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AKAI Professional APC64


Ableton Controller

  • With sequencer and touch strips
  • 64 Velocity and pressure sensitive RGB pads
  • 8x8 Pad matrix for launching clips, entering notes, drum mode and sequencer programming
  • Internal 8-track sequencer with 32 steps
  • Chord mode and dynamic note and scale modes
  • 8 Touch strips for controlling level, panorama, aux sends, Ableton effects and instruments
  • Software editor and freely programmable custom mode
  • Buttons for transport control, direct track selection and record/mute/solo status
  • Tap-Tempo
  • OLED-Anzeige und Encoder
  • 8 CV outputs: 3.5 mm mini jack - for controlling analogue synthesizers and modular systems (range: 0-5 V)
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru: 3.5 mm mini jack
  • USB-C Port
  • Dimensions (B x T x H): 372 x 269 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Includes USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A cable, 3 x MIDI adapter (5-pin DIN to 3.5 mm mini jack)
Available since October 2023
Item number 574852
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Audio Player Functions No
Storage Medium Internal
Video Out No
Arranger Function No
Fader 8
Rotary Encoders 0
Transport Function 1
Bus-Powered 1
Additional Features 64 Pads
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Versatile MIDI controller for Ableton

The AKAI Professional APC64 is a controller that has been specially developed for use with the Ableton Live DAW and also includes a sequencer. Alternatively, it can be used without a DAW to send both MIDI data and control voltage to external hardware, and the user can play notes and trigger samples via the controller's 64 velocity-sensitive pads. The APC64 additionally features an octet of touch strips for controlling volume and panorama adjustments, AUX sends, and effects. The aforementioned sequencer has eight tracks of 32 steps each for the quick and easy creation of melody sequences, and melodies can also be flawlessly recorded using the Note and Chord modes. This range of features makes the AKAI Professional APC64 a versatile controller that will cut a fine figure in professional music production applications.

AKAI Professional APC64 8x8 Matrix with RGB pads

Access to all parameters

The 64 velocity-sensitive pads on the AKAI Professional APC64, which are arranged in an 8x8 matrix and provide visual feedback courtesy of their RGB colour backlighting, can be used to send poly aftertouch messages as well as for playing chords, synth leads, and drum racks and for starting clips (which can subsequently be quantised) in Ableton. The eight touch strips in turn allow the user to adjust various parameters with ease and can be assigned specific functions, such as the Auto Filter, Delay, Reverb, Impulse, and Simpler effects found in Ableton. Visual feedback is provided here via the OLED display at the bottom right of the user interface, and the adjacent push encoder allows additional settings to be activated. Finally, a transport section is included that can be used to start and stop the recording and playback directly on the controller.

AKAI Professional APC64 Ableton controller

A wealth of options on board

AKAI Professional has designed the APC64 specifically for music producers who want to get creative with Ableton, who thus have hands-on control of a range of parameters that would normally require a computer mouse, notably the smooth and stepless adjustment of effects using the eight touch strips, in addition to which parameters can be automated. Alongside the Ableton DAW, the AKAI Professional APC64 can be used to control external hardware, such as modular synthesizers, using its internal sequencer and eight CV/gate outputs, which supply the requisite control voltage. What is more, the scope of delivery includes three adapters which allow MIDI data to be sent from two outputs and received by one input. Power is supplied via a USB-C port, which also doubles as a connection to the user's computer.

AKAI Professional APC64 controller

About Akai Professional

Akai Professional has its origins in the long-established Japanese company Akai, founded in 1929, which initially manufactured electric motors, soon to be followed by high-quality tape recorders and hi-fi products. Since 1988, Akai has also become a household name like no other on the Hip-Hop scene. With the development of its first MIDI Production Centre (MPC for short), created in collaboration with Roger Linn, Akai wrote history by decisively influencing the sound of hip-hop and electronic music, which it continues to do to this very day. Famous exponents of the MPC series include DJ Shadow, Eminem, and Kanye West. Today, Akai is also well known for its robust and versatile USB MIDI controllers, not least of which is the bulletproof APC range of Ableton controllers.

Software package included

The AKAI Professional APC64 is supplied together with the Ableton Live DAW, which allows beginners to immediately take their first steps into the world of music production and start creating melodies, as well as the TubeSynth, Electric, Halfspeed, Vocal Tuner, and Flavor plug-ins and the Sonivox Essential Keyboard Collection of virtual instruments from AIR Music Technology. The software editor also lets the user create their own layouts, which can be stored as presets and recalled as needed, and thus individualise their workflows and achieve even faster and more efficient music productions. What is more, users can apply additional dimensions to MIDI notes using the controller's Probability and Mutate modes in order to harness a range of extra options for creative experimentation.

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3 Reviews

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Un très bon instrument
Souche 15.01.2024
N'ayant eu que de vieux contrôleurs type BCR 2000 et un apc40 mk1 , je découvre ce que c'est d'avoir un contrôleur en 2024.

Pour commencer, je dirai que l'APC64 est un appareil à mi-chemin entre une station de production et un contrôleur pour le live.
Le poly-aftertouch est super agréable, les touch faders sont vraiment de bonne qualité, il faudrait être de mauvaise foi pour dire l'inverse.

Pour la prod, il y a beaucoup de paramètres accessibles directement via les boutons qui sont très pratiques notamment: quantize lock, fixed bar (pour faire du loop à la volée c'est genial), undo/redo, duplicate/double (merci :) etc....
Niveau contrôle de plug-in, là encore c'est hyper ergonomique. Un exemple: si on ouvre un synthé Analog lab, on a naturellement 8 macro à assigner sur les touch faders. ces derniers étant multi tactiles, on se retrouve à manipuler un synthé très vivant du bout des doigts et ça couplé à l'aftertouch, aucun autre système ne peut l'offrir, je n'avais jamais ressenti une sensation pareille (peut-être sur un Expressive-e Osmose mais bon..). C'est un gros plus pour l'expérience immersive.

Les 8 sorties CV avec le step sequencer sont vraiment formidables aussi (j'ai transformé mon behringer edge de 8 steps à 32 steps^^). J'espère qu'ils feront une mise à jour qui permettra d'aller jusqu'à 64 steps.

Mais alors, pourquoi j'ai enlevé quelques étoiles? Parce qu'il y a une chose qui n'est pratique en live:

Lorsque l'on joue une session en live, il arrive de mettre des effets au master. Moi j'aime assigner des faders à certains effets/synthés pour faire des rises etc.. Et j'aime y avoir accès quoi qu'il arrive. Pour le moment sur l'APC64 ce n'est pas possible. Je m'explique.
Pour utiliser une chaine d'effet, un plug-in etc, il faut se mettre sur la track concerné. Si j'utilise ma chaine sur le master, je dois rester sur le master. mais si je mute le kick en track 1, mes faders basculent sur la track 1 et je perds le contrôle de mon master-effect. C'est pénible.
On peut bloquer les faders sur un élément via ableton, mais cela veut dire que l'on ne peut pas, à l'inverse, switcher sur le contrôle d'un synthé lorsqu'on en a besoin.

Sinon c'est vraiment une chouette machine. Je l'aime beaucoup


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Flexibele MIDI-Controller geschikt voor live ableton besturen
Semmeth 28.01.2024
Ik heb deze MIDI-Controller gekocht om live ableton te kunnen besturen en ben niet teleurgesteld. In principe zou je met deze controller ableton kunnen besturen zonder nog naar je scherm te hoeven kijken. De touchstrips en pads voelen goed aan en de bediening voelt vrij natuurlijk, hoewel sommige specifieke features in het begin wat moeilijker te vinden zijn. Afwerking is van plastic, wat prima is, maar metaal had natuurlijk mooier en steviger geweest.
Zeker een aanrader en absoluut voor de prijs die ervoor staat.


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AKAI Professional APC64
karsten lietz 02.01.2024
der AKAI Professional APC64 ist super gut
lest sich gut mit Ableton Liv Ein Sezen