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tc electronic Hall of Fame 2


Effect Pedal

  • Reverb
  • The new TC MASH technology turns the foot switch into a pressure sensitive expression controller
  • New Shimmer Reverb algorithm
  • The Analogue Dry Through maintains the integrity of the dry signal when the reverb is on
  • TonePrint-enabled: Load the Signature Tones into the pedal with the free TonePrint app or create your own reverb effects with the free TonePrint Editor
  • Controls: Decay - Tone - Level - Mode
  • Foot switch: On/Off/Expression
  • True bypass
  • Power consumption: 100 mA
  • Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply (coaxial connection - negative pole inside, not included, available under Article Nr 409939)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 72 x 122 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
Available since June 2017
Item number 415009
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Analog No
Battery Operation Yes
PSU included No
input/output configuration stereo in / stereo out

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Versatile stereo reverb

The Hall of Fame 2 is a compact pedal that delivers a broad range of reverb effects, which can be quickly and easily selected and adjusted using the four control knobs and mini switch. TC Electronic’s proprietary TonePrint technology allows a significantly broader range of parameters to be fine-tuned and new presets created via smartphone using the free TonePrint app, and these can be wirelessly transferred to the pedal’s three memory slots. TC Electronic has many years of experience in the field of studio equipment, and the comprehensive wealth of algorithms that the company thus has at its disposal ensure that this affordable pedal delivers a wide variety of appealing sounds. Its fully stereophonic design makes it suitable not only for electric guitars but also for keyboards and other electric instruments, while its true bypass function and analogue dry signal path ensure a clean signal chain.

All the “space” you need

With its compact pedals, TC Electronic bridges the gap between conventional, straightforward operation and tonal versatility, with adjustment options available directly on the pedal and particularly via the TonePrint function. Accordingly, this pedal offers eight reverb settings that include not only staples like spring and plate reverb but also rooms of different sizes and special effects like Shimmer and LoFi, with controls for effect level, decay, and reverb tail filter as well as a mini-switch for pre-delay. Three memory slots are reserved for TonePrints, which can be configured with highly advanced parameters using the app. An important update that has been integrated into the pedal is the MASH function, which allows the footswitch to be optionally used as a simple expression pedal, most commonly for adjusting the intensity of the reverb effect.

Not only for beginners

The Hall of Fame 2 is aimed at musicians looking for the tonal versatility of a range of different reverb effects without sacrificing the compact format of a pedal. Players can use the three TonePrint slots to select and then further personalise the reverb texture they are looking for from the eight algorithms available or to store unusual sounds. As a highly functional and affordably priced pedal, the Hall of Fame 2 is ideal both for beginners and for musicians who know exactly what sound they are looking for – and its stereo inputs and outputs also mean that guitarists are by no means the only ones who should take a closer look.

About TC Electronic

The Danish company TC Electronic has been known for its innovative products for many years. It was founded in 1976 by brothers Kim and John Rishøj in Aarhus. The company first made a name for itself with the SCF, a stereo chorus/flanger pedal for guitar. Studio equipment followed during the 80s and 90s, notably the legendary TC2290 digital delay in 19-inch rack format. Since the 2000s, TC Electronic has greatly enriched the guitar and bass scene with amplifiers, cabinets, combos, and effects pedals. Here too, TC's innovative spirit is in evidence, for example with its TonePrint technology and the first polyphonic guitar tuner. TC Electronic has been part of Music Tribe since 2015.

Precise adjustability and artist presets

The Hall of Fame 2 serves up a practical selection of typical reverb effects for instrumentalists. The additional settings combine reverb with pitch-shifting (Shimmer), with a chorus effect (Mod), and with deliberate sound degeneration (LoFi). The TonePrint function in turn allows players to extensively customise their settings by giving them access to numerous further parameters that are otherwise only found in significantly more expensive products, while the app also provides presets from a range of renowned artists, allowing their signature sounds to be adapted in no time at all. And last but by no means least, the MASH switch makes dynamic effect control possible, a feature that is simply not available with conventional pedals.

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504 Reviews

Sounds Amazing, Easy to use (read for extra info)
QrystalWave 16.04.2019
It works perfectly and the build quality is very good.
It leaves the signal untouched and just adds the reverb (nice!)

- Easy to use (basically 4 knobs)
- You can get a great sound easy and fast
- It's hard to make the reverb sound bad (very positive)
- Non

- The algorithms of the reverbs sound very good! (It sounds good)
- The spring doesn't do the drippy sound, but I don't miss it that much

- Decay switch: short or long (use long to hear the reverb more clearly)
- Tone Print is easy to use on your phone (needs cable for pc)
- Can be used for Mono, Mono to Stereo and Stereo

If you need a reverb pedal, this one just sounds good and is easy to use
Hard to go wrong with this one except if you want a drippy spring sound

My Setup + Settings
Used in Mono (input cable + output cable)
- Vox MV50 Clean (Amp)
- Palmer CAB 112 REX (Speaker)

- The Room to get a full Jazz tone (Epiphone ES 175 Premium)
- Toneprint preset for a Warm Blues lead (Epiphone Dot - ES 335)
- Spring or Hall for Pop and Rock music (Squier Standard Stratocaster)


Excelent option for price point
aokicassio 14.08.2020
What makes you buy a product?
Tc Electronic seems to undestand exactly what I would expect from a reverb pedal in almost every single way. Check it out below:

- Easy to tweak. Life could be much more difficult if there was no mode knobs like for most of reverb pedals. Switching between a range of modes makes everything easy.
- Size. It is quite smaller and lighter than other similar products.
- Sounds fantastic, specially for the shimmer mode
- Stereo
- Footprint profiling. I honetly haven't explored yet but that's something that Tc Electronic offers.
- Expression switch which is also very quiet to kick.
- True bypass
- Price point. It's quite cheap for the number of features it offers

- Maybe the jacks could be in the upper part rather than on the sides.


Reverb 101
JCS84 25.03.2021
I'm not one of those pedal collectors nor do I rely on reverb. I play mostly heavy genres so most of the time reverb is out of the question, but recently wanted to expand my interests beyond whatever reverb happens to come with the amp.
This pedal is an excellent choice for those that want to use reverb subtly and sparingly, while maintaining some variety. Unlike other, highly regarded reverb pedals, the wet mix comes off as very natural sounding and not extremely modulated or the original tone drastically altered (eg. not much brighter or darker, etc.). The amount of level/effect/etc from the knobs is very usable which allows for subtle increments, but it can get very intense particularly with the Mash function.
A little reverb can sound great in some leads as well as the occasional cleans, but can also work surprisingly well for slower paced heavy stuff if used in moderation. I particularly like the Plate and Hall effects, and find them the most useful with distortion, but the others might also work for a variety of applications. Purists say the Spring emulation on the HoF 2 is subpar, and it might be the case but that's the least of my concerns.
Like other TC Electronic pedals this one has the ability to load Toneprints so the number of reverb types is huge. And just like the rest of TC pedals, this is more of a workhorse and not a highly polished boutique version of one specific effect type. With this in mind, I think this is a fine choice for anyone who wants some basic reverb and doesn't want/need hyper realistic emulation of vintage effects.


Best value for money on the market today
Jackfisher 06.01.2019
The Hall of Fame 2 takes everything TC Electronic did right with the first HOF and makes it better, all the things I loved about the old pedal are still here, but now there is so much more!

This is definitely the reverb pedal for anyone that just needs a reverb pedal, that's it! Nothing fancy, nothing weird like an EQD or OBNE pedal (which are twice as expensive).
This is the reverb pedal for those who just need an easy to use, solid and reliable reverb.

The pedal is true bypass, has some great presets and 3 tone print slots for you to set up just what you want in it, just in case that the existing presets are not your cup of tea or maybe not enough.
If you never had a TC pedal with tone print, then you are in for a treat, because the tone print functionality is one of the greatest innovations in the effects field.

You can customize every aspect of your tone through the tone print software on your computer, just plug in the USB cable and start experimenting on the fly, or better yet, beam settings from your phone through your pickups directly into the pedal using the tone print app for android and ios, and now the app is even better since now you aren't limited to the tone presets on the app anymore because they finally added a tone tweaking feature to it.

-Easy to use
-Full of useful features
-3 tone print slots
-True bypass
-Battery operation is possible

For the life of me, I couldn't find a single one, this is the best reverb pedal under 100$

In conclusion:
The HOF2 is the best reverb under 100$, and if you are looking for a reverb pedal on a budget, you can stop right here, because you just found it.


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