Thomann NT 0910 AC/PSA


AC /PSA Power Supply for Effects Pedals

  • Suitable for devices by Ibanez, Boss, Behringer and others
  • 9 V DC / 1 A
  • Connector: 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm
  • Polarity: + outside
  • Switching power supply technology
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
Available since July 2017
Item number 409939
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
DC/AC current DC
Output current in mA 1000 mA
9 V Yes
12 V No
18 V No
Secondary voltage No
Multi-output power supply No
33 AED 8,32 €
Plus 277 AED shipping
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In stock within 1-2 weeks

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1756 Reviews

Well adapted
HappyTree 05.04.2022
Small, sleek, slightly shiny. Does the job without complaint. What more can one ask of a power supply? I like how Thomann links the correct supply with a product. No need to scratch one's head wondering about polarity and negative inside/outside whatever. Nice.


Ok but noisy in some situations
TERD 29.02.2024
This power supply is ok in low-noise environments, if your instrument is properly shielded and if you're connected to ground through other equipment (like an amp).

However, this power supply will give you LOTS of noise (when not touching the strings) if:

-Your instrument is poorly shielded (or no shielded at all, like many cheaper instruments).

-You're not connected to ground (like if you're practicing with a headphones through a standalone preamp/pedal).

-There is noise inducing equipment close by (like stage lighting).

I never use cheap adapters like this one for any serious work, like gigs or recording sessions. I just wanted a cheap power supply for home practicing with my pocketPOD (which EATS batteries). I had used a Boss adapter in the past, with no issues whatsoever, but I needed the Boss adapter elsewhere. So I got this ultra-cheap Harley Benton adapter. Unfortunately it turned out to be useless. The noise became so loud that it was practically useless. The problem completely disappeared when I changed back to the Boss adapter (the one with the noise reducing coil on the cable), using the EXACT same setup.

To sum it up:

This power supply only works satisfactory with properly shielded instruments that are grounded through other equipment and used in controlled environments.

I would NEVER trust this power supply for gigs, where the noise environment can sometimes be unpredictable. It works ok under SOME conditions but a better quality Boss adapter (or a good quality power brick) will be a MUCH safer choice. To be fair the Boss adapter costs around 3 times as much but sometimes it's better to spend a little more and buy once, rather than filling up your home/studio/recording space with lots of noisy, low quality power adapters.

Of course, this adapter might be ok with YOUR setup, at least in SOME locations. But is it worth risking a ruined gig due to noise issues, just to save 20-30 Euros?


No good. Very, very noisy
ricardomb 17.10.2023
Bought for use with single pedal, a ditto looper, alongside a boss katana mini. It was extremely noisy. Impossible to use.
Ended up buying Boss PSA-230s, and the setup is absolutely silent. It costs 3 times this one, but works perfectly.


Solid PSU
Mofosir 23.01.2022
Bought this for use with the Ocean Machine by Mooer, as it is relatively power hungry. So far - so good, power never cuts out, no added noise. The PSU itself is prety compact, which definitely a welcome thing. I got it about a month ago so I can't really comment on it's longevity per say, but as with most PSUs, if you abstain from dropping it, the possibility of it malfunctioning is very low. Definitely would recommend for more power hungry pedals.