tc electronic PolyTune Clip Black Tuner

Clip-on Tuner

  • With PolyTune technology: all 6 strings can be tuned at the same time
  • Strobe tuner with ± 0.02 cent tuning accuracy
  • Extremely bright and easy-to-read display
  • Adaptive display ensures optimum readability regardless of the position of the PolyTune clip
  • High-quality robust stainless steel clip
  • Also suitable for Flat Tunings and Capo
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 25 x 60 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Power supply via a CR2032 button cell (battery included)
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. Free download code for the PolyTune DAW plugin

Further Information

Chromatic Yes
Display LED
Integrated Microphone Yes
Integrated Metronome No
PSU Connector No
Design Clip On

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Not as accurate as i would have liked
Anatoly, 22.03.2019
It's a tuner. It's well-made, clearly legible and overall feels like it can survive quite a bit of abuse. There are enough features to make it work in every situation, and as a bonus, you also get a free plugin version of this same tuner (which is why i picked it up in the first place).

One thing i should mention though is that the accuracy of polyphonic mode is only adequate at best. Tuning up with polyphonic mode is really not going to do you any good.

Here's how it usually goes. Option 1:

1) strum my strings
2) oh, strings X and Y are out of tune
3) tune them up in polyphonic mode - cool, everything is green now!
4) check each individual string - oops, they're actually out of tune now!

Option 2:

1) strum my strings
2) oh, strings X and Y are out of tune
3) tune them up individually - cool, they're all tuned up now!
4) strum my strings - polyphonic mode still says they're out of tune
5) check them individually - they're in tune. WTF?
6) go to 3)

The reason this happens is because the single string tuner is not precise enough (disclaimer: i haven't yet tried strobe mode, maybe that would be more accurate), so when you tune up your strings individually, if you use a more precise tuner you'd see that you're actually off by 2-3 cents. These miniscule tuning differences are enough to throw the polyphonic tuner off. If you actually tune yourself up with a different, more precise tuner, you'll find that both single-string and polyphonic tuner now agree.

In other words, the polyphonic tuner requires *extreme* tuning accuracy before it can show that the guitar is in tune. However, as was demonstrated above, it is possible to make polyphonic tuner show that everything is in tune while still having individual strings out of tune, rendering this polyphonic display essentially useless because you cannot trust it. It's pity that, when it comes down to it, this functionality is little more than a gimmick. I mean, it's not *totally* useless, but if at the end of the day you still find yourself reaching for individual string tuner, you might as well just get the Unitune, which is cheaper. Unless you want the tuner plugin :)
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The *only* tuner you need (probably)
Rad Dad, 04.05.2017
Let's make this quite clear right at the start. This tuner is AWESOME.
Tuning really has been the bane of my life for 30 years. I'd get a string tuned - go on to the next one - all the way through the six. Every one, as I thought, 'spot on'. I'd play a chord - it just sounded so wrong! So - start again. I'd spend more time tuning than playing. And intonation?! Just don't start me on that.
Well - in one of the Harley Benton Facebook Support Groups, a chap gave a little review. Said this wee gadget was the best thing that ever happened to him. Said it 'did' intonation. I was intrigued. How could this be? It was a bit expensive - as I was used to paying less than 10 Euros for a simple clip-on tuner - but I headed on over to TC's website and had a look at the specs.
I thought I'd give it a go - Thomann's guarantee meant I could always send it back, no questions asked, if it was no good for me.
Weeeellllll. I took it out of its smart little box and pressed the small switch. Oo! It burst into life with a rather fetching moving line of green lights. "Ey up", I thought to myself "this could be good".
I clipped it on my guitar and played a note. Lights moved back and forth. A letter appeared. It was only the darn note I was playing! As I tuned the string, lights continued to move - red and green ones. Vertically and horizontally. Until...when it was spot in tune, there were just two bars of vertical green lights and a horizontal bar of green lights either side. Slightly off - even just the slightest turn of a machine head - and some red lights would appear *to one side of the bars*, showing if the note was now sharp or flat. Wow. Easy tuning...
I played another note - it again gave me the name of the note. I played an octave, to check for intonation of the E I had just tuned. Again - it gave me the name. Ever so slight red lights accompanying the green - indicating intonation would need a slight tweak. But I couldn't tell - it sounded great to me!
And wait for it.....if you play a will tell you the name of the chord (as long as it isn't too complicated). And - in this case, you get a couple of bars for Each. Of. The. Six. Strings. String in tune - green lights. Slightly out - red lights above or below the green. All six strings at once.
I really can't recommend this tuner enough. No more tuning woes. A permanent fixture, it is. Best 49 Euros I've ever spent on guitar related stuff. Who'd have thought it?
And when you're not using it - it just sits there, black as anything, like the stealthy tuning ninja it is.
Buy one you must.
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