, and these can be wirelessly transferred to the pedal’s three memory slots. TC Electronic has been a pioneer in the field of digital echo effects since the release of its classic 2290 studio delay unit, and the company’s many years of expertise have gone into this pedal as well. Its fully stereophonic design makes it suitable not only for electric guitars but also for keyboards and other electric instruments, while its true bypass function and analogue dry signal path ensure a clean signal chain. When used in mono mode, the “stereo” input can also be used to connect a tap tempo switch.

Echoes in every variation

With its compact pedals, TC Electronic bridges the gap between conventional, straightforward operation and tonal versatility, with adjustment options available directly on the pedal and particularly via the TonePrint function. Accordingly, this pedal offers eight echo effect types – from tape and bucket brigade delay simulations through to reverse delay and TC’s typical ducking delay – with controls for effect level, delay time, feedback, and subdivision in relation to the tempo. It also includes a looper with up to 40 seconds’ recording time. Three memory slots are reserved for TonePrints, which can be configured with highly advanced parameters using the app. An important update that has been integrated into the pedal is the MASH function, which allows the footswitch to be used as an expression pedal, e.g. to trigger typical feedback and space effects.

Not only for beginners

The Flashback 2 is aimed at musicians looking for tonal versatility without sacrificing the compact format of a pedal. Its eight algorithms let players select the sound they desire, and the three TonePrint slots can be used to personalise their settings further or reserved for more unconventional sounds. As a highly functional and affordably priced pedal, the Flashback 2 is ideal both for beginners and for musicians who know exactly what sound they are looking for – and its stereo inputs and outputs also mean that guitarists are by no means the only ones who should take a closer look.

About TC Electronic

The Danish company TC Electronic has been known for its innovative products for many years. It was founded in 1976 by brothers Kim and John Rishøj in Aarhus. The company first made a name for itself with the SCF, a stereo chorus/flanger pedal for guitar. Studio equipment followed during the 80s and 90s, notably the legendary TC2290 digital delay in 19-inch rack format. Since the 2000s, TC Electronic has greatly enriched the guitar and bass scene with amplifiers, cabinets, combos, and effects pedals. Here too, TC's innovative spirit is in evidence, for example with its TonePrint technology and the first polyphonic guitar tuner. TC Electronic has been part of Music Tribe since 2015.

Precise adjustability and artist presets

The Flashback 2 delay serves up a practical selection of typical echo effects for instrumentalists, including simulations of vintage effects units. On top of that, the pedal’s Reverse Delay and Crystal settings, the latter of which integrates a pitch shifter, also put other-worldly sounds at the player’s disposal, and a practical looper is additionally included. The TonePrint function in turn allows players to extensively customise their settings by giving them access to numerous further parameters that are otherwise only found in significantly more expensive products, while the app also provides presets from a range of renowned artists, allowing their signature sounds to be adapted in no time at all. And last but by no means least, the MASH switch makes dynamic effect control possible, a feature that is simply not available with conventional pedals.

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320 Reviews

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.
Mombasaflash 10.09.2020
I really like echo devices. I have a couple of Alesis Q20's with EFTP Shadows presets, a Boss RE-20 Space Echo and a TC Electronic Triple Delay.

The Triple Delay is the most recent and my Thomann review is still available to read. One of my beefs with it is that, because each of the three delay engines share the same three control knobs for Delay Time, Feedback and Mix, you have little idea where the knobs should be to reflect the settings of each of the three presets after they have been stored.

So I decided to try the same idea, to achieve multi-head delays, but with three conventional stomp boxes.

However, I have discovered something else. And it is VERY significant. TC Electronic have tweaked the tones of some of the presets for the Flashback 2 series and they are significantly more musical. I tend to use the 'Tape' preset quite a lot and these FB2 pedals are lot less clinical sounding than the Triple Delay. For example, the individual repeats of a multi-head tape delay, with more than one pedal on at the same time, do not ring out as clear and audible repeats, but tend to merge so that the effect is more like a massive sustaining reverb — but without the swampy mess.

The only thing I miss is the option to switch the three delays into a parallel mode, as one can on the Triple Delay.

Although the Triple Delay can store presets, and not lose them because a knob gets accidentally moved, these are infinitely more usable on stage because adjusting the parameters is straight forward.

UPDATE: These pedals are shipped with a firmware version that does not include the option to select either MASH or TAP as an added function for the footswitch. Download the firmware file and install instructions from the TC Electronic website. Updating the firmware is a straight forward procedure.

Once installed, you are able to select which function using the TonePrint computer app.


Feature packed, pleasant sound, great price!
LPPT 16.02.2021
I'm using this pedal on a bass guitar, so please keep that in mind as you read the review.

Delay models:
Some very pleasant delay sounds to play with, I particularly enjoy the first 3 models (2290 for a super clean digi delay, "analogue" for going crazy with the feedback options, and "tape" for squeezing out beautiful mellow reverb-like sounds).

I don't really care for the other models, I think they are fund to play with but not really useful on a bass, although I imagine for a guitar player that would be a different story (although the "crystal" is crazy cool as an "organ" up-octave sound when delay is set to zero, too bad you can't mute the input sound at the same time).
Still, the first three delay models already make the pedal really worthwile for me.

I would really prefer to have some more "toneprint" slots instead of having the "reverse", "dynamic" or "mod" delays for example, but that is really a personal thing, and considering this is not a bass specific pedal, I can't fault TC for that.

If you are familiar with TC Electronic's "tone print" line of pedals, the "feature packed" part of the review title should come as no surprise:
the amount of crazy effects you can squeeze out of this pedal's chip using the toneprint feature in the custom slotgoes way beyond a "delay pedal": for example, you can turn the pedal into a pretty decent chorus, tweak a huge number of parameters of custom delays, including assigning custom functions to the pedal controls, or get some crazy envelope/modulation effects out of it.
There are for sure a lot of limitations in what you can customise, but still, I think TC is already giving us way more than what you would normally expect from a digital effects company.

The "mash" feature is interesting (you can use the pressure sensitive button like if it were a -limited- expression pedal), and really opens up some options, although I ended up switching the pedal to "disable mash", so I could use the "tap tempo" feature for the button instead.I think you can have the best of both worlds if you get an extra footswitch, but in my case I didn't care that much about "mash" to justify that investment .

The looper is pretty basic, I guess you can use it for practice, but not really practical besides that since there is no "undo" feature. It is a very cool addition for that purpose though, if you don't already own a looper.

So, overall, I think this is a great value for the price, considering it covers so much ground.
Is it the best sounding delay pedal? No, but I think you would need to spend at least twice the price of this pedal to get there, and that would be for a single sound.

I am still finding new things to like about this pedal every day, so a big thumbs up on this one :)


Yes! Its is ...
Dapapa 27.03.2021
VERY GOOD :D Lets just say I have sent back the new B.SS 200 delay back and kept this one instead. I needed a very good sounding pedal and I sure would keep the B.SS 200 if it sounded better.

That been said I really like the TC Flashback 2 for the tone print especially the Tape and Drum echos! I basically play only the 3 custom setting one can load from the Tone Print which is a gold mine!

If you need the tap tempo you can add that via the editor. If you want to tweak more go to the editor. However Im more of a Tone Print downloaded from my iPhone.

Stereo in and out of course a plus! Mash is also very cool especially on 2290 as its like a freeze option to hold the chord or note until you release it again. Yeah very nice. Goes a bit too crazy on Analog and Tape so one must be careful.

The analog dry through is lovely and the delay tone is really playing tight with the dry signal and not against it. I cant stand delayed parts to have unnatural frequency to it which doesnt work with the dry signal. Happy to say TC Flashback 2 sounds very good in that department. A keeper if you want an all-rounder delay pedal.


Wow what a pedal
SoundMan51 17.11.2020
I had never bought anything off you before but I was amazed by the excellent service and fast delivery. The sound from this pedal blow me away. you can create your own delay pedal sounds via a PC using the TonePrint software and the USB cable or use the app to beam pre-made TonePrint sounds. What more do you want from a truly brilliant pedal.


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